Best Ways to Keep Your Dog Clean

The Best Ways to Keep Your Dog Clean and Smelling Fresh

Are you a dog mom or dad looking for ways to keep your furry friend clean and smelling fresh? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite tips and tricks for keeping your pup in tip-top shape.

We all love our dogs, but let’s be honest – they can get pretty smelly, pretty quickly. And when they do, it’s not just their coat that smells bad. Their breath can be rank, and their body odor can be overpowering. Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to help keep our furry friends smelling fresh and clean.

From regular baths to using doggy colognes, there are plenty of ways to make sure your pup stays clean and smells great – no matter what stage of life they’re in. So whether you have a new puppy or an old faithful friend, read on for our best tips on keeping your dog clean and smelling fresh. Thanks for reading!

1. Bathe your dog regularly using a shampoo that is made for dogs

What is the quickest way to make your dog super clean? That’s right, bathing! Sometimes it can be very time-consuming, but you will never achieve the same results with some other dog grooming products or techniques.

Dog shampoo will not only make your pet smell good, but it can also protect their skin from infections and pests. There are a variety of shampoos on the market specifically made for dogs that you can purchase at your local pet store.

The main thing is to use dog shampoo, do not try looking for substitutes or using human shampoo. The skin and hair structure of dogs and humans is very different, so not to damage your pup, select options tailored for dogs. 

As humans have different skin and hair needs, dogs have sensitive skin and other skin conditions as well! There are coat-specific dog shampoo options available online, that include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Shedding fur
  • Non-shedding hair
  • Medicated shampoo

Sometimes producers do not pay attention to the dog products or try to minimize the cost of production, so you need to put extra research into finding the perfect match for your dog. There are numerous brands that get creative with formulas and smells. There is even the best smelling shampoo option available online.

When bathing your dog, be sure to avoid getting water in their ears and eyes. Usually, we wash the whole body first and then move to the head. We use a damp cloth to gently clean the area around the eyes and fur on the ears.

You may also want to invest in additional products such as scented sprays, perfumes, waterless shampoos & conditioners to proline the effect after the bath.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a clean and happy pup in no time! 

Key takeaways:

1) Use a shampoo made specifically for dogs to avoid irritating their skin

2) Avoid getting water in their ears and eyes

3) Use additional products to keep your dog clean

2. Brush your dog’s coat often to help distribute the natural oils and remove any dirt or debris

Dogs are like people in that they need to have their coats brushed regularly to distribute natural oils and keep them clean and healthy. Unlike people, however, dogs don’t typically enjoy having their coats brushed. But it’s important to brush your dog often anyway, especially if he has a long coat. Regular brushing will help remove any dead hair or dander, which can cause allergies in both you and your dog. So be sure to brush your pup at least once a week – even if he hates it!

Here are some tips to help you brush your dog’s fur in the best way possible.

First, always make sure that you’re brushing away from their skin and not onto it by keeping an extra distance between yourself when doing so – this will avoid any irritation or damage caused due to accidents during bath time!

Second, be gentle with how much force is used while grooming because if there isn’t enough space between each individual hair follicle becomes tangled together which can lead break off pieces of bristles easily scratching at sensitive areas such as eyes/mouth, etc., causing pain immediately following capture (or even before).

Show some extra love and care to your dog while brushing, and make it enjoyable by rewarding the pet, and doing small play pauses.

3. Trim your dog’s nails on a regular basis to keep them from getting too long

There is nothing more telling about your dog’s health than their nails. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting professional groomer services done, then trimming them yourself will be a cinch!

Filing down an animal’s sharp incisors can help prevent painful nail scratches on furniture with a really easy at-home procedure that takes five minutes max per paw if done correctly – no appointment necessary at the local groomer.

If you don’t trim your dog’s nails on a regular basis, they can become too long and ingrown. This is because overgrown claws are more likely to scratch at their surroundings in an attempt to break through this protective layer that has formed around it instead of scratching away like normal pets would do naturally with shorter lengths; however, if someone delays clipping these extra-long nails for too long then there may be several health concerns arising from such unattractive behavior as well!

Clipping dog’s nails require some training and preparation, so we recommend watching some videos to get familiar with the technique and not to harm your pet. If you are feeling unsure or uncomfortable during any stage of this process, it is better to consult your vet or professional dog groomer.

4. Check your dog’s ears regularly for signs of infection or wax buildup

If you have a dog, it’s likely that they will dirty their ears at least once per month. This is because of the natural oils present in dogs’ coats which can cause blockages if not cleaned regularly by an experienced professional. We recommend cleaning your pup’s ear monthly but those who swim often should do so even more frequently than this as bathing time becomes increasingly popular.

Keep your pup’s ears clean and infection-free by following these easy tips!

If you notice any redness or inflammation in their ear canal, this could mean that they are experiencing discomfort like pain. This will lead to bad smells from wax buildup which can also be contagious so make sure not only to check them every day but before bed as well because even though my dog looks cute while sleeping – hopefully, he doesn’t have anything stuck down there ;).

To clean dogs’ ears you can use a damp cloth or a special solution that you can buy at the local or online pet store.

5. Brush your dog’s teeth at least once a week to prevent tartar build-up and bad breath

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to brush your dog’s teeth and they’re just not having it. They squirm, they whine, and they might even try to bite. It can be a frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little patience and some creativity, you can make brushing an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. Here’s how:

1) Choose the right brush – There are all sorts of different brushes on the market, so it’s important to find one that is comfortable for both you and your dog. If possible, let them choose the brush themselves. Let them sniff around and pick out the one they like best. This way, they’ll be more likely to cooperate when performing the cleaning act.

2) Be kind and understanding. This is not a very pleasant process for your dog, so keep that in mind. Restrict your pet from moving and encourage your fur with nice words. Then be quick and thorough. Do not push and scrub too hard, be gentle.

3) Do not forget to reward your pet afterward!

No matter what stage of life your pup is in, keeping them clean and smelling great is important. Every dog owner has their own system and dog grooming secrets to share, so during the next walk in the park, ask your fellow dog parents about their approach to keeping their dog clean and neat. Share your tips and well. We also encourage you to talk more with your groomer and vet, unfortunately, this is sad news to share, but they know more about the health & needs of your pet for grooming than you.

Keeping your dog clean and smelling great can be a breeze, as long as you have the right products and know-how to use them. From regular baths to using doggy colognes, there are plenty of ways to make sure your pup stays clean and smells great – no matter what stage of life they’re in. So whether you have a new puppy or an old faithful friend, read on for our best tips on keeping your dog clean and smelling fresh. Thanks for reading!

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