Black Friday Dog Toys

Black Friday Dog Toys to Cheer up Your Christmas and Make it Memorable

For most of us, our dogs are part of the family. In various surveys conducted, pet owners say this over and over again. They should be part of holiday festivities. Black Friday dog toys give you the best options to choose from. It can be clothing , bedding, treats, toys and many more.This is the time to get them presents. It is time of rejoicing so why your pet should be left out when you have Amazon’s Black Friday deals page to cater to your needs. 

It has been estimated that Americans spend about a tenth of all their spent on animals from that on wards and over Christmas period. More than half of pet owners in America will get their pet a nice gift. 

Black Friday Pet Deals for Dog Lovers

Black Friday Pet Deals for Dog Lovers

This special day is by now a tradition. It is the Friday just after Thanksgiving. This year it will fall on 29 November 2019. On this day , pets are not overlooked! Dog Black Friday deals can lead you to the perfect present for your dog to make him a happy Christmas dog.  

Amy, my little 5-year old, was set last year to get our dog a Black Friday trampoline. It made perfect sense to her. Nothing could deter her from this goal, and we had to sham through it:

Surfing the Internet, walking through the stores, all the while looking for the trampoline for the dogs . Needless to say, we did not find one. And all because of a YouTube video of some guy’s crazy cocker spaniel jumping on a trampoline!

So, what Christmas dog toys are available this year? We hope to make your choices less painful than ours with Amy were. This blog discusses what Black Friday and Christmas might have in store for your dog this year.

Dog Toys For Your Furry Friends

Squeezy Soft plastic

K9 Connectables Dog Toy

K9 Connectables Dog Toy

I am clever!

We all know the scenario: A new puppy with a wonderful personality, but oh, all that energy!  It can make you crazy.  In spite of walks and attention, it is sometimes very difficult to keep a dog from being destructive.   It is not that the dog is naughty, no. Some breeds just need more mental promptings than others. Luckily, there are clever people out there that thought about this.

The aim of the developers of K9 Connectables was to create a toy that could stimulate a dog and could help with the desire to tear things and break them apart. Hundreds of prototypes were tested, and the Connectables were fine-tuned to be a delight for dogs.   

The toy is made of a soft plastic that is squishy and squeezy which makes it very satisfying for a dog to chew on. The toys have different pieces that easily connect together. It can float on water and can also be thrown to your dog. The toy is non-toxic, BPA and phthalate free.

How does it work?

The idea is for the dog to discover that he can disconnect the different pieces from each other. To help him find this out, you hide a favorite treat within the toy and interlock the two pieces.  

Now, play with your dog! Very soon, he will find out that he can get to the treat by pulling the two pieces apart. Make it more difficult by adding more pieces to the puzzle. Some dogs figure it out very quickly; others might take a little longer. The important part is that they can have fun while doing it!  

K9 Connectables can be frozen, so that special treat that your dog really loves can be stored in it beforehand and can easily be taken out when a play opportunity presents itself.

K9 Connectables – Rewarding Play for Dogs!

Not suitable for very big dogs

If you’ve got a very big dog that is a heavy chewer, K9 Connectables is not the correct toy for it. The range of toys was designed for light to average chewers, no larger than 35 kg.  

Supervise Your Dog while He is Chewing

You should always supervise your Christmas dog while he is playing. In fact, never leave your dog alone with any chew toy.  He might choke on it or eat it. The toy can get stuck in his digestive system and end up costing you hundreds of dollars in vet fees. It is an ordeal that no-one wants to go through with a beloved animal.

Puppies love it!

K9 Connectables are, however, suitable for puppies. The toy can be used to teach them what items can be chewed on and what items cannot. Again, supervision is paramount. The K9 Connectables might just pop out as part of dog Black Friday deals, keep an eye out! 

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Black Friday Dog Toys to Cheer up Your Christmas and Make it Memorable

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Petstages Dogwood Acorn Durable Real Wood Dog Chew Toy for Small Dogs, Mini Chew Toy Petstages Dogwood Acorn Durable Real Wood Dog Chew Toy for Small Dogs, Mini Chew Toy

A Wooden toy that is not only wood!

An Amazon bestseller, it is called the Wood without Worry!  We all have had that dog or know about one:  the one who just loves a piece of wood. One, two, three and there are splinters everywhere. You worry because you are not sure what damage the wood can do.

Safer than a real stick

Dogwood is a chewy dog toy that comes in two flavors. It is actually real wood but mixed with some synthetic ingredients to make it slightly more durable. There is no danger of splinters. It is much safer for a dog to eat a Dogwood than a real stick! For some dogs, the Dogwood can keep for 5 days, for others 2-3 weeks. 


Dogs chew to their heart’s desire and can experience the natural wood flavor or a wood-smoked version from the mesquite tree. Your dog would love the texture, and this is one of the  Dog toys that every dog would love to have. The product will keep your dog happy and busy for hours. Dogwood is a sturdy toy and should be one of your considerations for a Christmas dog toy. 

Not just one size

The makers of this toy believe that all dogs are unique. (We could have told them that, couldn’t we?)

Different breeds have different mouth sizes, and chewy toys should therefore not come in just one size.   Dogwood comes in 4 different sizes. It can satisfy the petite dog through to the really large one. The packaging will direct you to which size is the best for your particular dog.

The products are safe.  It is lead and phthalate free. You can just enjoy your dog while he is enjoying his very own very chewable Dogwood stick.

[amazon box=” B007R1BN4M” template=”horizontal”]

Little rice pieces

Some consumers have reported that the Dogwood ends up in tiny pieces after the dog has had a magnificent chew – leaving little rice-like pieces. Not to worry!  Even dogs with sensitive stomachs can easily digest the pieces and it doesn’t bother them.

All around comfort

52 inch Chocolate Suede Bagel Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

This year on Amazon, the Suede Bagel Dog Bed from Majestic Pets was one of the best-rated dog beds around. Black Friday deals on dog beds keeps you with eye catching updates.   

What appeals is the fact that the dog feels as if he is laying against something, not just on it?  Some dogs are learners, and they love this product. Perhaps you should look for this dog bed this  to spoil your furry friend? 

Waterproof Bagel bed

The Suede Bagel Dog Bed is a bagel bed with a waterproof base. Should there be an accident in the house, the waterproof denier base will keep it from soaking onto your floors or carpets.   

[amazon box=”B000K6P3G0″ template=”horizontal”]

The Stuffing

Stuffed with a premier polyester fill, the bed can be washed in your machine on a gentle cycle. 

Consumers report that the filler maintained its full shape, even after a year of use. It is not loose stuffing, but rather more of an inserted pillow. It is great for dogs that like to paw their bedding. They would not tear it to shreds.

Dog Bed

Dogs seem to really like this bed! They can rest their heads on the bolster and this help to straighten their spines.   

Can this bed be used outside?

The bed is quite heavy-duty on the underside, but the fabric makes it more suitable for indoor use. This dog bed black Friday pet deal is one to look out for.

PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

So, have you ever thought about how it would be to sit day in and day out behind a tall fence? You can smell the world behind the fence, and you can hear someone coming along from miles away. But you can’t see anything!  

No wonder some dogs just resort to frustrated barking.

But no more!  The Pet Peek gives your dog a window to the world.   It is a durable, dome-like window that you install directly into your wall. It relieves the anxiety that your dog may feel.   He can put a face to the sound he is hearing, bark and wiggle his tail.  Excitement over.


The dome is 9.5 inches in diameter. It has a black trim ring, and all the hardware you need for installation is included. The dome is very strong at about 4mm in thickness.  

Can it work on any type of fence?

The manufacturers believe so. The Pet Peek has been installed into vinyl, board on board and Shadow board Fences. On the manufactu​​​​rer we​​​​bsite, there is a video that will show you how easy it is to install the dome.

Kenley Pet Dog Fence Peek Window - Prevents Fence Jumping, Reduces Barking & Digging - Durable Acrylic Dome Window for Pets, Cats, Dogs - Space Dog Sticker Included

Will this make my dog feel like an astronaut?

We asked a few dogs, but they didn’t respond.

Can two dogs share the same Pet Peek?

Dog owners reported no problems with this. Two dogs can easily share the dome. The dome is UV and scratch resistant. Just keep it clean from nose marks! But why not get each dog his own dome?

You can even add an owner-height one for yourself and hang out with your dogs. Your fence will have a unique look.  

a dog for christmas

Take the dog camping

The Pet Peek can also be installed on your RV camper door. Although not a true Christmas dog toy, the dome can give your pet hours of pleasure.

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Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Works with Amazon Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

Our last pet treat for the occasion is a bit more expensive than the rest, but, seeing that it will give you and your dog so much pleasure, it will give you its money worth.

The Furbo is a great treat tossing device that comes with a camera on which you can keep an eye on your dog. You no longer have to worry that your dog would become bored while you are away.

Toss a treat!

Using the Furbo iOS/Android app on your phone, you can toss a treat to your dog at any time – day or night. With its live stream camera (with night vision), you can see your dog and talk to him. In fact, two people can be connected at the same time.  

The device can be filled with up to 100 of your dog’s favorite treats. 

Any delicacy can be used in your Furbo. As long as the treats are smaller than the dispensing hole on the Furbo, it can work. Treats should, preferably, be round shaped and not sticky. Crumbly treats will not work.  

Here, Doggie-Doggie

The conversation is two-way: a barking sensor on the product will alert you that your dog is barking. (Hopefully, your phone won’t bark). You can talk back to your dog and calm him.  

Dog recognition technology

The Furbo uses dog recognition technology and will send you alerts periodically. It will tell you what your dog is doing. The device can also send you person alerts. What persons are at home and what are they doing? 

Dog selfie

Your dog can even send you a selfie. The blue light on your Furbo will tell your dog that you are online and using the machine. Some clever dogs will soon recognize that you are “near” and pose for a photo.

Do I need help with setup?

The setup is really easy. You just plug the gadget into a power outlet using a USB cable, download the Furbo app and let it connect to your home Wifi.


This year, Amy is begging for a dog for Christmas. But, we do have a dog, and we really don’t have space for another one.  

Hopefully, we can get her mind off it with some of these wonderful Christmas and Black Friday dog toys for our pet.  

After all, half of America can’t be wrong about getting pets presents, can they? Happy Howlidays!


Please do note that this page contains affiliate links, and Hellowdog gets little commissions on every purchase made through any of such links. This has no additional effect on the final price you would be required to pay, and we are highly grateful for your support.

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