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10 Best Dog Crate Covers That Enhance the Beauty of the Crate

Crate covers help to give your dog that personal space, they need to be alone and have a quiet time which is also excellent for nighttime, helping your furry family member to calm down and relax from the daytime business. Best dog crate covers are also good for creating darkness and facilitating good sleeping in lighted places or even in the daytime when it wants to take some rest. They also look nicer than just a blanket thrown over. The much-needed insulation help to protect them from the frigid temperatures while out hunting or camping.

In areas where it is not so cold but rather hot and dry, you need to have crates with more windows or ventilators so that air can easily pass through and keep your furry friend relatively cool. The idea is to have some rest and keep an eye on the surrounding for any intruders so that they can bark and keep you informed. If you are frequently traveling with your dog to places, a good dog crate cover should be a sturdy one, and for air traveling, you have to check with the airlines which ones they allow. Therefore we have painstakingly taken the initiative to present this review for having the best that goes well with your furry friends.

What are Dog Crate Covers?

Numerous pet proprietors adore the advantages of crate training their pet friends. But they are not satisfied with the general look of having a conspicuous crate in their family living space to house their pet. Many pet owners buy such covers to help beautify the crate and enable it to mix in more promptly with the stylistic layout of the home. A dog’s crate cover serves as the ultimate warm and secure shelter providing an ideal environment for indoor/outdoor uses.

Why Use a Dog Crate Cover?

Dog’s Crate covers fulfill a huge number of needs. These covers have the ability to provide additional protection from noise. There are also crate covers that can withstand outdoor rain while traveling. The real motivations to utilize such products include:

a) More Warmth

It shields the dog from the chilling air and keeps the dog’s body warm, particularly in the winter season.

b) An awesome Decision for Reactive breeds

One of the fundamental reasons dog owners will get their dogs a crate cover is that they respond severely to the environment around them. This is genuine when you have quite recently purchased it for your dog, and they’re not used to the new home. They can become bothered rapidly by little changes, bringing about barking fits that can get extremely irritating. Furthermore, dogs can begin yapping at whatever point somebody strolls past and the ideal approach to prevent this from happening is with a crate cover. Through the use of a crate cover, the dog can figure out how to unwind and quiet down. After a long period, you can go ahead to lift the crate cover and see how they respond. You may find out that they’ve become less reactive as they now feel more secure in their newfound place. 

c) Lower Stress

Truly, making the crate more private by utilizing a crate cover makes the dog more comfortable and prevents it from going through much stress.

d) Protect Your pet’s Tail

Damage can happen when your dog sways their tail inside its case, so the size of the crate has to be adjusted beforehand. 

e) It Lessens Anxiety

Dogs get a kick out of the chance to think about their crates as personal zones or caves. This regularly occurs through continuous training and conditioning. If you have trained your dog accurately, they will relate the crate as their protected place. In any case, crate training can be made difficult when they can see a considerable area around them. This can make them insecure and won’t help with regards to making them comfortable inside the crate. This, obviously, can be handled by utilizing a good and efficient crate cover.

f)As an Indication of a Reward

Amid training, a dog will welcome a cover as a reward for being well-behaved inside the crate.

Review For Top 10 Crate Covers for Dog

Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

When you travel with your dog, one thing you might not quite like is the lack of comfort you can offer it in a wire crate. However, thanks to the Petsfit durable polyester crate cover you can now ensure that your dog can have a more decent trip as it will be more comfortable inside the crate, and the darker environment will allow it to sleep easily. The cover is also windproof, so it can offer proper insulation inside the crate. It is an all-season product.

This crate cover measures 30 x19 x 21, 36 x 23 x 25, and 42X 28X 30 inches, has two entrance options to have easy access for the dog, and the side panels are made from mesh. The top panel can be opened to allow for extra ventilation, and the back zipper helps it to fit snugly. The crate cover is made from oxford cloth made of durable polyester.

The Petsfit crate cover is also renowned for its durability and the ease with which one can fit it onto the crate. Considering the relatively low price and all the benefits this cover can offer, it is surely a good purchase for those who want to make sure that their dog feels more comfortable and secure in the crate while traveling.

  • This crate cover is available in three Sizes.
  • Made by Mesh Fabric.
  • Soft material for the ultimate comfort of the dog and other animals.
  • Only one color is available.

Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover

The Precision pet crate cover is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. There are different sizes to choose from to allow one to choose according to the size of the crate to which it will be fitted.

These are made from heavy-duty nylon fabric, which is reinforced with double stitching for additional durability. Nylon is also ideal as a material since it repels water and heat. The cover is also good for machine washing. They are made in a way that will allow for a snug fit to the crate and for ultimate comfort. With heavy-duty zippers, and side mesh panels complete with loop tabs to allow one to adjust for the desired visibility and adequate ventilation, this product is undeniably convenient.

One will easily manage to fit it onto the pet crate as there is a back zipper that enables simple adjustment and removal when needed. The top panel can be opened for the carrying handle of the crate. The cover comes in a navy and tan color, which is a nice neutral tone. However, the prices of all the sizes are relatively high when compared to other brands.

  • Different sizes are available.
  • Can be Machine washed but in a delicate cycle in cold water.
  • Water-resistant fabric.
  • It’s suitable for both indoor/outdoor usage.
  • This cover blocks outside light.

Innovative Exclusive Crate Cover

If you would like to make your pet’s kennel or crate more comfortable, you should consider investing in a product that will offer more insulation, a secure and comfortable environment within the crate.

This crate cover fits large crates and kennels, and it is made in a way that it will fit snugly and easily. Made from lightweight fleece, it is soft yet durable enough. The advantage is it can be cleaned in a washing machine, and since it is made from fleece it has the advantage of drying quickly and easily, unlike other materials. The design is nice with bold colors, with a Floppy Dawg logo on the front part. If your dog hates traveling in a crate and generally ends up barking non-stop, you should definitely try installing a proper crate cover onto the crate to prevent this. You would be offering him a secure and more sheltered environment where he feels safer. It can also double up as a comfortable blanket.

As it measures 88 x 81 inches, this cover will fit 42-inch crates perfectly, but if you have a smaller crate you can still use it and have more material on the sides and back.

  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to dry after washing.
  • Not so durable.

3 Piece Set Crate Cover by Pet Dreams

Pet Dreams Classic Crate Wear Set is ideal for easy on and easy off application. They are machine washable but don’t seem to dry easily.

These include a bumper or crate pad on the inside for your dog’s protection within the cage. They are held together simply by velcro straps.

Available in different sizes: 30,32 & 42 inches.

  • It is Machine Washable like most crate covers.
  • This dog kennel cover comes in a three-piece set.
  • Stylish looking and available in four colors.
  • It features twelve to fifteen-inch bumpers for protection on the inside.
  • There are not enough velcro straps to hold it in place.
  • Can be easily chewed off.
  • There have been some complaints about getting this pet crate cover to dry.
  • Can easily slip through the crate.

X-ZONE Pet Durable Windproof Kennel Covers

They are widely popular due to their easy-to-assemble mechanism, extremely lightweight, and easily removable. Has a good zipper with magic tape closer and has a number of side panels for adequate ventilation which is good for the pup. This makes the dog comfortable and can have a good look around his surroundings.

 It also has a front door and side doors for easy access to the pet. Your furry friend will have privacy, security, and comfort, all at the same time. Fits in the crate well. Available sizes: 42x28x31 inches.

  • Made of Oxford fabric 
  • Easily fold-able 
  • Machine washable
  • Protects from dust and insects 
  • Wear resistant 
  • It is available in one size only.
  • Not waterproof

Heavy-Duty Cotton/ Polyester Crate Covers

Midwest crate covers are lightweight and suited for travel and superfluous moving.

They are lightweight and ideal for fold-up crates or crates which you would move from room to room. These travel crates are useful due to the ease of assembly.

Midwest Crate covers are also available in different colors and various sizes.

  • Midwest Crate Covers are available in multiple sizes.
  • They have foam bumpers for the comfort of the dog.
  • They are lightweight for easy storage and travel.
  • Can be carried off easily from place to place.
  • They are easily adjustable, giving easy access to the pup.
  • One-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • They can get too warm.
  • The cover is easily chewable.
  • May slip through the crate if not properly handled.

Sofantex Heavy Duty Crate Cover

Sofantex Heavy Duty Crate Covers for dog crates are made from water-resistant fabric and come with a three-year warranty.

These are considered to be waterproof, which can be good if you have to keep the crate outdoors, making them friendly for outdoor use.

It comes in different sizes, but only one color is available.

  • It’s machine washable.
  • Can be used with access to one, two, or three-door crates having multiple door panels.
  • Comes with a three-year warranty.
  • It is Heavy enough not to be pulled through the crate.
  • A strong odor has been reported and may need a couple of days to air out.
  • It is considered waterproof, however, should be used under a covered patio.

Molly-Mutt Crate Covers

So many options are available for the Molly-Mutt Kennel covers. They are stylish and useful, fitting to go with any home decor.

  • This molly mutt crate cover is available in many different patterns and colors.
  • The panel will roll up and down easily, with snaps to hold it in place.
  • This crate cover can get a matching duvet for the inside.
  • Features a canvas-like material, adding to the decor.
  • Molly-Mutt crate that matches your lifestyle.
  • It has been recommended to order a size bigger, so it is long enough.
  • It may shrink if the dryer is used.
  • The cover is not recommended for chewing dogs.

Merry Product Cage with Crate Cover

Merry Product Cage with Crate Covers are made from wood and can act as part of your living decor for storage or tabletop.

  • Has a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning.
  • It’s a magnetic wooden cover.
  • The wood has a hardwood look.
  • Features a steel dog crate with door panels.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The design fits well with your house decoration. 
  • Is not recommended for use with hyper or aggressive dogs.
  • The magnets used for the top cover seem to make it slightly unstable.
  • It’s only available in one color.

People have reported not liking the steel wiring on the cage.

Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover

Mud River Dixie Kennel Covers are excellent for outdoor fun like camping, fishing, or hunting due to their good insulation and good for cold weather.

These Kennel covers are available in different colors, designs & sizes.

This covered crate is perfect matching for outdoor déco.

  • They are water-resistant.
  • Made of Super durable material
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Features Microlite 3 insulation.
  • Removable mesh windows.
  • Has a roll-up front door.
  • The insulated kennel cover makes it twenty to forty degrees warmer than outside.
  • The insulated crate covers are not machine washable.
  • It is fit for plastic crates.
  • Not preferable for metal or wire crates.

How to Choose the Best Dog Crate Covers 

Sorting the right dog kennel cover can be problematic for choosers, depending on the location of the crate. Whether it is inside or outside, what area of the home, or if you do a lot of traveling or are away from your home for long periods of time. A dog is still a member of your family, and you want them to feel loved and cared for, you want the best one that will make them feel comfortable and not alone or unloved.


When choosing pet crate covers it should be taken into account whether or not you will be moving the cage from room to room or if it will remain in a single room. If you are moving it, then you will want to be sure the dog cage cover you select will be easy or difficult to take on and off, if the crate folds up for easy moving.

If you do a lot of traveling or are gone for many hours at a time you are going to want to make sure your dog is still feeling loved and cared for. Crate covers for dogs with advanced patterns are also available in styles that would provide that comfort, even with the matching bed.

Stationary or Portable

When choosing pet crate covers make sure whether or not you will be moving the cage from room to room or it will remain in a single room. If you are moving it, then you will want to be sure the dog cage cover you select will be easy or difficult to take on and off, if the crate folds up for easy moving.

Safe Crate Covers for Dogs

At the point when the dogs are trained to love the crate, dogs will more than enthusiastically crawl inside to unwind, and rest—they’re definitive safe spaces. We can try to imitate the feel of a cave by tossing a blanket or sheet over the top of the crate, but they’re regularly not measured accurately and leave a ton to be desired as regards its appearance. Safe crate covers are a straightforward method to conceal your dog’s wire crate on display and give pups a little included solace and security.

Today, you can get safe crate covers for dogs in excellent designs, advanced patterns, or handy strong shades. Some examples include the following :

1. Pets fit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

2. Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover

3. Pet Dreams Plush Crate Cover

4. Sofantex Heavy Duty Crate Cover

5. Molly’s mutt Crate Covers

Dog Crate Covers for Winter

Arcticshield insulated kennel covers help make your dog’s crate a comfortable spot in the colder winter months, which is really pup warm. Dog sports competitors and outdoors enthusiasts will likewise find these useful in helping to keep their dogs truly warmed up and prepared to go.

Each dog ought to have his particular den, and utilizing the best-protected crate covers for dog crates is an extraordinary method to influence its crate to feel like a genuine cave. As humans, we don’t like feeling confined, but dogs appreciate warm, comfortable little spaces where they can twist up and rest in peace. Furthermore, we should not overlook that an insulted cover will keep the crate warm in the winter months. As the temperature in the house changes, a dog crate cover for winter will regulate the warmth inside your dog’s crate.

Dog Crate Covers for Winter

The Need for Insulated Crate Covers

Insulated crate covers offer a perfect solution for those pet owners who cannot stand the fact that their anxious dogs get irritated while traveling in a crate. Different good-quality covers on the market offer a snug environment for your beloved dog within its crate. First of all, with the material of the cover, the interior of the crate will be warmer. The materials are waterproof too. One will usually have side windows, sometimes even with roller shades, to allow you to adjust to the preferred visibility and ventilation. these covers come in different sizes and colors so that one will be able to choose one that will fit the crate or kennel snugly. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are machine washable for more convenience. Often you will find crate pads and bumpers to match the cover. Additional comfort, safety, durability, and reasonable prices are the added benefits that lure pet owners to go for this product.  

Wooden Dog Crate Covers

Wooden Covers combine the security of the wire mesh with their excellent design of delightful hardwood. They are awesome to enhance the aesthetics of the interior of the home, accordingly dispensing with any embarrassment over your pet’s wire crate. Intended to fit in with your style, wood dog covers enable you to protect your dog’s region while it mixes in with the family environment. Their workmanship is of high quality, and the cuts are spotless and satisfactory. This kind of crate cover arrives in an assortment of sizes specially crafted to fit your crate.

Large Dog Crate Covers

Large covers give security to your dog in its protected place. Access in and out of the crate ought not to be repressed or prevented. So it is basic to get a large cover to match the crate of the dog.

You should have the capacity to ‘dress’ the crate effortlessly by making use of a large cover. It ought not to be a struggle, and the cover must be easily removable for cleaning at the same time enabling your dog to inhale properly and also providing viewing areas to see through.

Chew Proof Crate Cover

Does this sound recognizable? You purchase a cushy crate cover for your puppy, and before you know it, she’s torn all the stuffing. A few dogs just can’t fight the temptation to mishandle their crate covers. If this is the situation, it’s an ideal opportunity to quit fooling around, as there are super-tough (yet at the same time comfortable) chew-proof crate covers for the chewers of the world. This is prescribed for light to heavy chewers.

Final Word 

There are several options available to choose from when selecting such covers. Therefore, choosing may be fairly complicated, depending on your needs. Pet crate covers are an essential component for dog owners who desire to give their dogs the best as regards their crates. We have tried to highlight above the 10 best dog crate covers which come in numerous designs, sizes, and colors and with much more benefits. But it all depends on the size and breed of the dog. Last but not least the aesthetic value also counts, it means that it fits your surroundings, and matches the color of the walls and the placement so that the ambiance is retained.

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