Silver Labrador Retrievers – What should we know about them?

Silver Labrador Retrievers – What Should We Know about Them?

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Introduction on Silver Labrador Retrievers

Silver Labradors are a type of dog with a silver-grey-blue coat in the Labrador Retriever breed. They can look like a charcoal Lab with brighter colors.

Like other dogs in the same breed, a Silver Labrador can become a show dog, service animal, obedience dog, gun dog, or sniffer dog.

As people raise these gray labs mainly for work, these dogs are extremely energetic and usually require daily exercise. When achieving their full potentials, these dogs can become talented athletes.

Commonly, a grey labrador can live for more than a decade.

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All you need to know about the Silver Lab

The appearance of a Silver Lab

Silver Labs look like their Labrador brothers except for the color of their furs. They have a big skull, wide chest, massive hindquarters, two floppy ears with one thick tail.

We can infer from their name that they have a dense, short, stiff and straight coat along with a good looking silver-grey-blue color. Because of the double coat, they drop a lot of furs, especially in Spring and Autumn. However, this helps them keep warm in the cold weather and insulate their bodies in the water.

A grown Silver Lab can weigh from 56 to 81 lbs and be approximately 22 to 25 inches in height. As usual, females are a bit smaller compared with males. However, these dogs are likely to be overweight if you feed them too much.

If your dog gets a couple of blue eyes, congratulations. Silver labs with blue eyes are an extremely rare variant.

Characters of Silver Labs

Are they appropriate for you and your family

Are they appropriate for you and your family?

In most cases, these creatures tend to be very friendly, lovely, dynamic, and smart.

It is not strange to find your dogs playful as well as interactive with the human. Nevertheless, there may be times they act so silly that you will laugh at them.

Silver Labradors are not talkative. But if they have nothing to do and feel bored, they may bark. And a mischievous pup often looks for ways to enjoy himself by chewing or grappling with anything. Hence, do not forget to give them something suitable for play and spend time with them.

Overall, these pooches can be a good friend, a loyal companion of anyone from children to old people as they socialize with the human for a long time. Moreover, they can live together with other animals very peacefully.

How a Silver Lab’s looks like

 How a Silver Lab looks like

How to look after your Silver Lab

It is necessary to spend time taking care of a Silver Lab puppy, but it is worthy. However, to keep your furry babies healthy and happy, you may need to note the following things:

  • Give your dogs some exercise

As I said above, dogs in the Labrador breed are very energetic. Thus, you had better have them walk around for one hour every day. You can give them two 30-minute walks or let them participate in a large number of other physical activities.

A park is an ideal place for you to train your dogs with balls and discs as well as allow them to make friends with other dogs. This is especially vital when your dogs are young.

Also, if your home has a fenced backyard, your Labs can enjoy the wide space outdoors. Vice versa, a condo is an inferior place for them to live.

The pooch is intelligent enough for you to train them effortlessly. Feel free to let it run around and discover new things. You even will not need a leash.

Nevertheless, the ideal environment of Silver Labradors is a body of water in addition to mud. They are excellent swimmers indeed!

  • About their furs

As mentioned, the dog’s fur often sheds relatively much because of its double coat. This is even more relevant in the shedding seasons like Spring and Autumn.

Therefore. You should brush them regularly. It should be three times weekly in Summer and Winter and five times in other seasons. I recommend that you get a high-end shedding brush apart from a vacuum cleaner. Your house has to be clean, and your pooch needs to be healthy.

Plus, sometimes, you should get your furry babies professionally groomed. As a result, their skin will be healthier and fewer furs will drop on the floor.

In spite of no particular coat cuts for this dog breed, you will prefer to keep their hair short.

  • Note their foods

Silver Labrador Retrievers are medium-size breed and they love to eat a big cup of delicious dog food times each day.

Their meals should include protein as much as 25% of the total amount of food. Preferably, they should avoid eating foods with harmful dyes, artificial fats, and corn or wheat gluten.

But bear in mind that Labs are easy to be obese. Don’t feed them too much, especially with fatty snacks.

  • Other cares

Like other dogs, silver lab puppies need to have its nail frequently trimmed, worms and fleas treated, and finally, teeth cleaned.

You can brush the dog’s teeth with dental chews or a finger toothbrush. And prevent insects with non-toxic gels and/or anti-insect collars.

Final Words

The Silver Labrador Retriever is the most suitable for people who have free time and wide space for it. Regardless of your age and gender, whatever kinds of animals you are having in your home, this dog breed will always be the best friend and a loyal companion.

Give it a try, you will surely love these cute creatures.

Thanks for reading!

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