The Best Small Dogs for New Pet Owners

The Best Small Dogs for New Pet Owners

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Small dogs are very suitable for new dog owners for a variety of reasons. Firstly, small dogs take up less space, making them ideal for smaller living spaces. Small dogs also don’t necessarily need a fenced-in backyard either, which a first-time dog owner might not have. Some of the best small dog breeds also require significantly less exercise and training than big dogs. This allows new dog owners to ease into ownership, instead of going all-in with a larger dog. As a new dog parent, you’ll want the best dog owner tips, and to be sure that you have all your dog supplies ready and the perfect dog name before you bring your pooch home.

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Small Dogs for First Time Owners

Of course, not all small dogs are made the same. Some are very independent and yappy, which can make them challenging for new dog owners. Some common  small dog breeds include things like the French Bulldog, Affenpinscher, Pomeranian, Brussels Griffon, Jack Russell Terrier, and Miniature Pinscher are some of the best small dog mixes for new time dog owners.

The Best Small Dogs for New Pet Ownersthe best small dogs

American Eskimo Dog

While this isn’t a small breed you see very often, it is one of the best for a new dog owner. Their fluffy, long coats are to die for. They are not shy or aggressive and are quite friendly, though they are somewhat conservative around new people. They only grow to about 19 inches at the shoulder. However, they can be as short as 9 inches. They only weigh about 11 pounds in their toy size, though the miniature and standard are a little bigger.

American Eskimo Dog

Playful American Eskimo Dog

These dogs like to be involved in family life and do well with children. They prefer to be around their family always and are quite well-behaved. They require a little bit of training, but they are very eager to please. They are one of the easiest breeds to train. They are quite energetic and need regular exercise and mental challenges. Training is an excellent way to accomplish this.

They require weekly brushing. Despite their long, extremely fluffy hair, they don’t get as tangled as you would imagine. They have a double coat, which means that they have a dense inner coat and a longer outer coat. With that said, they shed constantly. Brushing will help keep this to a minimum, however. These dogs hardly ever need a bath, thanks to the natural oils in their hair. These oils prevent the dirt from sticking to their fur, allowing you to remove it with a quick brushing session. Apart from this Ornaments and gifts are a good way to show love to your pet-

American Eskimo Dog Ornament

American Eskimo Dog Gifts

Australian Terrier

These small terriers make excellent companions for first-time dog owners. They are sturdy, confident dogs with distinctive coat markings. Because they are terriers, they love to chase small animals and play. They have quite a bit of energy but are so little that a quick game of fetch can wear them out. They don’t shed very much and they weatherproof coat does an excellent job of keeping them clean. They need a short brushing session once a week – if that. They don’t need a bath unless they decide to roll around in a mud puddle.

australian terrier

Always on the lookout – Australian Terrier

These terriers are not extremely easy to train, but they aren’t difficult either. Going to puppy training classes will quickly result in a well-trained Aussie. They are friendly with others and do good with children, especially children who love to run around and play. They are somewhat territorial with other dogs though, which makes them suitable for one-dog households. They are also quite noisy at times and love to bark whenever they see someone pass by outside.

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Beagles are considered small to medium dogs, depending on who you ask. They are one of the larger dogs on this list. However, they are so laid back and perfect for first-time owners that we couldn’t leave them off this list. They are always under 30 pounds and grow to be about 13 to 15 inches at the shoulders. These dogs are excellent and sturdy. They come in many different colors, including tricolor, red and white, and “bluetick.” They are always happy, lovable, and very accommodating to others. They don’t mind children, even those who don’t necessarily know how to act around other dogs. They are one of the most popular hounds in America for a good reason.


Beagle in a Relax​ mood

They change their coat according to the seasons so that they will shed substantially in the fall and spring as the weather changes. Brushing them a few times a week will help control the amount of hair that they lose. They don’t need a bath that often, but should be bathed if they get particularly messy. They are somewhat energetic, though not nearly as much as some other dogs. A walk around the neighborhood is usually enough to suffice.

These dogs are scent hounds, which means they like to follow their noses. They must always stay on a leash or inside a fence when outside. Once they are on a trail, they will not listen to commands. With that said, they are quite easy to train otherwise.

The Complete Guide to Beagles

Bichon Frise

These small, fluffy dogs are known for having a big personality and intelligence. They stand at under a foot at the shoulder and are most recognizable for their fluffy coat, which is unique among dogs. These small dogs are amiable and operate under the assumption that there are no enemies in the world. They are somewhat yappy, which can make them excellent watchdogs. However, as soon as the person in question gets close, they immediately switch over to lapdog mode.

The Bichon Frise Dog

Cute looking -The Bichon Frise Dog

Of course, these dogs require regular grooming by a professional. They will need brushed every day at home or at least every few days, and then bathed and clipped once a month by a groomer. With that said, these dogs shed very little, so you won’t have to worry about that. The activity levels of this breed vary from dog to dog and seem to be profoundly affected by age. Puppies will need to be walked daily as well as involved in other play sessions. However, an old dog might be okay with just a short walk. These dogs are very playful and enjoy time playing outside with their owners. They are the right choice for homes with children due to their friendly disposition and playful nature.

These dogs are straightforward to train and are no prone to aggression. Early socialization and training classes will quickly result in a well-behaved canine. These dogs are considered somewhat hypoallergenic, though there is no true hypoallergenic dog out there.

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Border Terriers

Border Terriers are often considered a no-nonsense working dog. However, they make some of the best dogs for a new owner as well. These dogs are most well-known for their unusual shape head, which resembles an otter. They also have somewhat freakishly long legs for their size. They are adamant and can put up with a lot from their owners. They are one of the most forgiving dog breeds out there and are perfectly fine going with the flow as their owner tries to figure things out. They have an even temperament and make good childhood playmates. They adapt well in the country and the city, farm or apartment.

Border Terriers

Border Terriers are good playmats for kids

These dogs have a thick, wiry coat. This keeps them from getting dirty and means they won’t need a bath often. However, that also means they need to be brushed at least weekly to remove hair and dirt that has built-up in their coat. They don’t shed all the time and tend to do so seasonally. During these periods, they will need to be brushed a little more to remove all the dead hair.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This tiny dog combines the gentleness of the toy breed with the litheness of a hunting spaniel. They are known for their beautiful coats and even temperament. Not much gets these dogs going. They stand at under 13 inches tall and weigh less than 18 pounds. These dogs are known for their ability to adapt to their owner’s lifestyle. They enjoy short, backyard frolics just as much as long runs. They have no problem keeping up on a hike but also don’t mind laying around the house cuddling all day either. Be sure to buy them a nice dog bed for all that lounging.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charl​es Spaniel are good hunters

Despite these dog’s flowing coats, they only need brushed once a week or do. Many of these dogs loved to be brushed, so this isn’t usually the problem. They occasionally shed with the seasons, but brushing can control this as well. These dogs are eager to please and enjoy training. They aren’t particularly intelligent, but love to please their owners. They are also quite friendly and tend to make fast friends with everyone they meet.

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Cesky Terrier

These laid-back, little dogs make great playmates for children. They can be very work-driven but are also more laid back than the usual terrier. These dogs do not shed often, but need to be brushed about every week to keep their coat clean and tangle-free. They also require regular visits to a professional groomer to be clipped. Baths are also recommended, as their fur doesn’t do a good job of staying clean itself.

Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier is a moving toy around the house

The Cesky does need regular, daily walks, though they do not have to be very long. These are active dogs that require regular exercise, but it does not have to be rigorous.

Cesky Terrier: A Guide for Owners, Prospective Owners & Conformation Judges


For your own convenience, you may choose from the ones we have listed above with their qualities because if you have kids around the playful ones would be your natural choice. Considering all the facts while these are the best small dogs for first-time owners, you might also want to consider the Boston Terrier, Dachshund, Pug, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Havanese, or Poodle to name a few for the bargain.

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