Best Dog Brushes & Comb

Best Dog Brushes & Comb Choosing Guide

When you own a dog, you will want to get the dog brush on the market to keep them looking their best. It is important to use the best dog brushes to keep the hair shiny and clean. The dog brush for shedding will be a brush with bristles that will get to the problem. The grooming should be soothing for the dog and easy to handle for the groomer. The work is not as easy as may think. Because the user must have knowledge about brushes and bristles that are fit for dogs with long hair and dogs with short hair.

There are 4 Main Dog Brush Types

There are several dog brush types that you can choose from. Here is a listing of them:

Slicker Brushes

This type of brush will pull up tangles and mats. Get this type of brush when your dog has long hair. This dog brush is the best for German Shepherds. They are also a good choice for Labs. To know more about Slicker brushes click here


This type of brush will pull up tangles and mats. Get this type of brush when your dog has long hair. This dog brush is for German Shepherds. They are also the dog brush for Labs. For more information about Rake type of brushes go to

Bristle Brushes

The bristle brush is used for dogs with two types of coats. An undercoat and weather-resistant outer coat, like a Husky. To find out more about Bristle Brushes click here

Pin Brushes

The wire pin brush is great for grooming your dog when it is heavily matted. It will pull up the hairs. Then you can use the brush to fluff the dog’s hair up. These types of brushes are best for dogs with short hair. To know more about Pin brushes check it out

Find The Dog Brush For Your Pet

When you are getting ready to find the dog brush that will work for you and your pet, you will want to do some research. Take a look at these particular brushes. Print out the pages and put them in a folder. You can refer to them at a later time. You can also check on the Internet to determine which brush will be best for your breed of dog. If you still have questions, you can ask a professional dog groomer for assistance

Top 5 Brands of Dog Brushes

1. Both Side Dog Brush By For Your Dog

For Your Dog, this dog grooming comb, dog brush has used both sides, one side, are regular loosen dead fur brush, and another side is a gentle round-tip pins dog brush, so it can full fill your types of demands and is excellent for all different kinds of breeds. It removes tangles and gives the dog a finished look. It will be easy for you to handle because it has an ergonomic handle.

2. Firm Dog Slicker Brush By FURminator

Furminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush, Dog, Large

The FURminator makes this dog brush. This is just the one that you are looking for! The dog brush FURminator is excellent for correcting the tangling and giving a clean look because it sheds like no other brush. The handle is made to be soft on the pet’s skin, so they will sit comfortably while you brush them.

This Brush is Great for Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador owners! This brush is available in two sizes in the market.

3. Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs By Happy Dogz

HappyDogz makes this brush the best slicker dog grooming brush on the market, and it works like a dream because of its grooming results are better than any other type of brush. This brush is suitable for all sizes of breeds. It works like a rake on the undercoat. This brush is meant to remove the tangles and keep the coat of your pet looking great. This has a gentle effect on the dog and it is a good-quality of this brush.

4. Deshedding Tool for Dogs, Dog Brush By FURminator

FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs, Large, Long Hair

FURminator makes this model, and people love it. It is a top dog grooming shredder tool. With the ergonomic handle, it is comfortable for your pet. It is especially useful for use on long and short-haired dogs. This dog brush is designed by a professional pet tool designer so you can have the best result for shedding like gently removing loose hair up to 90 % and its guaranteed performance is comparable to any other Deshedding Dog brush. This dog brush furminator It’s available in the market in two styles long hair breeds and short hair breeds, other five sizes are Extra small, Small, Medium, Large, and Giant available also.

5. ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool for Medium to Long Coats By Oster

This dog brush for shedding is made by Oster, and it works very well. Most people use this model for long and thick-haired types. Your pet will be free of tangles and mats after you use this brush on their coat. This dog brush is good for Australian Shepherds, the Chihuahuas. The de-sheddinator pet grooming tool has a good grip handle and Stainless steel teeth to brush deeply into the coat with an ergonomic shape. 

How to Pick the Best Dog Brushes for Your Pet Dog

You will want to make sure that you get the right dog brush. Some people decide to get several, different ones.

Here are some tips on picking the right one:

Know which ones are better for your breed of dog. You can go online to learn a lot about the different brushes.

  • Check the prices of the brushes. Price will matter when you are sticking to a budget.
  • Find out what the brush is made of. You want the best type of brush for your pet.

If your dog finds discomfort after you use a certain brush, try a different one. Make sure that you get one with an ergonomic handle for more comfort while you are brushing it. The better they feel while you are brushing them, the easier the job will be for you to be able to complete.

Taking The Time For Dog Grooming

When you make the time for dog grooming at home, your pet will have a comfortable feeling. Learning about the top dog grooming techniques is easily done by completing a search on the Internet. You will find interesting concepts about making your pet look great. A dog groomer is also a great asset when you want to learn as much as possible about the best dog grooming techniques for your pet. They are professionals at what they do.

Why Is Grooming Your Dog So Important?

Grooming your dog is very important because it will keep it looking healthier. Your pet will be happier, and it will have a better coat of hair. You will also be more comfortable knowing that you will not have to see dog hairs all over your home and furniture and not very necessary to buy the best pet vacuum cleaner.


Brushes for dogs are essential to have. If you know of other people who are interested in dog brushes, you can get them one for a gift for either a holiday or a birthday present throughout the year. They will love getting a gift for their dog.


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