Dog Crate Covers: 10 Stylish Options for Your Pup's Comfort.

10 Stylish Dog Crate Covers Your Pup Will Love!

Dog crate covers offer numerous benefits beyond just covering your pet’s crate. They provide comfort, security, and protection from external elements. Whether you’re looking for a chew-proof option, a warm cover for winter, or a luxurious addition to your pet’s space, there’s a wide range of covers available to suit your needs.

Review of the Best Dog Crate Covers

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover

The MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover offers a blend of privacy, security, and comfort, catering to the innate needs of dogs, as endorsed by veterinarians, breeders, and trainers. Crafted from durable poly/cotton blended fabric, this Teflon-protected cover ensures longevity while providing a cozy sanctuary for your pet. Measuring 42L x 27.25W x 30H inches, it perfectly fits most 1 and 2-door folding metal dog crates, including popular models like 1542U and 1642DDU.


  • Privacy and Security
  • Teflon Protection
  • Easy Access


  • Limited Compatibility
  • Aesthetic Consideration
MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover: Stylish and Functional.

2. Petsfit Dog Crate Cover

The Petsfit Dog Crate Cover offers a snug fit for most standard 36-inch wire crates, providing your pet with a cozy retreat. Its premium 600D Oxford cloth construction, coupled with a water-resistant coating, ensures durability and easy maintenance, granting your furry companion added security, privacy, and comfort.


  • Ventilation and Breathability
  • Compatibility and Convenience


  • Limited Compatibility
  • Single-Door Design, can’t go with two or more door design

3. Pet Dreams Eco Friendly Dog Crate Cover

The Petsfit Dog Crate Cover and Bedding Set offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing your pet’s crate experience, combining comfort, style, and safety in one package. Designed to fit crates measuring 36 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 26 inches in height, this three-piece set includes a reversible crate pad, safety bumper pads, and a decorative cage cover, providing a cozy and secure environment for your furry friend.


  • Safety and Comfort
  • Dog-Friendly Fabric
  • Convenience and Versatility


  • Limited Size Compatibility
  • Price Consideration, comparatively higher price than other products

4.Explore Land Durable Polyester Pet Kennel Cover

The Explore Land Durable Polyester Pet Kennel Cover offers a sturdy and versatile solution for pet owners seeking to enhance their pet’s crate experience. Constructed from 600D polyester Oxford cloth with a windproof coating, this cover ensures durability and protection against the elements, making it suitable for various weather conditions.


  • Durable Construction
  • Universal Fit
  • Easy Installation


  • Limited Ventilation Options
  • Wire Crate Not Included, designed specifically for plastic dog kennels

5.HONEST OUTFITTERS Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric Dog Crate Cover

The HONEST OUTFITTERS Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric Dog Crate Cover offers a robust and practical solution for pet owners seeking to enhance their pet’s crate experience. With its heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric construction, this cover provides durability and protection against various elements, ensuring a long-lasting investment for your pet’s comfort.


  • Durable Material
  • Unique Design
  • Convenient Features


  • Limited Size Compatibility
  • Refund Policy is pretty time-consuming

6. Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover For Plastic Dog Kennel

The Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover For Plastic Dog Kennel offers a premium solution for pet owners seeking to provide their furry companions with comfort and protection during outdoor adventures. With its MicroLite3 insulation and two-ply heavy-duty poly exterior shell, this cover ensures optimal insulation and durability, making it suitable for various weather conditions.


  • MicroLite3 insulation provides excellent thermal regulation
  • Durable Construction
  • Ventilation
  • Secure Tie-Down


  • Designed specifically for plastic dog kennels
  • The premium features of this cover may come with a higher price tag

7. HiCaptain Polyester Durable Windproof Pet Kennel Cover for Wire Crate

The HiCaptain Polyester Durable Windproof Pet Kennel Cover for Wire Crate offers a reliable solution for pet owners seeking to provide their furry friends with comfort and protection in their crates. Crafted from 600D polyester with a water-resistant coating, this cover ensures durability and protection against various elements, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor use.


  • Durable Construction
  • Ventilation and Breathability
  • Convenient Installation
  • Compatible with both 1-door and 2-door crates
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty


  • Some users may find the coverage limited compared to longer warranties offered by other brands
  • Crate Not Included

8. Pethiy Polyester Pet Kennel Cover

The Pethiy Polyester Pet Kennel Cover offers a stylish and functional solution for pet owners seeking to create a cozy and secure space for their furry companions. Crafted from durable poly blended fabric, this cover ensures longevity and compatibility with most standard 36″ long dog crates, providing a snug fit and a stylish addition to any home décor.


  • Stylish Design
  • Helps reduce stress and barking
  • Convenient Features
  • Easy to Clean


  • Limited Size Compatibility
  • Some users may find that heavily soiled areas require additional cleaning measures beyond machine washing

9. Molly Mutt Dog Crate Cover

The Molly Mutt Dog Crate Cover offers a stylish and comfortable solution for pet owners seeking to match their dog’s crate with their sense of style. Crafted from 100% high-quality cotton, this crate cover provides a breathable and comfortable barrier for your pet, ensuring both privacy and comfort.


  • Stylish Design
  • Safe and Chemical-Free
  • Breathable Cotton Canvas
  • Convenient Panels
  • Machine Washable


  • Limited Size Options

10. kefit Durable Kennel Cover Waterproof, Anti-UV Dog Cage Cover

The kefit Durable Kennel Cover offers a reliable solution for pet owners seeking to provide their furry companions with privacy, protection, and comfort. Crafted from heavy-duty polyester cloth with a water-resistant and Anti-UV coating, this cover ensures durability and provides a comfy, quiet environment for your dog.


  • Provides privacy protection, creating a cozy retreat for your pet while shielding them from external elements such as rain and UV rays
  • Easy to Use
  • Secure Fit
  • Universal Size
  • Easy to Clean


  • Limited Ventilation

How to Choose the Best Dog Crate Covers

Sorting the right dog kennel cover can be problematic for choosers, depending on the location of the crate. Whether it is inside or outside, what area of the home, or if you do a lot of traveling or are away from your home for long periods. A dog is still a member of your family, and you want them to feel loved and cared for, you want the best one that will make them feel comfortable and not alone or unloved.


When choosing pet crate covers it should be taken into account whether or not you will be moving the cage from room to room or if it will remain in a single room. If you are moving it, then you will want to be sure the dog cage cover you select will be easy or difficult to take on and off, if the crate folds up for easy moving.

If you do a lot of traveling or are gone for many hours at a time you are going to want to make sure your dog is still feeling loved and cared for. Crate covers for dogs with advanced patterns are also available in styles that would provide that comfort, even with a matching bed.

Why Use a Dog Crate Cover?

Dog’s Crate covers fulfill a huge number of needs. These covers can provide additional protection from noise. There are also crate covers that can withstand outdoor rain while traveling. The real motivations to utilize such products include

  • a) More Warmth

It shields the dog from the chilling air and keeps the dog’s body warm, particularly in the winter season.

  • b) An awesome Decision for Reactive breeds

One of the fundamental reasons dog owners will get their dogs a crate cover is that they respond severely to the environment around them. This is genuine when you have quite recently purchased it for your dog, and they’re not used to the new home. They can become bothered rapidly by little changes, bringing about barking fits that can get extremely irritating. Furthermore, dogs can begin yapping at whatever point somebody strolls past and the ideal approach to prevent this from happening is with a crate cover. Through the use of a crate cover, the dog can figure out how to unwind and quiet down. After a long period, you can go ahead to lift the crate cover and see how they respond. You may find out that they’ve become less reactive as they now feel more secure in their newfound place.

  • c) Lower Stress

Truly, making the crate more private by utilizing a crate cover makes the dog more comfortable and prevents it from going through much stress.

  • d) Protect Your pet’s Tail

Damage can happen when your dog sways their tail inside its case, so the size of the crate has to be adjusted beforehand.

  • e) It Lessens Anxiety

Dogs get a kick out of the chance to think about their crates as personal zones or caves. This regularly occurs through continuous training and conditioning. If you have trained your dog accurately, they will relate the crate as their protected place. In any case, crate training can be made difficult when they can see a considerable area around them. This can make them insecure and won’t help with regards to making them comfortable inside the crate. This can be handled by utilizing a good and efficient crate cover.

  • f) As an Indication of a Reward

Amid training, a dog will welcome a cover as a reward for being well-behaved inside the crate.

Top Features to Look for in Chew Proof Crate Covers

When it comes to selecting the perfect crate cover for your furry friend, durability is key. That’s where a chew proof crate cover comes into play. These covers are specifically designed to withstand the sharp teeth and persistent chewing of even the most determined pets. With reinforced stitching and heavy-duty materials, a chew-proof crate cover provides peace of mind, knowing that your pet’s den is protected from damage. Whether your pup is a teething puppy or a seasoned chewer, investing in a chew-proof crate cover ensures that their sanctuary remains intact and secure. So, say goodbye to torn fabrics and hello to lasting protection with a chew proof crate cover.

  • Heavy-Duty Material: Chew-proof crate covers are typically made from heavy-duty materials such as ballistic nylon or canvas, which are resistant to tearing and chewing.
  • Reinforced Stitching: Look for covers with reinforced stitching along seams and edges to prevent unraveling or tearing, especially in high-stress areas.
  • Zippers and Closures: Choose covers with sturdy zippers and closures that are difficult for pets to manipulate, minimizing the risk of escape or damage.

Warm Dog Crate Covers

Cozy Fleece-Lined Dog Crate Cover: Providing Warmth and Comfort for Your Pet.

During the colder months, keeping your pet warm and cozy is essential. Look for crate covers with insulated materials and additional warmth features such as fleece lining or thermal layers.

When the temperature drops and chilly weather sets in, keeping your furry friend cozy and comfortable becomes a top priority. That’s where warm dog crate covers come to the rescue. These covers are specially designed to provide insulation and retain heat, ensuring that your pet stays snug and warm even on the coldest nights. With features like insulated materials and added warmth layers, warm dog crate covers create a cozy sanctuary for your pet to curl up in and escape the winter chill. Plus, they offer peace of mind to pet owners, knowing that their beloved companion is protected from harsh weather conditions. So, invest in a warm dog crate cover today and give your pet the gift of comfort and warmth all season long.

Dog Crate Covers for Winter

Cozy Fleece-Lined Dog Crate Cover: Providing Warmth and Comfort for Your Pet.
Winter-Ready Dog Crate Cover: Providing Added Warmth and Insulation for Your Pet.

As the winter months approach, ensuring your canine companion stays warm and comfortable becomes paramount. That’s where dog crate covers for winter come into play, providing essential protection from the cold weather. These covers are designed with features like insulated materials and thermal layers, effectively shielding your pet from the biting cold and harsh winds. By creating a cozy and insulated environment within the crate, dog crate covers for winter help maintain your pet’s body heat, keeping them comfortable and snug even when temperatures plummet. Additionally, these covers offer a sense of security and enclosure, mimicking the feeling of a den and providing your pet with a safe retreat from the winter elements. So, don’t let the cold weather keep your pet shivering – invest in a dog crate cover designed specifically for winter and ensure your furry friend stays warm and content throughout the season.

Wooden Dog Crate Covers

Wooden Covers combine the security of the wire mesh with their excellent design of delightful hardwood. They are awesome to enhance the aesthetics of the interior of the home, accordingly dispensing with any embarrassment over your pet’s wire crate. Intended to fit in with your style, wood dog covers enable you to protect your dog’s region while it mixes in with the family environment. Their workmanship is of high quality, and the cuts are spotless and satisfactory. This kind of crate cover arrives in an assortment of sizes specially crafted to fit your crate.

Large Dog Crate Covers

Large covers give security to your dog in its protected place. Access in and out of the crate ought not to be repressed or prevented. So it is basic to get a large cover to match the crate of the dog.

You should have the capacity to ‘dress’ the crate effortlessly by making use of a large cover. It ought not to be a struggle, and the cover must be easily removable for cleaning at the same time enabling your dog to inhale properly and also providing viewing areas to see through.

Luxury Dog Crate Covers for Style and Comfort

For pet owners who want to add a touch of luxury to their pet’s space, there are many stylish and premium options available. Choose covers made from high-end materials with elegant designs to enhance your home decor.

How to Clean and Maintain Dog Crate Covers

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your dog crate cover in top condition. Follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions and consider using a pet-safe detergent. Additionally, regularly check for any signs of wear and tear and repair or replace the cover as needed.

DIY Dog Crate Cover Ideas

If you’re feeling crafty, you can also make your own dog crate cover. All you need are some basic materials and a little creativity. From simple fabric covers to more elaborate designs, there are plenty of DIY options to explore.


How do I measure my dog crate for the right cover size?

Measure the length, width, and height of your crate, then choose a cover that matches those dimensions.

Are dog crate covers machine washable?

Many crate covers are machine washable, but it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific care guidelines.

Can I use a crate cover for outdoor crates?

Yes, there are crate covers designed specifically for outdoor use, but make sure to choose a weather-resistant option.

Are there covers suitable for both small and large dog crates?

Yes, crate covers come in various sizes to fit both small and large crates.

Do crate covers help with crate training?

Yes, crate covers can help create a cozy and secure environment that promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety during crate training sessions.


There are several options available to choose from when selecting such covers. Therefore, choosing may be fairly complicated, depending on your needs. Pet crate covers are an essential component for dog owners who desire to give their dogs the best as regards their crates. We have tried to highlight above the 10 best dog crate covers which come in numerous designs, sizes, and colors and with many more benefits. But it all depends on the size and breed of the dog. Last but not least the aesthetic value also counts, it means that it fits your surroundings, and matches the color of the walls and the placement so that the ambiance is retained.

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