dog friendly rugs for living room washable in Home & Kitchen

Dog Friendly Rugs for Inside, Which Makes Your Home Secure!

Many pet owners don’t want to bring their dogs inside their houses. The pets are so mischievous that they pee, poop, and run around, dirtying the home. In this case, the best solution is to use dog friendly rugs. These washable items will keep all grime, hair, and dirt from your pets and secure your house!

Below are the top 5 dog-friendly rugs for living room washable in the Home & Kitchen. Please check them out and find the most suitable one for your beloved pet!

The dog is playing with the dog-friendly rage

Reason to Buy a Dog-Friendly Rug

It is essential to get dog-friendly rugs for the inside. The items keep your house clean and protect your floors from getting scratched.

Rugs absorb a large amount of pee very quickly, leaving no smell in your house. As your pet lies on the rug, it is free to release its urine without causing a foul odor.

The rugs are pretty stable, so they stay in place no matter how strong your dog rolls on them. They also collect the hair that falls out of your pet.

Some dogs have sharp teeth and nails that may scratch the floor. With dog rugs, the ground of your house is completely protected. You should not worry about the durability of the rugs as they are very thick and sturdy.

After a happy play day, you can put the rugs in the washing machine. The products will then look new and are ready to be reused.

The dog is lying on the dog-friendly rage

The Top 5 Best Dog-Friendly Rugs

Here come the top 5 best dog-friendly rugs for the living room and kitchen.

#1: Dog Gone Smart Rug

The dog is eating on the dog-friendly rage


Number of colors: 15


60 x 30 inches

23 x 16 inches

31 x 20 inches 35 x 26 inches

The Dog Gone Smart is so versatile that it works everywhere you want. You can leave the rug in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and car. The material of this rug is microfiber, which absorbs water, dirt, mud, and dog urine quickly.

You may notice the rubberized back of the rug. This design is to add stability. The rug will not slide, slip, or gap when your dog plays. As you know, rubber can stay stably on different floors, including concrete, tile, hardwood, etc.

We don’t recommend you vacuum the rug. Dog Gone Smart has microfiber that may cause clog in the vacuum cleaner. You may have to struggle to suck out all the dirt from the rug. Instead, cleaning with a washing machine is a lot easier.

dog friendly rugs for living room washable


  • Comfortable material
  • Quick absorbency
  • Giving no smell 
  • Simple to clean with a washer


  • Hard to clean with a vacuum

#2: Color G Super Absorbent Rug

G Indoor Door Mat dog friendly rugs


Number of colors: 2


40 x 32 inches

32 x 20 inches

36 x 24 inches

48 x 32 inches 59 x 35 inches

Color G rug is made of Polyethylene Terephthalate material. The advanced double-layer technology allows the product to offer super absorbency. The rug can instantly soak up all water, dust, mud, grit, grass, snow, and sleet to keep your floor clean.

The manufacturers make these Color dog friendly rugs for living room washable in 2 ways. You can shake the rug to get rid of all dirt, mud, and dust. If you want to get rid of the horrible urine smell, feel free to put the item in your washer.

These rugs belong to the type of low pile, not so cozy. You may not expect a high softness from this item. However, it works great in keeping the house secured.


  • Instant absorbency
  • No slipping
  • Moisture absorption
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Not so comfy

#3: LOOBANI Non-slip Rug

Dog Mat for Floor, Non-Slip Washable


Number of colors: 4


48 x 65 inches

48 x 36 inches 72 x 72 inches

The LOOBANI can tuck edges under, preventing the dogs from pulling and moving. The bottom of the rug has a grippy texture to avoid slipping on flat surfaces, such as slick floors. This item is built of fleece, which is very soft and comfortable for the dog to lie on.

Do not worry when cleaning this rug in the washer. The TPU waterproof material makes LOOBANI dog friendly rugs washable and urine soakable repeatedly. No matter how you clean the rug, it always remains durable and functional.

However, the fleece seems to be too soft and thin. It will not last long if your dog chews and bites it. Hence, we don’t recommend this product for naughty pets.


  • Leak-proof effects
  • Comfortable to use
  • No slipping
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Not durable against rough dog play 

#4: Kluein Pet Playpen Rug

Washable Puppy Pad Dog


Number of colors: 1


48 x 65 inches

72 x 72 inches

The Kluein Pet Playpen pet friendly rugs work for multiple purposes. To prevent urine and dog scratches, you can put the rugs on your floor, car seat, or bedding. The polyester material is fluffy, soft, and comfy for dogs.

You can give your trust in this rug for odor control. The triple-stitched seams allow the rug to trap and stop fluid tracking and reduce the awful urine smell. There should be no worry about moisture, as the waterproof urethane inner barrier will absorb it.

Although the back is rubberized, the rug does not seem to prevent slipping very well. We admit that the item stays in place in average condition. But if the dog pulls the rug, it may not be able to keep its stable position anymore.


  • High durability 
  • High comfortability
  • Odor control
  • Moisture absorption


  • Not prevent slipping well  
  • Longline drying

#5: HOMEIDEAS Absorbent Dog Rug

Absorbent Dog Rug


Number of colors: 3- Beige, Gray, Brown


20 x 32 inches

24 x 36 inches 36 x 60 inches

The HOMEIDEAS Absorbent Dog Rug is constructed of ultra-soft microfiber. This design is to bring comfort to your dog while it is lying on the rug. Plus, the material has high absorbency that works with water, dirt, and pet urine. You can use it anywhere in your home, whether it is a bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

It is such a miss if we don’t review the non-slip backing. It is made of TPR material that provides high-quality anti-slip effects. Your dog will never be able to pull and move the rug. The item will not roll up when you open the house door.

For dog friendly rug clearance, just put the product in your washing machine. After washing, hang the rug overnight, and it will dry completely.

What we don’t like is that the rug comes in small sizes. The most viable option is 36 x 60 inches. It is terrible that the product may not serve big dogs well.


  • Anti-slipping
  • High softness
  • Easy washing
  • High absorbency


  • Small sizes 

Puppy Paws Floor at

Last Words

Above are the top 5 best rugs for dogs. Each product has its specialty. You may carefully pick out the most suitable item for your beloved pet.

Overall, all 5 products will work for the same primary purpose, which is to protect dog-friendly rugs kitchens, and living rooms. No matter which model you choose, it definitely will please you at best!

If you need us to guide you in choosing the best dog-friendly rugs, get in touch with us. We will show you all the essential factors you need to notice for picking the right product.

We hope that you will have a happy life with your lovely dog. Many thanks for reading!

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