Norway Northern Lights - Fabulous Husky Rides

Norway Northern Lights – Fabulous Husky Rides

If you are passionate about traveling to remote, strange, and romantic places, you must be no stranger to northern Norway, which offers a variety of special experiences. Among them, the huskies sledding experience is the most popular, becoming one of the indispensable activities for visitors to remote northern Norway.

On the other hand, many husky owners think this is a cruel act of animal abuse in a harsh year-round environment like northern Norway.

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However, the truth is not so.

To answer this problem, explore the life and characteristics of this animal locally with us. Besides, you will also have more interesting facts about them in the article.

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Husky riding in Norway

Husky riding in Norway

Huskies in Norway

Norway huskies are known as sled dogs alongside some very similar breeds to huskies. They are also raised for the same purpose in northern regions where in Norway northern lights. In some places, some breeds of huskies are raised as pets.

In Norway, the use of huskies to move had been around for a long time. That’s because huskies are healthy, energetic, and athletic animals that can run for days in cold weather with their herds. Today, they do not have to carry human belongings, but they still pull sleds for racing or take adventure tourists on the fundog husky sleigh rides through rivers and forests.

In their herds, the leader dog will have the task of thinking to lead them on the right path, while the tractor huskies will pull the sled. Therefore, if you take part in a Norway northern lights tour with the huskies, you will be able to control the sled yourself under the supervision of the guides. After that, the dogs will carry out their task at full speed. And your job is just to enjoy the winds and watch the scenery that is both majestic and romantic.

When they do not pull the sled and have meals, they will be chained at their pens. Huskies are energetic animals that can run for hundreds of miles through the frozen wilderness, so capturing them is necessary for them to rest.

Besides, if they are allowed to move around freely, the risk of dogs challenging and fighting each other is inevitable.

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What do they look like?

Huskies living in Norway look very healthy and energetic. They serve the purpose of travel, so they are also very friendly with everyone, especially children.

When it comes to their appearance, Norway huskies are not much different from the huskies you pet. However, their coat is thicker and has different colors depending on the breed, including gray, copper red, black, or white. Their eye color also varies from brown, green, blue, yellow, to heterochromatic colors.

Living in mountainous terrain, plus having to move at high intensity, Norway huskies have a slimmer body than other husky breeds elsewhere. In return, they look very solid and healthy.

Northern Lights Sky

Are they only suited for colder regions?

Unlike the huskies that you raise or usually encounter in your city, the dogs here are trained and cared to adapt to the harsh living conditions.

Norway Northern Lights – Fabulous Husky Rides

The question here is:

“Can they live in warmer places?”

Yes, as long as they don’t get too hot.

Here’s how they live.

Norway Northern Lights – Fabulous Husky Rides

Except for the summer days, the temperature in northern Norway is usually below 0 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, the huskies here with their extremely thick fur escorts them to cope with the icing cold in the north. Even when the temperature is minus a few dozen degrees Celsius, they will still prefer to stay outdoors and play in the snow.

At this time, they will wear booties to protect their feet when running in the snow. Besides, they will also be provided with additional jumpers to ensure these four-legged friends always feel comfortable.

In northern Norway, huskies stay outside the house, in their timber pens with hay. The hay has an insulating effect, so it is very warm and can protect these animals in the event of really bad weather.

After husky dog rides, the dogs will eat and be massaged to ensure their physical and mental health.

They are treated like that because they are also the livelihood of the tourism businesses here. If the dogs are not well-being enough, they will not be able to run their business.

Huskies in Norway

Huskies in Norway

Can I pet a Norway husky?

It is possible to pet a Norway husky.

But you should remember that the huskies here really love their work, and it doesn’t push beyond their capabilities. In other words, you should only adopt baby huskies who are not yet working with the sled.

However, they will still have too much energy to be able to stay at home in a certain city. They were born run with their pack in the woods under the snow for days without stopping. This keeps them happy and healthy. So if you do not guarantee to give them a happy life with regular activities, those huskies will become sad and moody after a short time.

You can allow your pet to take part in some alternatives to sledding, such as skijoring, dog hiking, carting, or bikejoring.

Finally, as we mentioned in the previous section, you should only raise Norway huskies when you live in places with cool weather all year round. Otherwise, these animals may suffer heatstroke, illness, disease, or even death.

In this case, you’d better raise other husky breeds that are more suitable to be petted.

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How to train them

If you want to adopt a Norway husky and train him to sled for fun when winter comes, we will guide you here. It can also be applied to some other dogs with a wheeled sled if you do not have any available snow sled.

Immature dogs will be easier to train. However, you need to have the vet’s approval that your pet is strong enough to pull the sled. Otherwise, he may get injured during training.

First, there are four commands you need to know to teach your dog, including:

“Mush” or “Hike” (Go)

“Whoa” (Stop)

“Gee” (Turn right)

“Haw” (Turn left)

To prepare for the workout, invest in a pulling harness, a sled, and dog treats. Then, have your dog wear the harness regularly so he will get used to it.

When he is no longer annoyed by the harness, start with a lightweight object for him to pull. If he does well, praise him, give him treats, and repeat this step. Then, gradually replace heavier objects so that he will not be exhausted.

Remember that initially, you should only teach him the “Whoa,” “Mush,” and “Hike” commands. After he masters them, then introduce the redirect command for him.

And finally, be patient because this lesson can last for several months. However, once your dog reaches the finish line, everything will be great, and your dog will be happy, too.

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The eating habits of Norway huskies

These dogs are constantly active under inclement weather. Thus, they have a huge demand for food, about 6-7 times more than normal huskies. That is 10,000 calories per day.

Their type of food is also different, which dog athletes eat. It is a mixture of meat and dry food because it provides more additional nutrients when it is cold below 0 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, their water is also frozen quickly. Therefore, Norway husky owners often add hot soup at key points and encourage them to drink more water.

How do they behave with their owners?

Norway huskies always show affection to their owners, especially when they are cuddled and fed. With those who have husky ride holidays here, the dogs are friendly, open, and obedient. They love this activity and also love the guests. Perhaps, that is what they are trained to ensure that travelers here will get the best experience.

Norway huskies are very friendly

Norway huskies are very friendly

Also, their good attitude can be formed by the way they are treated daily by the people who raised them.

People here did not view the dogs as a tool to make them profitable, but instead, they became members of their family. Everywhere, you will see people spending time playing with the huskies, feeding them treats and hugging them. They even name each dog and remember them all.

When the dogs are about to depart for their sled, the guides will jump out of the sled and push it so that the dogs will have more momentum. As a result, huskies can get started more smoothly.

5 fun facts about Norway huskies

  • Dogs have been used for sled pulling for 4000 years and in Norway since the late 1800s.
  • Huskies can have two eyes with two different colors.
  • They can be susceptible to frostbite in the coldest days.
  • Huskies can escape from any fence easily in many ways.
  • Norway huskies are very good-natured and affectionate dogs.


Huskies are an intelligent, approachable, fun, and energetic animal. Therefore, the species have become one of the most popular images with fabulous husky rides Norway. If you travel here, don’t miss the chance to join a Northern Lights husky ride in the vast wilderness of icy planes to your heart’s content. Enjoy the pleasure of vastness and coolness. Refresh yourself to the brim that the northern Lights have bestowed on you.

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