Tiny Pomeranian – How Much Do They Cost? Hellow dog

Tiny Pomeranian – How Much Do They Cost?

It’s no doubt that you’re probably familiar or have witnessed the cuteness of this dog before. A Pomeranian, also known as a Pom, is considered to be one of the most adorable pets one can have.

There are many reasons why Pomeranians have become such a well-liked breed world-wide. It may have something to do with its small breed and adorable appearance.

As a friendly pet that’s easy to keep, many people are in love with its toy-like appearance and its perky personality. Since the Tiny Pomeranian is sought after all around the world, a common question many people may have is how much do Pomeranians cost?

To find out more about this dog breed as well as how much are Pomeranians, continue reading to find out!

Tiny Pomeranian on a bed

Tiny Pomeranian on a bed


The earliest origins of the Pomeranian descended from the Pomerania region in Poland and Germany, hence its name. Though the history behind Pomeranians is relatively blurry, there are a few leads to work with.

Pomeranians became official in England in the 18th century and were called wolf dogs. The Pomeranian Club got established in 1896, and the breeding of many Poms started to increase. Sizes began decreasing, and new colors were created. In the modern-day, there are three main types of Pomeranian origins, including Thai, domestic, and European. Depending on which type you buy, the Pomeranian dog price will vary accordingly.

Fluffy outer coat Tiny Pomeranian

Fluffy outer coat Tiny Pomeranian

Adult Tiny Pomeranian


Pomeranians are amongst one of the most popular dog breeds due to its downright fluffy appearance and sociable nature. Covered with a fantastic coat of soft fur, they come in many colors, including black, brown, tan, etc. With a fluffy outer coat, they also have sharp pointed wedge-shaped heads and tiny ears to match. Most Pomeranians carry a thick double coat that comes in different colors.

Size is essential when it comes to a Pomeranian. The smaller the size, the higher the Pomeranian price. The standard size of a Pom is around 25 centimeters, weighing from two to four kilograms. If you’re looking for a smaller type, they can get as small as less than 20 centimeters and weigh below 2 kilograms. The smallest size of a Pomeranian is a teacup, which is super tiny. You can find it is smaller than 15 centimeters!

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  • Perfect watchdog

Despite its not so intimidating appearance and small size, Pomeranians can be excellent watchdogs. Though friendly when it comes to familiar faces, they are also capable of being cautious and barking when there are strangers around.

  • Intelligent and active

Pomeranians are always eager to learn new things and are extremely intelligent. As an active dog, they love running around and exploring new things. Since they’re easy to train, teaching your Pomeranian new things will be a piece of cake.

  • Friendly nature

This type of breed is particularly friendly to their owners. Labeled as an affectionate and sociable pet, you don’t have to fear it being too aggressive to outsiders or children. Pomeranians love to be stroked and cuddled.

How Much Do Pomeranians Cost?

When you are thinking of having which type of dog you want, there are many aspects to consider. It depends on your the location and the place of adoption of the Pomeranian dog; prices can vary. Since this breed is considered as one of the pricier dog breeds, factors such as size, origin, genes, and environment also play a significant part.

The average Tiny Pomeranian costs anywhere from $500 to $1,500. In this price, you’ll receive a quality puppy along with the critical paperwork and previous health check documents.

Playful Tiny Pomeranians

Playful Tiny Pomeranians



Depending on the origin, the dog can either be low or high. Usually, the most expensive types of Pomeranians are the ones imported from external countries as purity and quality are always guaranteed.

If you want to invest more money for your Pomeranian purchase, you can search for professional breeders. A typical Pom can cost anywhere from $3,000 and up to $10,000.



For owners who do not want to spend an excessive amount of money when purchasing a new dog, you have the option of buying an older Pomeranian dog. Also, referred to as senior Pomeranians, they’re on the market for a less expensive price.

When finding the optimal age to purchase a Pom, you should search for dogs between eight and twelve weeks old as they can swiftly adapt to new environments. Additionally, training and teaching will be much easier.

Apart from pricing, deciding the age can also depend on the purpose of your dog. If you want to raise your dog from a young age, a puppy would be more suitable. However, if you’re looking to do business with your Pomeranian, mature dogs will work better as they’re more disciplined.



Another factor that participates in the price of a Pomeranian is the color of fur it has. With many different types of Pomeranians and many extensive shades of fur, keep in mind that they aren’t all the same price. For example, since white is a common fur color, it is usually the cheapest. Colors such as tan, brown, black or white will be higher as it’s rarer.



When purchasing any pet, it’s critical to pay attention to registration papers. If you’re buying from a reliable breeder or company, they should always provide you with registration papers and certificates. With many canines being unregistered, you can get fined for not complying with the legal requirements.

Adult Tiny Pomeranian

Adult Tiny Pomeranian


Hopefully, the Pomeranian puppy price information we provided above helped you in welcoming your new pet. There’s no feeling better than bringing back a young Pomeranian home. Ranked in the top 20 dog breeds in the AKC dog breed list, there are many reasons why you should consider purchasing this dog. As an excellent way to fill your life with happiness, cuddles, and kisses, you’ll never have a dull moment when adopting a pom.

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