How gentle are Fox Red Labrador Retrievers

How Gentle are Fox Red Labrador Retrievers?

Fox Red Labradors are known for being easy to approach and extremely smart. As a popular breed around the world, they get mostly raised around the United Kingdom and the United States.

Also referred to as a Red Fox Lab for short, they have many traits that make them one of the most raised dogs worldwide. Since Labradors are excellent hunters, they are suited in areas with rugged terrain or high mountains. If you’re looking to adopt a medium to large size dog, a Fox Red Labrador Retriever might just be your answer.

In this article, you’ll find all the necessary information about labradors, and you’ll finally understand why they are so popular!

Fox Red Labrador Retriever Looking for the prey

                                     Fox Red Labrador Retriever Looking for the prey                                        credit : Country Life

Types of Breeds

There are two main types of Labrador breeds, one originating from England and the other from America. Although the breeding standards are the same, the main difference between the two is the appearance.

The English breeds have shorter legs and are less agile. They have a broader head and a bigger build. If you’re looking to find a dog for working, American Labradors will do the job as it has strong hunting instincts and longer limbs.

Although both dogs have very high energy and are incredibly playful, they both have their own roles to play.


Their ancestry traces back to the Greater Newfoundland. Many professional breeders concluded that it’s most closely related to the St. John dog as it bears many similar original characteristics.

With the first Labrador imported around the mid-1800s, its population soon increased as many owners found that they were suitable for locating prey and guarding areas.

As they have excellent agility, swimming skills, and are active, they were initially used by sailors on fishing vessels. Once the importation of Labradors increased, they quickly became popular and is raised in many countries around the world.

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How Do Fox Red Labradors Get its Color?

Since there are many great breeders, the original dark color of the Labrador has been altered to a lighter shade. When it comes to Red Labrador Retrievers, the darker color was inherited from their ancestors. Depending on your breeder and the dog, some Fox Red Labradors can be a darker shade.

Most breeders do not guarantee the fur color since all dogs breed differently. As your Labrador gets older, the coat color may change to either be lighter or darker.



Labradors come in many shapes and sizes. However, most range around 50 cm to 60 cm in height and 35 kilograms. They have a healthy body and an athletic form, which means they’re great hunters. Additionally, they have a thick bone structure and muscular thighs to help increase strength.


Red Labradors carry a thin and short layer of fur. However, it still insulates well during the cold. They have two coats of hair, which include a hard outer layer and a soft inner layer which helps them retain heat.

They come in a range of colors and shades such as yellow, brown, chestnut, etc. Standard colors such as black, gold, brown, and white are cheaper and easier to find. If your labrador is a mixed breed, you can find the fur to be a silver or grey color.

What makes the Fox Red Labrador unique is the different shade of yellow it has. Although it isn’t a bright red color, you can still quickly tell it apart from a yellow Labrador.

How Gentle are Fox Red Labrador Retrievers?

Red Fox Labrador guarding the house

Physical Appearance

Fox Red Labradors have a square-shaped head and a long nose that can detect smells from meters away. You’ll notice that most have a reasonably large skull and high cheekbones. They have a set of sharp teeth and powerful jaws, which makes them the ultimate prey catcher.

They also have triangular ears that droop downwards, which plays a significant part in their cuteness. Labrador tails are straight, slim, and relatively flat. Their paws are webbed, which means it has a thin membrane between the toes, so they’re able to swim very well.


There isn’t much difference between a Fox red Labrador in comparison with others. They have many charming personality traits that make them one of our most favorite breeds to adopt. Apart from being a friendly breed, many owners notice that fox red labs tend to be more vocal.

Intelligent and Active

Luckily, Fox Red Labradors are extremely intelligent dogs. Apart from raising a Labrador to be a house pet, they can also be trained to track and search for objects, help people with disabilities, and join rescue missions.

Many police forces use professionally trained Labradors to sniff for drugs, explosives, and other illegal items.

Affectionate and Gentle

Red Labrador Retrievers are very gentle when it comes to interacting, which means you don’t have to be afraid of it being near children. Being a dog that loves to interact with people, it can play with your kid without any harm. Additionally, they’re sociable dogs, meaning they can also get acquainted with other dogs easily. To know more about giant gentle dog breeds you may visit Petsoid .


There’s nothing better than having a dog that fully understands your requirements. What makes a Labrador so great is the fact that they’re able to follow instructions quickly. Listed as one of the smartest breeds in the world, they can follow your requests within the very first time.

Fox Red Labrador Retriever Puppies

Fox Red Labrador Retriever Puppies  


As a best friend to some people and as a savior to others, we all need a Labrador in our life. Being a highly sociable and intelligent breed, it’ll capture the hearts of everyone.

With the fox red color being a favorite, there are also many colors to pick from depending on your personal preferences.

Hopefully, the information we shared is enough to highlight regarding  Fox Red Labrador Retrievers.

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