How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away

How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away

You have probably wondered how to keep your dog from running off a couple of times. Dogs like to dash off away from us to explore on their own whenever possible. It’s not malicious on their part! If dogs could, they would probably roam around all day just enjoying and exploring nature.

Unfortunately, it’s not safe for them to do so and it bothers their owners a lot. So since we are the caretakers, we need to find a solution to ensure that our dogs stay put where we want them to at all times.

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Why is it Dangerous if Your Dog Runs Away?

First of all , it’s essential that you understand why it’s important to keep your dog from running away. Some dog owners allow their pets to run off and come back as they please and find people that use restraints such as leashes or wireless fence devices tyrants. However, that’s not the case! We keep our dogs restrained for their good and ours too.

When you let your dog roam free, you cannot control the environment it is exposed to or where it goes. Your dog could get too excited and get crushed by a car, and you don’t want that. Also, there are people out there ready to grab and steal your dog ensuring you never see it again. Your dog could even accidentally bite someone or cause damage to other peoples property, and that would make you liable for the losses. So you can see that neither you nor your dog stands to benefit from one of its escape adventures in the long run.

Why Does Your Dog Run?

There are many reasons that dogs run away from home or their owners. A significant reason is that they have found something interesting out there they want to explore. For example, they could catch a scent of another dog in the environment they would like to meet. Also, food is a major temptation for dogs meaning if they smell something juicy they will run out and get it.

Dogs also run off to chase interesting moving objects such as cars, cats or other dogs. If your dog is bored, it could also run off looking for a more stimulating environment or people. In worst case scenarios, dogs run away because they do not like where they live. If someone is cruel to your dog in your home, it could just be running away from the abuse.

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What Do You Do to Keep Your Dog Home Safe?

Of all reasons why dogs run away from home the ones you need to be worried about is cruelty and boredom. If your dog is suffering under boring or cruel conditions, using a wireless fence and other forms of restraints is not the answer. Instead, you need to get rid of the cruel party and also stimulate your dog by trying to make their environment more interesting.

One thing that helps counter boredom in dogs is taking them for walks and playing with them. Give them a chance to burn off all the energy they have inside so that they are not bored out of their minds and ready to escape at all times.

However, if you make sure your dog is living in a loving and safe environment and is taken out often for walks and playtime, yet it still runs away, it’s time to do something about it.

Video of How to Train Your Dog to NOT RUN AWAY

Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog from Running away From Home​

Dog Training Classes

Although restraining devices such as a wireless fence work wonders to keep dogs at home, they are not enough. You need to do better because there are places where you will not be able to use such devices and will still need to keep your dog in check.

An excellent tool to use, to keep your dog from running away from home is dog training. Dog training is good for your dog because it generally helps to turn your dog into a well-behaved pet that listens to and obeys commands. It will help you to control them anywhere you go.

Dogs need authority and routine to grow into great pets and training is a great way to do this. If you cannot do the training yourself, you can take your pet to dog training schools that are affordable and great for teaching dogs good behaviour.

Neutering for Dogs

One time that many dogs run away from home is during mating season. They are not trying to run away from you, only going out to look for a mate. The best way to get this behaviour under control is to neuter your dog.

The mating call is a natural instinct that your dog cannot fight. So neutering is the best way to keep it in check. Otherwise, get ready for your dog to run away and if its a girl get ready for some puppies!

why does my dog run away from mewhy does my dog run away from me

Fix Escape Routes​

Generally, if a dog is in a restricted environment, they find it hard to run off. For example, if you let the dog out into the yard, your fence should be strong enough to keep it in. Also, if you take it out for walks, it should always be on a secure leash you can control.

Make sure that all family members know to keep doors locked at all times to keep the dog from running outside unsupervised. Just find all possible escape routes or chances that your dog can take to bolt away from you and block them. It will help keep your pet within the home or with you at all times when you go out.

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Make Your Dog Feel at Home

While dogs have the urge to run away from home once in a while, they will stay in one place if it feels like home to them. Your dog should feel safe in your home full of things, people, nooks, and crannies that it gravitates to and loves.

So buy your dog play toys, make a comfy doggy bed for it, have a food station with enough food and water at all times, and also encourage a strong bond between your dog and other members of your family. In the end, the dog will find that it has more to gain by staying in the home, than running off into the unknown.

Use a Wireless Fence

In some cases, you could train your dog, provide a loving home for it, neuter and fix escape routes, but still, your dog retains its habit of running away. In such cases, it’s probably time to bring out the big guns for your sake and that of your beloved pet. The best tool you can use here is a wireless dog fence.

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A wireless fence is used to secure a pet within specific parameters without using obvious restrains such as leashes or physical barriers. It consists of an electric collar that you put around your dog’s neck that is triggered when it tries to go beyond allowed parameters. The wireless electronic restraint system mildly shocks your dog when it tries to go past any set boundaries. With time, your pet will learn to keep within set limits to avoid the shock from the collar.

A wireless dog fence is excellent for adventurous dogs that like to jump over walls or dig holes under them to run away. It should be used in addition to other solutions such as dog training to make sure your dog stays put at home or any other place you leave them.

These are a few solutions you can use to keep your dog from running away from home.

Bottom Line 

Your dog needs to love staying at home or by your side more than they would like to run off into the unknown. So, even as you invest in solutions such as a wireless fence for your dog, spend more time making your dog feel at home, these steps can act as therapy for your furry friend.  Only then they will learn to stay put and not run off every time they feel like it.

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