Dog Breeds That Attach to One Person

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Dogs have very distinct behaviors, depending on breed, temperament and other particularities. Some of the dogs tend to love everyone the second they meet them, while others tend to be more selective for dog breeds that attach to one person.

After all, this is a whole species that we are talking about. Just like the case with humans, each breed of dogs in general and each individual dog, in particular, can have their own way of reacting as well as behaving. There is simply no way that one can easily put a label on a dog and call it a day, as there may actually be a high chance that the dog is not at all suitable for the label. Thus, when one tries to get a new pup, it is recommendable that they first try to find out as much as they can about the pup beforehand. However, there are still certain cases that differ from the normal norms. In those cases, the best way is to invest in times and efforts so that there can be developments in both security and confidence.

One-person dogs are devoted and attached to one person as a result of a special bond that creates between them and their humans. Since the relationship between such a dog and his favorite person is based on security and confidence, all it should be fine, but if the attachment goes into dependence, and the dog shows signs of separation anxiety, the relationship becomes toxic and needs to be changed. Separation anxiety consists of refusing to eat, chewing things, self-injuring, self-hurting, and so on. In this situation, the owners should look for professional help.

How Do Dogs Choose Their Human Friends!

Food and Care

If you are not the favorite person of your dog and you want your dog to return your affections, you should hand-feed your dog as food is a great reinforcer. Dogs usually bond stronger with their primary caregiver, who gives them care and attention and who feeds them. It is already known that the socialization period is crucial for dogs because they strengthen their bonds and choose their favorite persons during this period. Up until six months, puppies from their strongest bond with persons who look after them.

Think of it like this, dogs are intelligent creatures, just like humans. In fact, one can say that a pup is even more capable of remembering someone for a much longer time than humans can. Thus, during the times that puppies are developing their worldview, they will instantly take a liking to the one feeding them primarily. After all, it’s just like the same case with humans in that the one taking care of a baby the most during the earlier years will be the closest to that baby. With proper investments of time and effort, I am sure that any pup will be able to see that you are worthy of being their favorite “Hooman”.

Time and Activities

The time spent with a person can also lead to a stronger bond. The more time spent with your dog, the strongest the bond between you. In puppyhood and further, a safe and supportive environment is essential to establish healthy relationships. This includes rewards, praise, physical affection, treats, grooming sessions, massages.

As stated above, there is no love that time and effort cannot get for you. After all, puppies too can clearly see just who is actually invested in their well-being and who is not. Thus, they will surely share a much stronger bond with the ones that they are spending time and showing them affection.

By spending half an hour a day with your dog and playing with him is one of the easiest ways of strengthening your bond. You may focus on various types of activities such as walks, yard time, playing fetch, hide and seek, training sessions. A proper amount of physical and mental stimulation increases the amount of trust and the number of positive experiences. The secret consists of the quality of time spent together and the filling of your dog’s needs and affection.

Playing games with your pup, other than being a great way to strengthen the bond, can also greatly help with developing the pup’s abilities. After all, it is these kinds of activities that educate the pup on the way the world works as well as the various disciplines that he would need to know of when he grows older. In truth, it can be said that there is no better way to educate a pup than playing with him. Thus, it is simply hitting two birds with one stone.


Chemistry is essential when it comes to creating a bond with your pup, and it consists of your voice, movement, and overall demeanor. All these induce your dog comfort and attachment by associating you with positive experiences.

When we say chemistry with the pup, we mean the extent of the bond that you share with him. In particular, the extent to which he is willing to take your words. For example, does he understand almost all of your gestures, does he know which feeling you are having with just one look at your facial gesture, etc. You should never underestimate the chemistry, as it is the single most important requirement for a good dog-owner relationship to become a great dog-owner relationship. After all, if you can let the pup understand everything about you, there can be no stronger proof of your bond than that.

How Do You Choose Dog Breeds That Attach to One Person

There are specific dog breeds known for their attachment and affection they invest in their relationships with their owners.



Beagle - Looking for a playmate

The Beagle is a hunting breed, very good at protecting properties thanks to their incredible sense of smell. They originate from Great Britain and have been mentioned in references from Ancient Greece. They are gentle and happy dogs, with a strong instinct of the pack. They tend to create special bonds with their favorite persons. Of course, aside from those obvious perks, the beagles are also popular thanks to their lack of inherited health problems. After all, that is one of the most important things for any pup, as you simply cannot build a great relationship with pups if they are bed-ridden with health problems, right?

If you are a starter to Beagles, you probably need advice to raise this typical breed. Feeding a beagle requires distinctive nutrition to boost their energy. This Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Beagle will make your food choice simpler.

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The Collie is a native of Scotland, primarily from the Highland regions where it was used as a herding dog. Collies are sensitive and highly intelligent dogs that love to protect their families. They are very loyal dogs and can foresee their owners’ needs, especially if they are their favorite humans.

In addition, Collies are known to be actually quite agile as well as active. In fact, most of the Collies do have some great instinct for herding. Thus, it will become a lot easier for you to get a Collie pup out to play and deepen your bonds. These guys are among the best dog breeds that attach to one person.

Coming up with Collie's intelligence is a real challenge. You can train the dog from their young age. But to get their loyalty and versatility to peak, it's another story. Let this book help you. The Barbara Sykes' Training Border Collies gives step-by-step instructions on how to raise a Rough Collie properly.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog - Always agile

The Shetland Sheepdog is an adventurous and friendly dog breed and an excellent companion for families and children. They have a joyful disposition, high intelligence and a lot of energy. They love to perform tricks and to play around their family. They tend to form a stronger bond with their favorite family members.

After all, we should always remember that these guys are in possession of quite a high level of intelligence, being the 6th brightest dog breed in the world. For the most part, these pups are healthy as well as athletic. However, there is still a risk of inherited malformation and eye diseases.

Shetland Sheepdogs appear to be a loving breed that bonds well to their humans. If you are their fan, or your friends are, these items will speak out your love.

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French Bulldog

French Bulldog

French Bulldog In a relaxed mood

The French Bulldog has a compact body and a cute appearance. He is appreciated for his good disposition and his loyalty. French Bulldogs tend to create special bonds with specific persons and love making them happy. If you are looking for a small companion dog, buying or adopting a French Bulldog puppy is the best choice because French Bulldogs puppies are very protective of their owners. So it essential to socialize them at a young age.

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German Shepherd

German Shepherd

German Shepherd - The best Guard dog

The German Shepherd dogs are good at military and police work, bomb and drug-sniffing and protection work. They have their origins in Germany, in the late 1800s. They are highly active and have a strong will to learn and serve a purpose; they tend to become bored and get into mischief. They are loyal and bond with their family members. They have their favorite persons. They tend to be overprotective of their family and territory.

As you may know, German Shepherd has become quite popular in pop culture thanks to their undeniable intelligence grouped with their willingness to listen to orders. They can be quite a great fit for the role of a one-person dog as they are fiercely loyal.

People who have GD in their homes have to deal with a large amount of fur shedding when the season comes. It's hard to ignore but you can get the situation under control by using this Taste of the Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food or Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Maxi Adult Dry Dog Food. Eukanuba has another option with the recipe designed specifically for GD.

For puppies, give them the right nutrition from the very start to optimize their growth. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd Puppy is an ideal choice.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

A lovable Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has the roots in the east coast of North America and is one of the most popular breeds of dogs. Labrador Retrievers were originally bred as a fisherman’s helper. They are now used as retrievers for hunters, in show competitions, in rescue missions, as well as in therapy. They are appreciated for their joyful temperament, high level of energy, intelligence, loyalty, and kindness. They have a gentle and hard-working nature and tend to create special bonds with one family member.

The Labradors’ temperament is usually described as outgoing, pleasant, and kind, all the most important qualities that a one-person dog needs to have. In fact, due to this temperament, it is not at all strange for a family to raise a Labrador pup as a one-person dog for the child.

Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Month by Month, 2nd Edition” - This is a very interesting book about the breed along with “The Complete Labrador Handbook.” Try them, you may find other aspects of your Lab and make your time together more enjoyable.

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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever - Favorite with the family

The Golden Retriever has origins in Scotland where it was used for hunting is now among the most popular dog breeds in the US. Golden Retrievers are appreciated for their high intelligence, loyalty, happy temperament, working capacity, as well as for their cute appearance. They seem to have a smile on their face, and they are patient and affectionate. Golden Retrievers love to please their owners and are very good at therapy, retrieving game for hunters and sniffing out drugs. They are excellent companions for families where they try to form special relationships with their favorite persons.

When having a Golden Retriever in the home, you may experience their destructive nature toward household objects. Although the dog is intelligent, who can guarantee their obedience? You may need help to reinforce your training lessons. These dog training collars may help you:

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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Ever friendly Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is a dog that has its origin in the Swiss Alp,s where it was used as a rescue dog. Their massive size and resistance to cold recommended them to save people trapped by avalanches. They are protective, loyal and eager to please their owners. Their friendly and gentle nature makes them excellent family dogs, but they tend to choose their own favorite member of the family.

In the family, St. Bernards are loving dogs around children and other pets. They don't like being left alone for long hours but really enjoy energetic activities with owners. As this breed is high in drooling potential, they make a cozy, warm fur ball curling on your laps.

Don't forget to reward your rescue-oriented pup with some tasty treats from Healthy Breeds or Best of Breeds' jars.



Brittany - A gentle and loving breed

The Britany has origins in the 1800s Brittany province of France where it was bred for bird hunting. Britany dogs are gentle, loving, sensitive and are popular companions for families. They form special connections with their favorite persons.

These pups are known for being hardy as well as healthy throughout their life with the median span of life being almost 13 years. Thus, they can spend quite a lot of time as a one-person dog. However, if you are planning on raising a Brittany, please remember that due to their sweet nature, they can be quite sensitive to corrections. Thus harsh demeanor is not recommended.

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Boxer - The most fun-loving dog

The Boxer has origins in Germany where was used as a hunting dog. Boxers are highly energetic, loyal and fun-loving. They are also excellent watchdogs, affectionate and gentle with their owners. They form special bonds with their favorites.

These pups are the best as one-person dogs for children, as they are playful, energetic, and especially great with children. They can be both patient as well as spirited with the child while also capable of being quite protective. Of course, due to their playful nature, you will need to grant them enough exercise as they can get bored quite easily. Believe me, a boring boxer is not a good sign, as there can be bad behaviors such as digging and chewing.

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Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog -The herding dog

The Old English Sheepdog is a large dog breed with athletic characteristics. In the olden days, people used it to drive cattle and sheep to the market. They are good at obedience, agility and herding competitions and are very appreciated for their placid nature and high intelligence. They tend to create a special bond with their favorite humans.

Despite their large profile, Old English Sheepdogs are not scary at all. They love their owners, family, and children. To strangers, they neither show affection nor aggression. That makes them a poor watchdog. But that’s not what we look for in an OES, is it?

If you enjoy having your OES around, you'll probably enjoy lounging on the memory foam rug with patterns of the breed all over to compliment your Sheepdog living space.



Affenpinscher -The playful family dog

The Affenpinscher was originally bred for hunting rats in homes, stables, and shops. They have a happy and playful disposition; they tend to get into mischief. They love to snuggle in their favorite person’s lap.

You must remember, however, that these guys are not simply playful and fun-loving, as they can also be stubborn and curious beyond the normal range. Thus, when dealing with these pups, it is important that the owner is patient and loving. In addition, they are not so much the best choices for a one-person dog but rather their only option is to be a one-person dog, as Affenpinscher can be quite territorial.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound -The great hunter

The Irish Wolfhound, a giant dog breed, used in wars to drag men off horses and to hunt deer and wolves. They are appreciated for their calmness and responsiveness. They are sensitive and excellent companions for families. They are good at obedience, tracking and lure coursing and they have their favorite humans to whom they enjoy spending time.

Irish Wolfhound is not a breed recommended for the novice as they require special care and train. Their hunting instinct may cause harm to kids, those that look smaller than them. Dogs of this breed are popular in barns or farming fields as they can lure horses and cattle while protecting the place from invaders.

Food for these giant dudes should be shaped to their large profile. A lack of nutrition can lead to serious drawbacks in the health of the breed. So far, the Taste of the Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food gives the most appropriate recipe to give your Wolf-like hound a sufficient diet.

Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane - The dog the children love

The Great Dane is also a large dog breed with a gentle, affectionate and sweet nature that loves to play, especially with children. They are friendly and protective and love to be in the company of people. They love to please their owners, especially if it is about their special humans to whom they’ve created a special bond.

If you are interested in these guys, you need to remember that contrary to their imposing appearance, they need extra care due to their quick growth phase. And due to their large profile, diet for Great Dane is out of this world.

There are not many options for the breed out there. But you can see Hill Science dry food and the Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food has the best recipe crafted for this breed. These bags use premium material sourced to ensure the right amount of protein for the fast-growing breed. You can consult your vets for more advice.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog

English Bulldog - The loyal pet

Bulldogs were originally bred in England and used in the sport called bull baiting. They have a calm and steady disposition, being gentle and protective, especially with children. They love to snuggle with their owners. They are loyal pets and tend to have their favorite members within their families.

Nowadays, bullies are getting more prevalent in modern families. The dogs are prone to a number of health risks if not taken care of properly. Due to their short-muzzled head, bulldogs usually have problems with their respiratory function. That's why they are not as playful as other breeds. However, they make a good cuddling companion on the couch.

These are the best dry food for English Bulldogs you can take preference.

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Pit Bull

Pit Bull

Pit Bull -The nanny dog

The Pit Bull includes several breeds such as the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and The American Pit Bull. All of them are loyal, loving, and willingness to please their owners. They are great companions for children; that’s why they are also known as “nanny dogs.” They have their own favorite members within their families.

Pitbulls are famous for their muscular body but there are no signs of them enjoy fighting. On the contrary, Pitbulls are more of a family breed that loves to be around their people. When needed, they will thrive to protect their loved owners and children that are growing with them.



Dachshund - The Fun-loving dogs

The Dachshund has origins in Germany and is known for his long body and short legs that helped him hunt badgers, rabbits, and other small animals. They are fun-loving, happy, loyal and protective of their family and especially of their favorite person.

Dachshunds are fun to look at because of their short legs and low body. They are often called weiner dogs or sausage dogs. Thanks to their compact size, weiner dogs adapt greatly to apartments or limited space. They are friendly to kids but the breed has a high tendency to bark. Although they are not sporty breed like a Husky or Beagle, their desire for outdoor activities is not less.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Cute looking Yorkshire Terrier

During the 1880s The Yorkshire Terrier was used to catch rats in England and is the smallest terrier breed and one of the most popular breeds in the USA. Yorkies are popular show dogs, with energetic and protective nature. They are the perfect fit for a family without small children. They are appreciated for their cute look; they are excellent watchdogs that tend to bond stronger with one family member.

People who raise Yorkshire Terrier pay extra care for the dog's coat. Their long hair requires regular grooming and special treatment when it comes to medical issues. The dogs are very calm and less proactive which makes them ideal for senior citizens and people who live in small space. And Yorkies are big fans in the cuddling party. They love curling beside and savor those pettings and ticklings.

Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Dog Food

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sporty and loyal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a sporty and loyal nature and is an excellent lap dog that loves belly rubs. Spaniels have a strong chasing instinct and enjoy hiking, running on the beach, and performing sports like agility, flyball, and rally. They are also good therapy dogs that have their own favorite family members.

Considered as toy dogs, Cavalier spaniels are calm and sweet around humans. These dogs are “lap warmers" that love to spend time with you on the cozy sofa. This docile nature describes spaniels as a cat-dog that rarely bark in their surroundings. That means they will be fine around your guests and other pets.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Dogs with a great sense of humor

Originated from Brussel, Belgium, these street dogs are so distinctive with a medium-size and friendly-looking face. The dogs are domesticated as house pets which are characterized as calm and docile. They don't bark a lot and are happy to welcome other pet members to share their home.

The Brussels Griffon has also been bred to hunt and kill rats and is appreciated for his affectionate and lively disposition. Brussels Griffons are highly intelligent dogs, with a great sense of humor and tend to form special relationships with their favorite humans.



Chihuahua -The obedient dog

It is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world with an outsized personality. Chihuahua dogs excel at agility and obedience. They are appreciated for their charming appearance, deep loyalty as well as for their bold and confident nature. They are sensitive and thrive on affection and companionship, especially when it comes to their favorite humans.

Due to their pint-sized profile, chihuahuas demand special diet and care. There are about a large array of food options on the market. But these are qualified to get them efficient nutrition overall.

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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu -The affectionate dog

The Shih Tzu means “lion dog” in Chinese and is a hypoallergenic breed with a cute appearance and a loyal and affectionate temperament. Shih Tzus love to follow their owners everywhere, especially if they have a special bond with them.

The ancestors of these dogs grew in Tibetan cold plateau located in a place of harsh weather. They developed a thick and long coat for Shih Tzu making them able to tolerate the chill. Shih Tzus are known to be lovers, not hunters. They enjoy following you from room to room and share their warmth to make you pass through the cold days.


As for dogs and their breed, there are endless choices. Amazingly it depends on a lot of factors. Kids like playful puppies. Older persons or blind persons would like larger dogs to help them. Other factors being able to give playtime to dogs, caring and nursing them as and when necessary. But the final saying is that people keep the dog because they love them and adore them. It must be remembered that a dog, whatever the breed, whatever the size and how cute they are, we must consider them as living beings and not just toys. They deserve love and compassion as humans deserve.

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