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Big Fluffy Dog Breeds – Pros and Cons

I know many of you here are very eager to have really big fluffy dog breeds in your home because of their lovely appearance. Nonetheless, besides the pros, there are some cons that you have to know before raising these friends.

These may be noticeable good points and also nuisances for many people. Consequently, it is never redundant to know more, and you should read this article carefully! The below knowledge is my real-life experience as I have raised two huge fluffy dogs of two breeds in my home for more than six years.

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Do you love these furry creatures?

The Advantages of Raising Massive Fluffy Dog Breeds

First of all, let’s see what these large fluffy dog breeds have to offer us! I think you have thought about some of them before you are in this post.

  • You Will Enjoy Cuddling the Biggest Fluffy Dogs

Caressing a big furry ball is always very amazing in comparison with smaller dogs. I am sure that your tiredness after a long working day will soon disappear.

It is quite clear that cuddling a tiny animal is not so enjoyable.

  • They Will Warm You Up Dramatically in The Winter

Their huge size in combination with the soft and thick coat generates a lot of heat. Hugging them and you will never fear the coldness of long winters!

If you are living in Greenland, either the North or South Pole or any land with a cold climate, you will need them!

  • They Will Protect You

A heavy and strong dog will surely be a good guardian. No one can attack or harm you when they see your companions. Even their barks will be louder to scare your enemies and other dogs off.

In particular, if there are thieves or robbers, those security staff will be able to handle them without much effort.

Meanwhile, a Chihuahua will not help you much in these dangerous situations.

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  • Both of You Can Enjoy Rougher Play

Normally, you cannot play with small and weak dogs freely. You will always fear that you can hurt your furry babies. Nonetheless, you can totally experience a big dog’s full strength when you play chase and run, throwing plates or balls, rolling around with your dog, and many more!

What do you think about having a Husky pulling a horse cart for yourself to ski on snowy slopes?

  • Big Fluffy Dogs are More Lovely if You Like Big Boys

The huge size of these dogs may also magnify the visual effects of everything they do. You may find a big baby more silly yet cuter when he plays around, asks you to pet him, dances, or pounces, etc.

However, this depends on individual points of view because some people may prefer smaller pets.

big furry dogs

Big furry dogs

The Disadvantages of Raising Giant Fluffy Dog Breeds

Now, discover the somewhat uncomfortable facts about huge fluffy dogs before we go to the conclusion. This unexpected part is what most of you here have never thought about.

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  • Some Huge Fluffy Dogs Breeds May not be Aware of Their Huge Size

No matter how big a dog is, he hardly knows that he is very massive. Perhaps he is not smart enough, or he simply thinks that he is still your baby.

As a result, those huge dogs can accidentally spoil many things in your house. For example, they can break a vase when chasing a mouse or playing with others.

  • Big Dogs Make You Extremely Hotter in the Summer

As I said above, these huge animals will produce a greater amount of heat compared with small ones. Thus, although they keep you warm in the cold season, their thick furry coat will make you pour sweat like rain in the hot weather.

Also, you should take the climate in your neighborhood into consideration when you decide to raise a big fluffy dog. You will not want to be uncomfortable and neither does him.

  • Regardless of Their Friendliness, Big Dogs May Scare Nice People

As a powerful guardian, your massive dog can threaten both your enemies as well as your friends and familiars. Moreover, bigger dogs may look more aggressive and dangerous although it is even not true.

To solve this, you may need to reassure everybody and make them get acquainted with your friends and family. But it may take time.

  • They are Usually Unaware of Their Strength

Therefore, sometimes the biggest fluffy dog breeds can play too rough or do something with too much force. This is especially dangerous if there are children in your house.

Then you had better watch them carefully or train them if possible. This is not only safe for them, for you, but also for anybody. You can learn about dog training on YouTube, WikiHow, reputable websites, or consult a specialist.

Of course, a giant fluffy dog always generates great hairballs, huge piles of poop, and puddles of saliva, etc. In addition, you have to feed them with more food and water, give them a bigger kennel, use more other products, and so on. In other words, raising bigger dogs is likely to cost you more time and money than having small dogs.

And, you may have to face more troubles with these things.

Final Words

Finally, I have just pointed out the pros and cons you need to know when you intend to have big fluffy dog breeds in your home. Overall, in my opinion, they are 50-50. And you can minimize the drawbacks.

Hence, you should consider the above factors carefully and think about your own case. Whether a huge fluffy dog is appropriate, the choice is in your hand.

Thanks for reading!

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