Lab Retrievers – An Obedient Family Dog

Lab Retrievers – An Obedient Family Dog

The Lab Retrievers were selected from the extinct race of St. John’s Water Dog, a native of Newfoundland, the Canadian island off the Labrador peninsula. Usually, this breed helped the fishermen of the region to bring back to the nets the fish that escaped capture during fishing expeditions.

The St. John’s dogs were introduced in England from the 1800s and their blood gradually mixed with that of the Spaniels, Setters and other specialized breeds of recovery operations. It is no coincidence that even today the Labrador Retriever loves water excessively.

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Furthermore, the first Labradors were generally water dogs that came from Terra-nova, not from the Labradors. This breed not only did not give rise to the Labrador, nor was it called the Labrador Retriever in the beginning. The Newfoundland of the early 1800s had different sizes, the smallest being “Lesser” or “Dog of Saint John,” the first incarnation of the Labrador. These medium and short-haired black dogs are not only hunted for fighters but also fish, pulling small fishing boats in the icy waters and helping the fishermen in all the tasks in which they needed to swim. The breed eventually disappeared, largely because of heavy dog fees. However, a group of Labradors was brought to England in the early 1800s, and it was from these dogs, crossed with other retrievers, that the breed continued. In the beginning, the breeders gave preference to the black Labs and sacrificed the yellow or chocolate colors. In the early 1900s, other colors began to be accepted, though not as much as the color black. Its popularity has grown steadily since then, and it became America’s most popular race in 1991 and continues to be today.

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lab puppies

All You Have to Know about Lab Retrievers

Before purchasing a dog, it’s essential to be aware about its life in general. As a result, below are highlights of all you have to know about the Lab Retriever:

Labrador temperament

Few breeds deserve as much success as the Labrador. Devoted, obedient, and kind, the Lab gets along well with children, other dogs, and pets. It can be a quiet dog in the house, a playful in the backyard and an intense country dog, all on the same day. It is usually eager to please, loves to learn, and excels in obedience. It is a strong race that likes to swim and to look for things. The Labrador is one of the best breeds for children because they are very docile, patient, and have a good Temperament.

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How much exercise Labrador retriever?

Labradors are quite delighted with the opportunity to go out and exercise in the garden, but because of their great patience and their relaxed nature, it is not necessary for you to have a garden as their owner. With dog exercises, you can continue to challenge your dog. It is essential that you increase the difficulty level only slowly.


Labradors are true all-rounders in dog sport and enjoy great retrieving, such as dummy training. Due to their athletic stature, they are also good in fast agility exercises. With its “will to please,” the Labrador is also ideal for games where great obedience or good interaction between humans and animals is important, such as obedience or dog-dancing.

In general, Labradors have an inexhaustible amount of energy, and a lot of exercises is essential for the breed to feel physically and mentally fit. A tired Labrador is a happy Labrador. Without enough exercise, Labradors tend to become sluggish and thick, which in turn can lead to a whole range of problems.

How much is Labrador retriever puppy?

This is a frequent doubt of many people who are in search of their perfect Lab puppy. A purebred Lab puppy from a good breeder usually costs between 1000 and 1500 Euros. Also, you must stock up on accessories such as a dog blanket, a basket, a transport box, pots, leashes, and a collar. The running costs of a Labrador can amount to well over 1000 Euro per year and consist of the following items :

Food: about 60 Euros a month

Dog tax: 0-190 Euros, depending on the place of residence

Veterinarian (routine examinations, de-worming, vaccinations): about 30 Euros a month

Toys and replacement of accessories as needed

Dog health insurance: 30-60 Euros per month

Dog liability: 60 Euros a year

The price of a Labrador puppy may also vary absurdly, from one breeder to another due to the level of care it receives.  The higher the level of professionalism and care with all the animals involved, the greater the price of a puppy. On the downside, unfortunately, there are breeders who keep their dogs in unhealthy living situations and therefore have a lower price. Run away from them.

These issues are not a rule of thumb, so it is fully recommended that you thoroughly research how the breeding conditions and reputation of this dog breeder are. Make several visits to the kennel, preferably without an appointment to make sure you are making the right choice.

Black Lab Retrievers

How far can Labrador Retrievers run?

From research, it has been observed that a physically fit Labrador retriever can run at over 35 miles per hour. This means it can run farther than most humans.

Why do Labrador Retrievers eat everything?

The majority of the labs eat pretty much everything. Unfortunately, this feature is sometimes not the best for these dogs. It is not uncommon for the Labradors to consume something totally inappropriate for them.

From the emptied trash can to the battered old bicycle tube, the Lab Retriever will leave no stone unturned, and while other breeds have long since landed at the vet at such consumption, the Labs’ stomachs are relatively resistant. From the eyes of the Labrador, everything that can be taken in the mouth is suitable for consumption. Also, in front of your designer shoes and other home items, the same scenario will occur. As a result,  it’s worth getting all the important things out of reach at home, so that the Lab does not even get the idea that this could be suitable as a small snack in between.

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Iams Proactive Health Adult Labrador Retriever Dry Dog Food, Chicken Flavor, 30 Pound Bag Iams Proactive Health Adult Labrador Retriever Dry Dog Food, Chicken Flavor, 30 Pound Bag

In all, the amount of food depends critically on the activity of your labrador retriever and the choice of food. Many manufacturers of feed for larger dogs give recommendations on the amount depending on the movement of the dog. In addition, you can inform the breeder or previous owner about the respective amounts of feed and also the type of feed. Because a food change should always take place in dogs for several days, it is recommended that you feed your Labrador twice a day at fixed times, and not over-rewarding it with treats.

Lab Retrievers

Why do lab puppies sleep so much?

The hours of sleep of a dog will vary according to its age. What lab puppies usually do is to eat and sleep. In fact, until 12 weeks of age, the most normal thing is that they spend between 18 and 20 hours a day sleeping.

The lab puppies get tired very easily, they get very excited with the life that comes before their innocent eyes, everything is new and very exciting, and they need to rest and recharge their energy.

As they grow, their needs change, and thanks to the physical and mental activity of their daily routine, they spend more time being awake and very distracted.

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How long do Labrador Retrievers live?

The average length of life of Labrador Retrievers is estimated at around 12 years. Within this period, the Lab enjoys a happy and intense life, lived with loving dedication to your family and to you as its fundamental reference.


The Labrador character is described as a perfect family dog. Having a Labrador at home is always an adventure, as you never know exactly what you will do next. Here, however, it is best to emphasize again that they are fantastic companions who never fail to bring joy to your life every day as highlighted above.

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