Best Guard Dog for Family

Best Guard Dog for Family and Children That You Need Most

For a thousand years, dogs are acting as the most trusted guards. They are not only good as a guard but also useful as a family member.

Therefore, adopting a dog is a smart move for the whole family. If you are going to bring the best guard dog for your family, it is important to know what is best for this work.

The guard dog is a special kind of dog that knows the difference between normal and risky situations. The dog needs to be smart, fast, and intelligent.

Here, I am going to explain about the guard dog and the steps you should follow to find a suitable one.

Let’s begin.

Best Guard Dog for Family and Children

Why You Need a Guard Dog for Your Family

Adopting a guard dog will increase the safety of your family and children. It will not scruple to protect your family and children from any threats.

It may also become a good pet member of your family. When you are not at home, the dog will look after your property, and it will give 24 hours service.

You don’t need to give extra effort or anything for a guard dog, and you can take care of it like a regular pet dog.

Moreover, having this kind of dog is an environment-friendly solution to the house security problem.

For these reasons, you can go for a guard dog.

How to Find the Best Guard Dog Breeds for Families with Children

First, decide why you need this kind of dog

  • First, decide why you need this kind of dog.
  • If you know the purpose of why you need to bring a guard dog, you can easily find the suitable one.
  • Some purposes are, alerting when it sees strangers, maintaining livestock security from predators, scaring away house invaders, etc.
  • Determining whether the dog is safe for family and children or not
  • Some guard dogs tend to be furious, but they are used for many purposes. For these reasons, it is ideal to find a family-friendly dog.

Research Different Breeds to Find the Best

When you go to the breeder’s shop, you may find various types of guard dogs. They can be loyal, smart, alert, and energetic. You have to choose a suitable and best guard dog for your needs

So, it is important to research different breeds before purchasing.

Fix what age and Size You Need.

In the market, there are guard dogs of different ages and sizes.

A puppy can build a strong bond with your family from an early age, but it is not able to guard until it is grown up enough. On the other hand, older dogs are capable of giving service, but they need time to get adjusted to your family.

You can select from small guard dogs to large guard dogs. It depends on your personal choice and budget issue.

Avoid Some Breeds

Most dogs have good temperaments, but some people don’t prefer this type. Mistakenly they buy a good-looking one which is dangerous enough to you and your family. Some of them remain calm to strangers.

These are not guard dog types. So, you have to avoid them in your work.

Choose a Dark-Colored

A dark-colored guard dog may rise more fear in the intruder’s mind. It also will be more difficult to notice it in the nighttime.

How to Train Your Guard Dog?

Play With the Dog

It is the best way to teach them and get closer. When you and your family members play with the dog, the bond will become strong, and the dog will protect your family from an unfamiliar person.

Socialize the Dog

It is essential that your dog will not fear unusual situations. It can easily understand when it is in a normal situation and when it is in a dangerous situation. This also helps it to decide what it has to do with family members and strangers.

Teach the Dog to Defend You and Your Family

This is one of the most important things that you have to teach your dog. If any stranger challenges or shows threats to you and your family, teach the dog what to do in those situations.

Teach it When it Needs to Attack or Barking and When to Stop

A guard dog must always follow his master’s orders straightly. It is important that you can control your dog’s actions. If your dog follows your order and starts barking, it will be great for you. The dog must stop attacking intruders when you call it.

Some Best Guard Dog Breeds

Here I am giving a list of the best guard dog breeds for families with children. Hope it will be helpful for you.



This type of dog has excellent physical strength. They show extreme family bonds and loyalty. These dogs also show their temper to strangers.  They are big.

German Shepherd

Best Guard Dog for First Time Owner

It is one of the smartest types of dog. They are also confident and fearless. They are quick to learn and follow the order straight. German Shepherd stays calm when in the home but reacts quickly if it feels any threats to the family.


Best Medium to Large Size Family Protection Dog

Rottweiler is known as relentless guard dog. They are intelligent and aloof with unknown people. Usually, this type of dog is big in size.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Best Guard Dog Breeds

This dog is independent-natured. The dog must be trained well because they are not normally obedient to their nature. This type of dog is also big.


Best Small Watchdogs

It is a small dog breed. They are commonly known as hunting dogs, but they can become a guard. They are intelligent and one of the most obedient dogs.

If you ask me, “what is the best guard dog?” My personal choice is German Shepherd.


Dogs are human’s best friends. Getting a guard dog for your family will increase the safety of your house and family members. But for that, you have to find the best guard dogs. Hope my article can give you a complete idea.

You can use an electric guard dog instead of a real dog, but those things are not eco-friendly. Moreover, a guard dog may become your family member and a good pet for you and your children.

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