General Dog Care

General Dog Care on a Routine Basis

Wow! You have a lovely pet dog! I know you love it very much, aren’t you? Then I like to say something about general dog care! How to keep your dog healthy, smart, energetic, and sporty.

As you are an owner of the dog, so you have some responsibilities, and you must know its basic needs. Usually, a dog needs food, water, shelter, safety, company, veterinary care, and regular exercise.

There are different types of dogs. Their sizes, their colours, their habits and their needs are different. Make sure you pick a pet that suits your taste and ability. Moreover, get ready to spend some money, a little effort and also some time for it. Getting worried? Oh no! In return, you will get a loyal friend with unconditional love and loyalty!

General Dog Care on a Routine Basis

Companionship as a Part of General Dog Care

The dogs do require various kinds of care, many of them several times a day, in exchange for all the love and pleasure you are getting every moment. At first, you or your family members may be scared. However, don’t get afraid, it will quickly become part of your familiar routine. Give time to your pet; it will give you ‘love with faithfulness’ in future. Companionship is very much needed for a pet dog. If you have a fenced yard with a doghouse, it is, of course, nice. The dogs should never be left outside alone or for extended periods of time. Pet dogs need friendship, and they want to spend time with the family.


Keeping your dog neat and clean is another big task for you, as they do not naturally keep themselves quite as clean. Proper grooming on bathing is the responsibility of the dog owner. There is something else. The dog owner must care for the pet’s nails, teeth, eyes, ears and other body parts.

Proofing your home for a child for allergies is another essential task for the pet owner. At the same time, you must know which types of houseplants can be poisonous to dogs. Don’t get surprised, if some of your favorite treats can upset the pet’s stomach. It is vital to make your residence safe for your dog which will be simultaneously helpful to keep sound health and happiness for everyone.

Perfect Dog House

The dogs usually spend at least a little time in the yard, but at first, you need the fence to keep the dog from roaming the neighborhood where he could get injured or hurt others, intentionally or accidentally. You should also know how to design and build a perfect doghouse -a comfortable and hygienic one.

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It is not the end. To protect the pet from skin disease, experts say, the vitamin ‘E’ is fit for the dog’s dry skin. It also works also on human bodies preventing pesky age lines on the face. Give a doggy massage to your pet by applying vitamin ‘E’ oil directly to the skin. Besides, a soaking bath with vitamin ‘E’ will do something better.

In the case of diarrhea or vomiting, you can apply Flavorless electrolyte-replacing liquids, such as sports waters or pediatric drinks to your sick pooch’s body with much-needed fluids. However, consult your veterinarian before giving these types of liquids.

Fix a Name

Hmm….Have you got a name for your pooch? No doubt, it is a joyful task indeed. However, keep it in mind that, both you and your dog will have to live with the name, which you choose for your pet. You can set it up the name with some important things — behavior, characteristics, appearance, and heritage. Tell your close friend, relatives to find a name; it may suit your pet.

1000 Dog Names: From A to Z

Give Identification Of Your Dog

I suggest you make sure about the identification of the dog. There may be external identification or microchip identification. It is very essential to prevent your dog from possible theft or lost.

In the case of a foreign license, there should be an outfit for your dog. It can be a collar made of leather or other substance including an ID tag. Don’t make the collar tight. Adjust it, so two fingers can slip easily under his collar. An ID tag prevents your dog from missing or lost and confirms its safe return. There will be your name, address and telephone number on the ID.

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Nowadays, you can also microchip your dog. In the case of loosening collar or ID tag, the chip would help to locate the dog. If experts scan it, your phone number, address, and other vital information will appear. There’ll be a chance to return your pet.

Have you any idea that some pet owners tattoo their dogs with vital identification information? Here, you can try the tattoo. Apart from the methods, I will also suggest you how to register your dog’s license under proper authority.

Now, I advise you to not to forget licensing your dog and vaccinating him/her for rabies. Contact immediately with your local animal shelter or humane society for information regarding legal requirements. They will inform you how and where the pet could be vaccinated.

Food Varieties

In general, dry foods are cheaper to feed and easier to store. It also keeps teeth healthy. Some dogs reject dry food as it is not as tasty as wet food. Here, I suggest you supply sufficient fresh water to drink. Never force the dog to exercise immediately after eating, as this can be a severe medical issue.

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The second thing, I will say that you must ensure high quality food as it is most important factor for growth. Before buying foods, you should read and understand the label. Commercial dog food may be okay, but you must read the ingredient list on the can or bag to ensure that the food is healthy. Especially, the meat should be the number one ingredient on the list, while grain can be provided as the second item.

I suggest you that food items must be available and within your means. There are several types of foods in the market. Of them, the canned food is somewhat tastier. However, it is a bit more expensive than dry foods. The canned foods, however, add extra moisture to the diet. However, in the long run, the canned food may develop dental tartar and ultimately damage the dog’s teeth.

In the case of necessity, I would like to suggest you try the semi-moist food for your dog. Although semi-moist foods are not as common, they are easier to store and clean up. This type of food can be little expensive just as dry foods. Like canned foods, it also can develop tartar on the teeth.

Getting interested in feeding your dog raw food? Like canned and dry foods, raw diets are healthy for dogs as well. However, it takes some time to prepare. Besides, it must be stored correctly in safe place. No problem at all, make-it-at-home recipes for delicious, nutritious and economic dog food. So, it is obligatory to consult an animal nutritionist.

Food Caution, Extreme Alert

Never feed your dog intoxicating and toxic food, as these are not suitable for animals. Human bodies can consume several types of fruits, foods, and drinks; such as coffee, tea, alcohol, avocados, apple seeds, grapes, chocolate, garlic, onions, walnuts, macadamia nuts, other food items containing the sweetener xylitol and etcetera. However, these types of food items do not go smoothly with the pet animals, like dogs.

However, deliciously plain yogurt is a healthy treat for the pet. The live acidophilus in the yogurt keeps the good bacteria in the dog’s intestines in the balance. A little yogurt will also help keep yeast infections at bay if your dog is on antibiotics [with side affect].

So, you must understand that it needs to follow the feeding rules. In many cases, the biggest nutritional problem seen in pet dogs is fatness. It will help you if you follow feeding recommendations from the food manufacturer. In that case, a measuring cup can be used to measure the correct amount of food. There is a feeding advice on the food can or bag, which can help you more to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Food For Puppies

However, feeding time differs when a dog becomes an adult. A dog over a-year-age should be fed twice a day. One time is okay for the dogs those are older than two years. However, the large-breed dogs or large chest dogs to be fed two to three times a day in small quantity to check fattiness.

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The puppies, those are younger than three months need three or four feedings daily. However, those are younger than a year need to be fed two to three times a day. A nice-looking puppy can melt your heart, so don’t make any mistake.

Are you still shaky to take a decision? Then I will suggest you consult with an animal nutritionist. I will also say you should ensure that your dog is receiving all the nutrients it needs.

Observe Growth Condition

Along with the feeding, it needs to see growth condition of the dog. Watch the dog’s body every day. Moreover, body condition of your dog must be scored in four weeks. Don’t you think it is ideal weight? Do you say, it needs to lose a few pounds or, gain a few pounds?

The ideal weight dog will have a ‘tuck’ in its abdomen, which will slope up towards its back legs. In a top view, the dog will have a real hourglass figure. A healthy dog’s ribs will be covered with modest fat. It will not be visible at a glance.

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However, the thin dogs will have an extreme tuck while the bones will be visible with short hair. In that case, try to add 10 percent of its regular food allowance to its daily diet. However, if it is overweight, the tuck will disappear, and the ribs will not be seen. In the case of overweight, take away 10 percent of its regular food allowance.

If there is no visible development in four weeks, if it is still thin or fat, then don’t waste time, consult your veterinarian.

Control Your Pet

Another thing I like to say-keep your dog on a leash when you are not at your house. Moreover, do not allow your dog to roam outside your home or fenced yard even it obtains a valid license, rabies tag, and ID tag. Keep the pets, especially large and active dogs, under your control all times and keep them on a leash.

Meet The Veterinarian

Have you forgotten to take your dog to the vet for check-ups? If so, it can create an unnecessary health hazard. You can ask your local animal shelter or a pet-owning friend for a referral if you do not have a veterinarian. Then check out the information and choose a vet.

Meet The Veterinarian with your dog

Remember one thing; it needs to check dog’s overpopulation. This task could be done by spaying or neutering your dog. Doing this, you are also trying to reduce the problem of overpopulation of pet. However, you can also find low-cost options, if you cannot afford to have your pet spayed or neutered.


Dog Training is a necessity for a smart and good looking dog and so, don’t waste time to enrols your dog in a training class. You can control your dog’s behaviour safely and humanely through real training. Notably, the security forces make their dogs incredibly skilled through regular training.

Mainly, for the puppies, you can provide more training than housebreaking, however it should be trained correctly to show  good  discipline when it misbehaves.

General Dog Care on a Routine Basis

Along with training, your dog needs enough exercise to stay physically fit. Be careful, it should not be exhausted. Play with the canine companion regularly along with walking which provides sufficient exercise. It benefits dogs. especially, the time spent together would improve dog’s sense of good behavior.

Pet animals are sensitive; particularly the dogs are highly sensitive. So, you must be loyal and patient with your faithful companion.


General Dog Care on a Routine Basis



Avoid summer heat; You know, dogs can get heat stroke, just like human beings? In summer with record temperatures, it is an even greater risk than usual for the pet dogs. I will suggest you keep your pet far away from becoming a casualty of soaring temperatures, and also remember about general dog care.

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