Smartest Dog Breeds in the World

5 Smartest Dog Breeds in the World Having Five Common Traits

Whenever a list of “Smartest Dog Breeds in the World?” is displayed, as a dog owner, I always felt a thought coming to me like an itch behind my head that won’t go off easily. The thought is, no matter how well it is researched the writer will only write the list from his point of view.

A dog is always smart

And sadly mine will be no different. But I will let you know the list of criteria which leads me to my list. They are as follows:

  • Intelligent
  • Sturdy
  • Energetic
  • Loyal
  • Sociable

A balance among the above is what makes a dog amazing.

The Smartest Dog Breeds in the World – a Brief Overview

The best things about dogs are when they carry out tasks according to command. Without a minimum level of intelligence, a dog cannot even be trained. Thus my list will include the most popular and smartest of the canines.

German Shepherd

Their aptitude for learning tasks from the first time makes them the most amazing of companions. Their sense of duty towards their owners places them on top among guard dogs.

Not only are they used for herding animal stocks but also trained to participate in search and rescue missions. They are fairly large dogs, growing up to 80 pounds or more. Their size indicates they love large households and terrains, but with enough exercise, they can adjust to apartments as well.

Smartest Dog German Shepherd

Labrador Retriever

Top smartest dog breeds Labrador Retriever

This breed is one of the most popular whenever the topic of the best dog in the world is discussed. They are very loving and show unwavering loyalty. They proved themselves to be one of the best dogs for families throughout the ages. From the time they were bred in Newfoundland of Canada till now they have made quite a name for themselves in books, movies, and art.

Although they were bred and trained with the intent to help fishermen with their tasks on the boat, now their intelligence and pleasant helpful manner are put to better use. Labradors now play a nursing role for the disabled as well as search and rescue missions.

Doberman Pinscher

Among the smartest dogs in the world, this breed stands out for its distinct sharp features. They are perceptive, and their intelligence is quite formidable. They can be trained quickly, and they will be exactly what you want them to be. They can be either submissive or assertive depending on how you train them.

This is because they were once used by the police and had a fair part in the wars, which made them fearless and dominant by nature. Surprisingly despite their acute fearsome features, they are very gentle and loyal. This conundrum about them is what makes this dog fit on the list.

Bright Dog Breed Doberman Pinscher

St. Bernard

This enormous dog is one of the most amazing on the list. It has made a name for itself through the alpine rescues; rescuing more than 40 to 100 people. What is the best dog in the world? This dog might be swooping through like an angel and claiming the prize.

They are also known as Alpine mountain dogs; they were used as farm dogs as well as hunting dogs. But they were most notably trained for search and rescue. Nowadays if anyone has the space for it, this sturdy gentle giant would be the one to go for. A bit of training and daily exercise is what it takes to keep this giant lover happy.

Golden Retriever

Now to unfold the all-rounder among the whole of the Dog world. I present you the Golden Retriever, as the name suggests they were bred to retrieve games shot by the wealthy and rich. This water-loving creature was bred and trained to be great for hunting. Which made sure they were more compliant with people and had more control over their senses.

This breed’s fondness for people and gentle behavior makes it one of the smartest dogs in the world. Through its past hardships, this breed has honed quite an intelligence, it can remember as far as 200 commands and act accordingly. Just imagine how amazing your Thanks, Giving Day would be, while you flaunt your dog around your family and friends. The only downside would be that they are too friendly and will not make good guard dogs. In addition to that they are a bit choosy about their food.

Crafty Dog Golden Retriever


As I mentioned earlier, through making a list considering the data we had from our history we cannot entirely determine what the best dog is. Recent researches show that Dogs are smarter than we ever thought. Considering their suitable habitat and other data a dog’s behavior depends from one dog to another, the same as humans. Again similar to humans their best behavior and attitude can be only brought out by loving, caring, and proper training.

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