Dogs with Blue Eyes

Are You Obsessed with Dogs with Blue Eyes?

Many times you will find that dogs generally have brown eyes. Other times you may find that some dogs have two different color eyes and you will find some dogs have blue eyes. Dogs with blue eyes look so beautiful, not to say any of the other dogs with brown or two-colored eyes are not so cute looking beautiful, they are still good looking furry friends no matter if they have blue eyes or not. But let’s face it, Blue eye dogs are stunning and sometimes quite mesmerizing, and there are a good amount of dog breeds who carry the gene for blue eyes. Although these eyes look nice, there are some dangers attributed to having these piercing eyes, although the dangers are there, they are not so common that you should worry about. Only because your dog has blue eyes, they are always going to have eye problems, that is just not the case.

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What Causes Blue Eye Dogs

When the cells in dogs are unable to connect, this is known as the Merle Gene. If you take a look at a dog and notice that their nose happens to be either all pink in color or a little pink or even patches on their fur or on their face, if a dogs hair on their body is white, you will then find that those dogs will more likely to have blue eyes. So for certain breeds, the deeper the pigmentation is on their skin, the deeper their apter to have blue eyes. Do not confuse the Merle gene with the piebald gene. This gene you will find mostly in dogs with full white coats, and this breed of dog are in many cases, deaf but having blue eyes is very common.There is a high percentage of dog breeds that have these rare but stunning eye coloring. The only way to know if your dog will have blue eyes you have to start checking after your dog is born, and is about two weeks old when their eyes begin to open.  At this nascent stage, their eyes will be bluish or grayish in color because it has to develop melanin over time. By the time the dog is at its twelfth week of life, this is the time when you should be able to tell if your dog is going to have blue eyes or not.

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Below we name some breeds of dogs with blue eyes: 

Siberian Husky blue eyesSiberian Husky blue eyes

Siberian Husky

When it comes to this breed, blue eyes are prevalent and has a dominant gene for blue eyes. 

Border Collie blue eyesBorder Collie blue eyes

Border Collie

Some say these border collie blue eyes come from their Siberian ancestors, but that is not the case. The coats on this breed is a Merle coat and basically the whiter their coat, the more chances their eyes will be blue.

Dachshunds with blue eyesDachshunds with blue eyes


These dogs typically will have one brown and one blue eye. Some cases, they are known to have both eyes be blue, but those cases are rare.

Blue eyes Australian ShepardBlue eyes Australian Shepard

Australian Shepard

This breed of dog is not considered to be Merle although they at times can have blue eyes; mostly, they have amber eyes.

Weimaraner blue eyes dogWeimaraner blue eyes dog


A very inquisitive dog, this dog is considered to be a very smart breed. A Weimaraner is often used as a search and rescue dog searching for missing people.

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Myths about Dogs Having Blue Eyes

There is a myth about dogs having blue eyes are prone to be very aggressive. This is nothing but a myth. There is nothing scientific statement to prove that all blue-eyed dogs mean or have aggression issues. I know people who have blue eyed dogs, one being a husky and he is really beautiful, friendly and gentle, and that is just speaking about one. Some people think that if a dog has blue eyes, they will eventually go blind. Having blue eyes does not mean there are chances of blindness, although blindness is more common in blue-eyed dogs, it does not mean they will be blinded for certain. The various range of dogs with blue eyes does not always depict that they will have a certain type of health issue or vision problems down the line. What is true is that you will find, these dogs are sensitive to light, but it does not necessarily cause them to go blind.


So ultimately any breed can have blue eyes, it is not excluded to only certain groups of strains. It is important to understand that when your dog has blue eyes you have to monitor them accurately, with a vet visit occasionally, to ensure their blue eyes are functioning well as they could be, because, with as soon as blue eyes appear, you do not want to take for granted of any possible health issues.

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