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Aussiedoodle Profile- a Designer Dog and Intelligent Family Friend

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The Aussiedoodle dogs are a mixed breed that has been designed to produce the best traits of two breeds – the Australian Shepherd and Miniature Poodle, known as the Aussiepoo. The Aussiedoodle puppies are fluffy, medium-sized dogs. They are marvelously cute, super-intelligent, and have charming personalities, as these traits are common in both their Poodle and Australian Shepherd parents.

These dogs don’t shed much so they are hypoallergenic dogs. They make excellent family pets because they get along well with children. Aussie doodles are loyal and intelligent animals that can be trained quickly due to their high intelligence level. This breed will need at least one hour of exercise every day or else they’ll get bored easily. Dogs from this breed tend to be very sociable which means they’re not good guard dogs – unless you want them for companionship only! All these factors make them the perfect pet.

Aussiedoodle dog breed

The Aussiedoodle Dogs- Quick Information

Origin: New designer breed

Description: Look vary in different dogs, Strong, muscular teddy bears Long ears, different colors

Temperament: Very loving and playful

Weight:11-32 kg

Height:36 -58cm

Life expectancy: 12 years

Litter size: 6-7 puppies

Exercise: A lot of exercises needed

Training: Easy to train

Health: Usually healthy

Parent Breeds!

The Aussie Doodle was first bred in America, where they were originally used as farm dogs. They are now popular pets due to their intelligence, energy levels, and even temperament. They are so-called ‘designer dogs,’ created by crossing an Australian Shepherd with a standard poodle.

Why Was The Dog Breeds Created?

The first Aussiedoodle breeders wanted to combine the cleverness of the Australian shepherd and the normal poodle. No wonder that the Aussiedoodle is also called the Einstein breed: they are super-smart! A second consideration was to create an animal with a low-shedding coat. 

aussiedoodle mixed breed dog


The Aussiedoodle dogs, as a breed, are about 10 years old. It is a new designer dog breed and has proven to be very popular, especially in the United States. Because they are a designer breed, Aussiedoodles are not documented by the American Kennel Club. But, they are on the International Designer Canine Registry and the Designer Breed Registry.



Like a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Poodle, the physical characteristics of the Aussiedoodle can vary, depending on the dog breeds they take after. 

Overall, though, they are dogs of medium to large size with a strong muscular build but slim bodies. Dogs should have a rectangular shape, and the tail should be slightly shorter than the body length.

They vary in size and coloring. The quality of their coats can also differ, even among puppies in the same litter! Some have very curly hair, while others do not. Aussiedoodle puppies look like teddy bears; they are definite cuddle magnets.  Breeders are not trying to standardize appearance, but rather, they are focusing on the breed’s temperamental qualities.   


There are not many other dogs that can outmatch the coloring combinations that one gets in Aussiedoodles. Among the commonly recognized colors are:

  • Cream
  • Silver
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate and white
  • Black and tan
  • Black and white
  • Red and white
  • Blue Merle
  • Tri-colors
  • Red Merle

Interestingly, tri-color puppies will fetch the highest prices. Colors can come in patches or be solid. 

Ears and eyes

The Aussiedoodle can have blue or brown eyes. Two eyes of different colors are not uncommon. Its ears are uncommonly large and floppily hang down the sides of its face.

Head and muzzle

The head should be wide, with a thickly rounded muzzle.  

Aussiedoodle Temperament

Aussiedoodles have a good temperament and possess a pleasing personality. They are great family dogs and love to play with kids and those around them. They are intelligent, so easy to train. This type of mixed breed varied different temperaments, but basically mild-mannered, intelligent, and easy-going in nature, they love to play with children, family pets, and other animals. As they are not aggressive they also tend to get along well with strangers; which makes them excellent for families with small children living in apartments where there are no yards to run around. For all these, they need training during their pup days. For a perfect pet, having a good temperament is so essential. Suffice to say that these Aussie doodle breeds have many wonderful characteristics.

Interestingly, the temperament of your dog will depend on the mother’s temperament. Socialization is important in the early years, as these dogs will sometimes retain the herding instinct of the Australian Shepherd. Your Aussiedoodle might want to ‘herd’ your children by nipping and touching them. It is not a sign of aggression. It is just instinct! They should be kept in check, and this should be corrected from the start by a firm “No!”

Aussiedoodle Poodle both australian shepherd

Height and weight


Hybrid breeds will usually weigh the average weight of their two parents. Aussiedoodles can weigh anything between 25 to 70 pounds. They can reach up to a height of 36 – 58 cm.

Health Problems

Aussiedoodles are vulnerable to a variety of genetic health problems that may affect the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. However, it is not common. 

It is difficult to predict if your puppy will have some of these ailments, but your Aussiedoodle breeder must be able to tell you if the parents of your puppy were screened for defects.  


“Hypoallergenic” means that “it can be tolerated by people with allergies.” Poodles have this reputation and therefore the Aussiedoodle hypoallergenic –qualities are also there. Any owner can safely decide to adopt an Aussie-Poo! 

No serious health issues

Serious health issues are not present in the Aussiedoodle.  

They are prone to hip dysplasia and owners should research the particular puppy’s parentage to see whether it will be a problem. A dependable breeder will show you independent certifications that the parents of your prospective Aussiedoodle are free from common health defects. 

Here are some common problems to look out for:

Epilepsy – this might start to occur in dogs as young as six months. Although traumatic to see for the first time, most dogs have seizures that are few and far between. They may not even need medication. Aussiedoodle with epilepsy may live healthy lives. 

Hip dysplasia – this is a disorder of the hip joints that causes the hind limbs of the affected dog to be lame. An x-ray scan will detect this condition.

Progressive retinal atrophy – Your dog can inherit this condition from its parents. The dog will get blind. All adult dogs should be tested to see if they are carriers of the causing gene. If you buy your dog from a reputable breeder, you need not worry about this.

Living Conditions

Aussiepoo is happy to go lucky dog. They are also very smart! 

They would NOT be happy to sit around for 8 hours and wait for their owner to get home because of separation anxiety. They like children as they are friendly dogs. They don’t like having anything to do. 

Just like children, Aussie doodles can develop behavioral problems if they are not stimulated and exercised regularly.

Large, fenced yard

The ideal living conditions for an Aussiedoodle are one where the owner is at home most of the time. A fenced-in yard is a definite requirement as these dogs need to be able to run and get exercise whenever they want to. 

They can be noisy

You should not choose this breed if you live in an apartment. 

Even if you can provide exercise every day, some Aussiedoodles can be barkers, especially when they are bored. Your apartment complex neighbors would not like you very much. Dog owners are careful of this behavior of their pets.

Life Expectancy

In general, your Aussiedoodle should live up to 10 to 12 years, if cared for properly

Litter Size

The mother of an Aussiedoodle is an Australian Shepherd, and the father is a Poodle to avoid birthing difficulties.

The average size of a litter is 6-7 puppies, although up to 11 puppies have been reported. 

Aussiedoodle Australian Shepherd Parent Dog

Aussiedoodle Grooming and Shedding

Best Aussiedoodle shampoo

If you have an Aussiedoodle it is important that you groom it properly. These breeds sheds, just like any other breed of dog. However, it is not as much as some breeds do. The dog breed variation decides how much grooming they need. Without grooming, your dog will look messy very soon. 

Best Dog Brush for Aussiedoodle

Brush your Aussie doodles two or three times a week with either a shedding tool, slicker brush, or comb. This will help remove loose dog hair before it can tumble off in the air and onto your furniture. You want to focus on brushing around their face (ears), stomach, tail, and paws – anywhere that is typically hairier than other areas of skin. Dog owners should be careful not to spend too much time in one spot as this will irritate the dog’s skin over time.

Instead, be sure to move along different spots quickly and evenly so you don’t miss any patches! If there are knots in the fur they may need trimming by your groomer if they’re severe enough but most of the time, you don’t need it.

Another thing you can do to help reduce the amount of hair that lands on your furniture, is by scheduling regular vacuuming. We recommend vacuuming at least once a week and even more often if there’s a lot of shedding happening – like during or after seasonal changes! A good way to ensure you’re using an effective vacuum cleaner is by checking for suction power, cord length, hose reachability (to get under couches and tables), as well as attachments such as brush tools with extensions.

Make sure the bedding has been washed in hot water before use so it doesn’t have oils or dander attached. As an extra measure, The best way we suggest is adding baking soda into the wash cycle which will remove odors too.

Aussiedoodles are high-maintenance dogs. They need to be brushed every other day. If your doggie has a very curly coat, he might need to be clipped every 8-12 weeks.

Aussiedoodles might get ear infections if the hair inside their ears, if not plucked regularly. Their ears should be clean and dry. Any discharge is abnormal, and you should take your dog to the vet to get it checked out. 

Basic care

Trim your dog’s nails every few weeks. Brush his teeth for good overall health – it will help prevent cavities and keep plaque at bay. The Aussiedoodle will need plenty of exercises – at least 90 minutes of walking every day


These dogs need a nutritious diet because they are so active. Their weight gain depends on the quality of food and daily activity. As they are high-energy breeds. An adult Aussiedoodle should be fed twice daily with the highest quality food available. 

Cooked meals can also be prepared for the Aussiedoodle. Here are some foods that you can include:

Peanut Butter: Raw, unsalted peanut butter is a healthy source of protein and Aussiedoodles love it.

Eggs: A wonderful source of protein! It will provide energy to your dog and help prevent cancer and heart disease. Not too much, though. 

Cooked Chicken        

Cheese: Feed as a treat once in a while.

Apples: An apple will clean your dog’s teeth and provide fiber. Remove the seeds and core.

Carrots and pumpkin: Carrots are naturally sweet and healthy. It can be fed to your dog on a regular basis. Pumpkin provides fiber and Vitamin A.

Salmon: Cooked salmon contains Omega 3 acids that will give your Aussie a healthy, gleaming coat.


Aussie-Poos have high exercise needs. They would need activity every day – either in the form of playing or a good walk. 

Jogging partners

They are wonderful jogging partners from one year old onwards. (Younger dogs might stress their joints if they jog at a too-early age.) 

Hello, Einstein

Aussies also need to keep their mind active. They can be excellent therapy dogs, as they are extremely clever and like doing challenging tasks. They are the Einsteins of the dog world and would like daily training – it will keep them occupied and happy

If they are not challenged, they will go and find their amusement – which might lead to problems for both the owner and the dog.


Aussiedoodles are smart and highly trainable, due to the intelligence of the parent breeds. This type of cross breed dog will learn quickly, and easily, and be happy if you train it with positive reinforcement techniques. Be loving, but firm when training them.  If there are dog parks nearby it will solve a lot of time for you, it can enjoy itself, have good exercise, and not bother you with tearing your household goods.

When to start?

You can start training this cross-breed puppy the day you bring him home. Even at eight weeks, he’ll be an eager learner. 

Aussiedoodles can be taught jobs to do: they can carry your groceries or get your mail from the mailbox. They love being busy. Very short training periods of 10-15 minutes throughout the day. 

Aussiedoodle Profile- a Designer Dog and Intelligent Family Friend

Aussiedoodle Loves Cuddling With You

Some people think that dogs can show a few emotions, but in many traits, they are different from other mixed-breed dogs. They are a loving and caring partner. That is why they are good companion dogs. They are friendly in nature, intelligent, loyal to their masters, and always eager to please their owners. If you’re looking for a crossbreed that will be your best friend and cuddle with you, have one for you. For all characteristics mentioned above, they make such perfect pets for you!

Aussiedoodle Pros and Cons

The Good

Aussiedoodles are not prone to shedding.

People with mild allergies can safely adopt an Aussiedoodle.

They are Einsteins and love to be trained! 

They are fun and affectionate and get along with everyone.

Aussiedoodles are loyal and can walk off-leash quickly with training.

They excel in dog sports and are very agile during training. 

The Bad

Bad habits can be learned quickly by these dogs.

These designer dogs get bored easily.

Exercise is a definite must – and a lot of it daily.

 Grooming is frequently needed.


If you want an intelligent companion that will never let you get bored, get an Aussiedoodle. 

They are fun, loyal, and will give you hours of amusement. The only real requirement is that you have a large space for the dog to run off his excess energy. Being smart dogs they don’t want to idle away their time snoring.

If you want to compare the Aussiedoodle vs. Goldendoodle, you’ll see that the dogs have much of the same temperament. It is a matter of the preference of the owner. Goldendoodles also have large exercise needs, but they love compatible dogs. 

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aussie doodle

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do Aussiedoodle puppies shed?

These cute puppies are a crossbreed of Australian shepherds and poodles. They’re often hypoallergenic dogs, which means that they don’t shed as some other breeds do. However, there’s no way to know for sure if your Aussie-poo will be shedding or not until you adopt one!

Are Aussiedoodles good family dogs?

Aussiedoodles are wonderful family dogs, this is because they have the best traits of both poodles and Australian shepherds. They are loyal and attentive, yet also playful, these traits being common in both their Poodle and Australian Shepherd parents.

Aussiedoodle dog are extremely intelligent

How much does an Aussiedoodle cost?

So you want to buy an Aussiedoodle? Great choice. They’re awesome dogs! But how much does an Aussiedoodle cost? There are two main things influencing price range: breeder location (e.g., Midwest vs East Coast) and whether the pup comes from champion bloodlines, which means a purebred Shepherd and a Poodle or not. If you buy from a reputable breeder it may cost between $ 1500 to $ 5000 and for an average quality: $ 2,500.

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