Can Dogs Wear Coats How To Properly Choose One For Your Pet

Can Dogs Wear Coats? How To Properly Choose One For Your Pet

The answer to the question of whether dogs can wear coats is that they absolutely can. There are different reasons why these furry friends of humans could do so. For instance, puppies and small breed dogs may struggle to retain heat when they go outdoors, even if the weather seems favorable. In that case, whenever the dogs go outside, they have to protect their little bodies by wearing an article of clothing that could keep them warm. Those with short hair can also wear coats outdoors for added warmth, particularly if you’re planning on being outside for a lengthy period with your pet. Their fur can protect them from the cold weather in short intervals, but they need help eventually.

Another case where dogs might need to wear coats is if they’re recovering from an injury. In that case, the dog has to be protected from harsh weather to avoid feeling pain. Thus, as much as possible, avoid taking your dog out when the weather is bad if they’re still in the recovery stage. But when you can’t avoid going outside, a coat is recommended.

As you can see, dogs can wear coats for different reasons, including that of fashion. If you want to up your pet’s coat game, here are some tips on how to properly choose one for your furry family member.

Decide Where to Buy 

You need to be sure that you’re purchasing a coat made from quality material that makes your dog feel comfortable. This means you need to research reputable and recommended dog coats Canada style or USA style for reputable product providers who know how to create winter clothing for such regions. Or, in general, find suppliers that don’t cut corners or compromise quality, even if they’re coats intended for animals and not humans. Inferior quality products may lead to health conditions such as fur shedding, cuts, and bruises.

Analyze Reviews

When you have discovered places where you can purchase the coats, you can do an independent review search. Reviews can give insight into the experiences of previous and current consumers. The more positive the reviews, the more likely you will experience a positive purchasing process and enjoy the product with your dog. Use your discretion, however, when carrying out online reviews as not all are authentic.

Chat with A Staff Member

When surveying a shop, you might want to chat with a staff member about the products they offer. Most items have a description accompanying the image. However, if you don’t understand certain words or terminology, it’s best to consult a member of the selling team. Doing so means you can gain more insight into the product, and the information you receive can help you make an informed decision about the item your dog will wear.

Take Measurements 

Once you have decided where you will buy quality coats that won’t disappoint, you can go ahead and take outfit measurements of your dog. You will have to measure your dog’s neck circumference, chest girth, and back length to include in your order. It’s advisable to add a few inches to leave room for growth and cater to your dog’s fur.

Choose Your Dog Breed

Some coat suppliers provide the option of buying clothing for your particular pet’s breed. This option makes for effective buying because the coats are designed specifically for how your pet is built. For example, if your dog comes from breeds that have thick fur, the coat will be designed to cater to this characteristic. Situations, where coats are cut into fur, are then avoided by these tailor-made designs.

Dog coats

Decide on the Right Colors

You will want to choose colors that look good on your dog but are also easy to maintain. For example, if you live in a rainy and muddy area, a white coat will be tough to maintain. Darker colors would work more in that environment. When the coat gets dirty, it won’t be as laborious to wash and maintain compared to the bright-colored ones.

Settle on Weather-specific Coats 

The weather will be a significant factor in determining the type of coat you will purchase. If you live in areas that are constantly snowing, meaning freezing temperatures are the norm, you may want to consider getting a thermal coat for your dog. Those with fleece lining are preferred in cold but not freezing areas, while unlined coats are efficient in mild temperatures with light rain.

Find Breathable Material 

In the event that the coat is to retain heat, you must be aware that not all material is breathable. When these non-breathable coats are put on, they might cause your dog to sweat and feel uncomfortable. Settling for breathable fabric means you don’t have to worry about your dog getting enough air while keeping them warm.

Single Out Potty-Friendly Coats 

You need to make sure that you’re choosing styles that make it easy for your dog to potty. It becomes problematic when you need to constantly time yourself to remove the coat. It’s also frustrating for your dog when they need to potty but feel utterly restricted. If you aren’t sure whether the coat you wish to buy caters to this situation, you can reach out to customer support for assistance.

Pick Collar-friendly Styles

Consider the placement of your dog’s collar when you purchase your coat. You might want to get a model that won’t restrict your dog’s movement when the collar is placed. You also need a jacket that still makes room for the effortless placement of the collar to avoid resistance from your dog. If the material constantly rubs against the collar, your dog will also feel uncomfortable. Test several models about this characteristic.

Consider Your Dog’s Body Harness

Dogs that wear a body harness can wear coats designed to include this accessory. If your dog wears a body harness, it’s best to consult with the coat suppliers so they can give proper advice on the type of coat that works best for your pet breed.

Pick Fashionable Coats

Choose Easy-to-Wear Designs 

It might be challenging to get your dog to cooperate during a complicated coat-wearing session. Models with complex designs that require a certain process to wear might cause frustration for you and your dog. Thus, choose coats that are easy to slip on and off to avoid such moments of struggle with your dog.

Choose Adjustable Material 

Adjustable material makes it easy for your dog to maneuver when wearing the coat. Your furry friend won’t feel restricted, and you don’t have to worry about continually purchasing bigger sizes as your dog grows. Adjustable material also addresses the issue of having the collar or harness fit comfortably in the material.

Opt For Reflective Material 

Reflective material means your dog will always be visible to others on the road. If the weather is dark or it’s evening, you can still head out with your dog without worrying whether others are aware of your pet’s presence on the road. It’s good to always be cautious about your dog’s safety, so this extra layer of protection is good for the sake of visibility.

Buy Different Coats 

For you to choose the best types of coats for your dog, you may need to buy different types and try them out first. Most suppliers have a return policy anyway, so you can make the most out of this offer. Observing your dog’s behavior will indicate whether they’re comfortable in a specific coat. If your pet appears a bit bothered, yelps, scratches, and generally seems unsettled, it means you have to eliminate that particular coat from your choices. Once you have figured out the types that your dog wears best, you can then purchase more of those and return the items that didn’t make the cut.

Pick Fashionable Coats 

Just as you enjoy dressing up, looking good, and feeling fine, so does your dog. You can also have fun choosing coats that will complement your fashion sense. When you go out with your dog, you will be a pair to admire. You can pick different designs, colors, and textures that will look beautiful on your dog, one that also makes them feel comfortable wearing. Enjoy taking memorable fashion photographs with your pet.


There are various reasons why dogs wear coats, including protection from harsh weather, protection an injury, and fun fashion. The process that goes into buying a coat for your dog is one that should be well thought out. You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of having your dog wear a coat that causes health conditions or discomfort.

Thus, when choosing a proper coat for your dog, you need to do a research sweep of the places you find, chat with staff members regarding the products that they offer, take measurements of your dog, choose coats specifically designed for your dog’s breed, pick colors that will suit your environment, find breathable material for comfort, choose designs that will still allow for your dog to wear accessories and to potty, and settle for easy-to-wear designs with reflective and adjustable material, not to mention fashionable.

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