Valley Bulldog Puppies

The Valley Bulldog – a Sour-Faced, Lovable Clown!

The Valley Bulldog- Quick Information

Origin: Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia
Description: Strong, muscular with a wide head skin-folds like a bulldog

Tan, white, brown, fawn, and brindle

Temperament: Loyal, even-tempered, even silly!
Weight: Between 18-36kg
Height: 36-46cm at the shoulder
Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Litter size: 6-8 puppies
Exercise: Moderate exercise needed
Training: Easy to train
Health:  No severe issues

The Valley Bulldog Overview

The Valley Bulldog is a perfect dog for active singles, people who love the outdoors, and families. City dwellers can also enjoy their companionship, as they are perfect indoor pets. Training them is easy, making this breed the logical choice for many people.  Also known as the Bull-Boxer, they are a cross between the English Bulldog and the Boxer. Its genetic makeup can be ruled by either of its parents so that you can be dealt with a great bulldog look or a short boxer. Dog enthusiasts love them for their loving, protective, and intelligent nature.   Their temperament is one of the breeds’ greatest assets.

Why Was The Breed Created?

Breeders wanted the courage and spirit of the English bulldog, together with the athleticism and temperament of the Boxer. The crossing of the breed eliminated health issues that bulldogs have, such as problems with breathing. This breed can be produced by the crossing of a Boxer and a Bulldog, or by mating a Valley Bulldog with another of its breed. Breeders that successfully raised 10-15 lines of these dogs are considered to have created a pure breed that conforms to a specific shape and form.

Valley Bulldog Puppy

Bulldogs have an unusual look. The American Bulldog, Catahoula Bulldog, Old English Bulldog, Alapaha Bulldog, and Valley Bulldog all share a typical short-faced head, thick folds of facial skin, and a sour expression. They all have different personalities, though!

When looking at the different pictures of these dogs, you will definitely see the bulldog and boxer genes shining through.

Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

It is suspected that the breed existed already in the early 1900s in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia in Canada. (This is where the name comes from – from this ‘Valley’ in Annapolis.) Due to this uncertainty about the timeline, it is not known exactly how old the breed is.


These dogs are sturdy, muscular, and medium-sized. They have the typical wide heads of bulldog breeds. They have broad muzzles (that can be long or pressed in), strong necks, broad chests, and firm, straight legs. They are athletic, well-boned, and with good muscle tone.

Their tails can be stumpy, non-existent, or curled. They have loose skin and prominent skin folds.   Its forehead and nose are full of wrinkles.


Their short, smooth coats (like a Boxer’s) are usually white, fawn, red, tan, black, and brindle or various combinations of these colors. Solid white dogs are not preferred by breeders.

Ears and eyes

Their eyes are set wide apart, semi-oval shaped, and of moderate size. It can be any color. They have small, short, fold-over ears that hang down slightly.


This particular breed has a large head with a medial furrow between the eyes. A well-proportioned dog’s head should be equal to or greater than the dog’s height at the shoulder.


The muzzle should be broad and deep, medium to short in length. The breed can often have an under-bite. The dog has strong jaws and sharp teeth.


From the stop to the end of the nose, its length must be at least 2.5cm. A completely pink nose is not acceptable, although a small amount of pink may be present. This sour-faced four-footed canine has a good temperament and is stable and loving. They are obedient, warm, and friendly dogs.

The Bullies are very loyal dogs and love to be with their family. They can become depressed if they are neglected for too long, so it is vital for this type of dog’s happiness to be often close to their owners.


This breed of dog is a natural guardian and will bark at anything unusual, especially at night. They are moderately aggressive, in particular where their family is concerned.   An intruder will not be allowed in. They form very strong bonds with their family members. They tend to be slightly more protective if they are reared indoors.

Silly puppies

As puppies, they can be quite silly and rowdy, but they settle down after about a year. But, even as adults, they do get a bit foolish sometimes and can randomly scram all around the house for no reason at all. It is funny to watch! Enjoy it; it is part of the breed makeup. No wonder these furry pets are described as dogs with an excellent sense of humor. They also get joy out of playing with children and other dogs.

Personality traits of Valley Bulldogs are:
  • Alert
  • Cheerful
  • Loving
  • Outgoing
  • Loyal
  • Social
  • Playful
  • Protective.

These lovely dogs might weigh between 18-36 kg, with no clear distinction between males and females.  (There is no penalty for heavier dogs when showing them – a well-proportioned dog is more important.)


Males are 38 -46cm at the shoulder and females 36-46 cm at the shoulder. It has an excellent lifespan if properly looked after. There are a few health problems though that owners should be aware of.

Skin Irritations

They are prone to skin irritations due to the skin folds on their faces. Should there be a build-up of filth and food on the face, infections can occur. The skin folds must, therefore, be regularly cleaned.


Due to its broad muzzle, the breed can be affected by allergies and breathing problems.

Monitor Diet

They are greedy eaters! They can easily be overfed and get obese. Small portions and regular exercise are very important. Their size is medium, and for this reason, they can be kept in-or outdoors.


These dogs will do well in a condo or an apartment. If they are kept indoors like this, they will enjoy a long, brisk walk at least once every day. It will help curb any destructive behavior that they may have. They are calm and easygoing around the house.


If kept outdoors, they must have lots of room to run and play. They must also get regular attention from their family. Backyard games will be a firm favorite. They don’t do well in extreme heat or cold and should be kept indoors at night.

The consensus about this breed’s life expectancy is between 10-12 years. These beautiful small-sized dogs are expected to live a minimum of 9 years and can get to 14 years old if well looked after.

Like a baby duck

Their puppies and baby ducks rate equally regarding cuteness! There are usually 6-8 little scrunched-up face puppies in a litter. Newborn puppies weigh about 300 grams at birth. Litter mates can vary in size. Due to their short, sleek coat, they need low maintenance and are easy to groom. Its coat is of the ‘wash and wears’ variety!  They shed hair, and regular brushing of their short and stiff coat is recommended.

Skin-fold care

The Bulldog’s skin folds must be regularly cleaned and dried completely to prevent infections and irritations. These folds are on the face, the tail area, the belly, and the feminine parts of female dogs. Skin infections can flare up quickly in this breed, so it is best to keep an eye on the dog and clean its folds every two days. There are washes specially formulated for this task on the market, and they are quite effective.

Bath time

It is not necessary to bathe the dog every week. They love water, but bathing is only required occasionally if the dog is really dirty. They do enjoy the quality time with their owners, though! They can actually just be wiped down with a wet cloth if needed.


These Bulldogs love chewing stuff, and they would need durable toys to play with and chew. Be sure to get them well-made toys that will last a long time. Otherwise, they will find their things to chew!

Dry dog food 

Dry dog food that is suitable for bulldog breeds is recommended feeding for this dog breed. It is best to give the dog two meals per day. It is necessary to monitor their eating, as they are prone to over-eating (and obesity) if left to their own devices. This Bulldog is a muscular, active dog and would need vigorous exercise every day. They are the perfect exercise partners and owners who enjoy exercise will have a wonderful, involved companion. If kept outdoors, with room for running, sufficient exercise should be no problem.


If you have an indoor dog, he would need long walks and play periods. The dog puppies and adults love swimming, running, jumping for Frisbees, and playing with balls. These cute-looking dogs are intelligent and quick to train. They are well-behaved and therefore can grasp commands very easily. They also do well with learning tricks. They are an excellent match for first-time owners.

The Leader of the pack

This Bulldog wants its owner to be the leader of the pack. Therefore, they would need to be handled in a firm, but gentle manner. Sometimes their independence and stubbornness can get the upper hand, if not handled firmly. It is a good idea to begin training them from an early age. As they love their humans, treat rewards, applause, cuddles, and praise will go a long way in training this breed.

Thanks, Boxer!

Thanks to the inbreeding of the Boxer genes, these breeds rarely suffer from severe issues.

Breathing issues 

Depending on your dog’s snout and how pushed in it is, your particular dog might have some breathing issues. It is advisable to keep an eye on such a dog in hot weather to avoid the danger of overheating. These dogs can sometimes snore heavily.  Drool is usually not a problem unless the dog is waiting for a special treat!

Skin allergies

These dogs might be prone to skin irritations, especially during adolescence. Usually, this will clear up in adulthood. These skin allergies are commonly associated with yeast, so a proper diet for these dogs is vital. Skin growths and tumors are sometimes found in this breed, but it is rare.


Folds on the face and tail areas are highly prone to infection if not cleaned regularly.


Their diet must be watched as they can sometimes overeat. Diet monitoring is advised.


Valley Bulldogs give their owners years of companionable pleasure. They are easy to care for and the ideal family dog.   Together with the fact that they usually don’t have health issues, they can be a welcome addition to your home for up to 14 years. Breeders did something right when “creating” this breed!

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