Feeding Dog Raw Diet on a Budget

Feeding Dog Raw Diet on a Budget-What Should You Know?

From croquettes (dry food) to wet food, raw diets and more, the options to feed your dog are very numerous. Although not a new concept, the raw dog diet has become fashionable in recent years.

In a nutshell, a raw diet for dogs is a way of feeding that includes meals composed mainly of raw meat. Developed by Dr. Ian Billinghurst, the BARF diet (an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), is one of the most popular raw food models today. The foods that are commonly found in a raw dog diet are raw meat and raw meaty bones, organ meats, eggs, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. Typically, a healthy adult dog eats between 2 and 4% of its body weight per day.

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Best pick – feeding dog raw diet on a budget 

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Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs

1.    Improves skin and hair health – Typically the BARF diet has a high concentration of fatty acids. This feature allows for healthier skin and brighter hair of dogs.

2.    Cleaner teeth – As result of the chewing of raw bones when scraped on the teeth, all forms of plaque on the dog’s teeth are eliminated. The mastication of bones also acts in a mechanical way similar to dental sticks.

3.   Better Palatability – A BARF diet is much more palatable to your pet than dry food. For this reason, it may be an alternative for dogs that reject dry foods.

4.    Lower stool volume – As the BARF diet is more digestible, its components will be absorbed in larger amounts. Consequently, the amount of feces to be expelled will be lower. The fiber of these diets is sometimes also inferior to that of dry foods.

5.    Less intense odorDog owners who opt for raw food claim that their animals have a less intense smell, both in their breath, hair, and feces. 

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How to Feed Dogs with Raw Diet on a Budget

“How much will I spend each month on  raw diets for my dogs?” “Are raw diet values close to those of a Super Premium or higher ration?”

Doubts like these are common and quite pertinent. From experience – but also from the feedback of hundreds of dog owners, it has been inferred that the costs of a completely raw diet, composed of varied foods of the highest quality and provenance, are generally budget friendly when compared to the cost of feeding dogs with Super Premium rations.

Furthermore, there are many misconceptions about the raw diets for dogs, and often we hear “it must be expensive to feed with meat” or “it must be damn well organized.”

In contrast, the raw diets for dogs are not expensive, can be practiced while on a budget,  and does not require a lot of time. Also, it is not possible to predict exactly how much you will spend when on a budget. This answer depends on many factors, such as:

The place where you live  There is a price difference between neighbourhoods and, of course, cities. In developed regions, marine fish are often more expensive than in rural areas, for example.

Place where food will be bought– Slaughterhouses, farms, poultry, free markets, municipal markets, and butchers usually have raw fleshy bones, meats, viscera, eggs, etc. much more than supermarkets. Before you start, you need to search!

The type of food – Conventionally grown sweet potato and meats for dogs are considerably cheaper than organic or processed food. This is quite favourable because these conventionally produced foods are healthier and more nutritious.

The degree of sophistication of the diet – The inclusion of exotic foods such as ostrich meat, boar meat, blueberry, quinoa, shrimp, etc., obviously makes the diet even more expensive. Fortunately, it’s unnecessary to go that far, unless, of course, you want (and can) afford these exquisite items. But know that dogs do not differentiate cuts of meat; for it either receives noble meat or “second” meat. Therefore, it is unwise to invest in filet mignon when there are equally nutritious options and much more in mind, such as ox heart, gizzard, tongue, and muscle.

How many kgs can you buy at a time? Those who have a freezer just for the pet and have several dogs at home can combine a better price by buying a large amount of meat, bones and sweet potatoes from suppliers such as slaughterhouses, farms, municipal markets, etc.

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Best Raw Bones for Dogs

Giving raw bones to our pet is quite beneficial both for cleanliness and for the natural instinct of hunting to emerge in a certain sense; In addition to artificial bones that help oral hygiene, if there is something that a dog likes more, it is a real bone with meat.

You may have already heard that not all bones for dogs are good, but you may not have been very clear on which ones you can give to your friend and which ones you cannot. To this end, some Best raw bones for dogs include:

1. Raw beef bones for dogs

The raw beef bones are highly preferred by dogs because of their extensive cartilage which also comes with great flavor. In addition, they possess a considerable chunk of meat which keeps the dog totally nourished and entertained while eating.

2. Raw marrow bones for dogs

The raw marrow bones for dogs are a great choice, as they come with a large amount of marrow that will keep your dog happy all through its meal.  This type of bone also ensures adequate cleaning of your dog’s teeth. Also, the marrow prevents the dog from easily breaking the bone or accidentally swallowing a piece.

3. Raw chicken feet for dogs 

Today, it is popular to hear that chicken bones are quite harmful to dogs. This is very much untrue, except when cooked. From experience, it has been inferred that bones such as raw chicken feet are very dear to dogs because of the intense flavor of chicken it possesses. Furthermore, it is also an excellent choice because raw chicken feet are quite tender, thus ensuring proper chewing and preventing any possible harm to the dog.

Remember that when giving your dog a bone, you must supervise it while eating so that you can act quickly if you have a problem, such as choking or an injury in its mouth. It is also important to always give it fresh and quality bones to avoid possible complications.

More Raw Food for the Health of your Dog

Besides the bones, there are other food choices which are quite effective as regards feeding dog raw diet on a budget. This includes:

•    Carrots

Rich in beta-carotenes, the carrot is a very good antioxidant that is often known to restore shine and softness to your dog’s hair. It can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. It is also known to limit the risk of degeneration of the eye and improve night vision.

Giving a few raw carrots to dogs also help to ensure good digestion and to clean their teeth.

•    Cucumber

Low in calories, cucumber is a very refreshing vegetable which is a perfect snack for your dog. You can give it raw or mixed.

It is very rich in water, contributes to the hydration and the rehydration of dogs. It is also a great source of vitamins C and K, as well as potassium.

•    Pumpkin

From the family of cucurbits, pumpkin is beneficial for the digestive tract of your dog. High in fiber and water, it can help correct and prevent constipation. It is also rich and contains carotenoids, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, fiber, zinc, iron, vitamin A and potassium.

Like the carrot, it would also have beneficial effects on the hair of your dog.

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Raw Sweet Potato for Dogs

As regards feeding a dog on a budget, the potato also comes as a great choice. In general, dogs can eat potatoes, as some types of potatoes are much more nutritious and therefore more indicated than others. A good example is a sweet potato, which is considered a better source of nutrients than the common potato. Sweet potato is a food rich in fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and minerals. Beta-carotene reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer, helps neutralize free radicals and the fibers help in the optimum performance of the digestive system of the dog.

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However, there are very important care if you are thinking of offering sweet potatoes to your dog. The first important care is that the raw sweet potato has a toxin called solanine, which does harm to our health as well as to the health of dogs. This substance is extremely toxic to dogs and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and even more serious problems. The potato peel are the places where this substance can be found in greater quantity. As a result, it is very important that the potato is peeled and its bark completely removed before preparing. Today, it is common to hear dog owners ask ” Are raw potatoes bad for dogs.?” Raw potatoes cannot be offered to dogs, so cooking is mandatory as it is the only way to eliminate any trace of solanine. In clearer terms, every sweet potato you desire to offer to your dog need to be:

•    Fully matured

•    Clean

•    Peeled

•    Fully cooked


Whenever we think of feeding our dogs with the best types of food, especially concerning raw feeding based on a budget, we end up with such doubts as to which is best. This is because we always take as a starting point those foods that are considered beneficial to human beings. As a result, the points highlighted above would stand as a sure aid to that effect. As a matter of help and to inform you more on the related subject we have a feature in our blog “Health Risks of a Raw Food Diets for Dogs” which is inclusive and should interest you , we hope it will!

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