Dog-Related Mementos That Brighten Your Home

Dog Related Mementos That Brighten Your Home 

Dog related mementos are a unique gift you can give to your pet. They are simply dog accessories or clothes that have the theme of your favorite character, favorite cartoon, etc. Some mementos help you feed your dog and play with it. But another great thing is that you can use these items to decorate your house.

This article reviews and compares some of the best dog-related mementos on the market. Please see these dog products and pick out the most lovely gift for your beloved pet!

Top 7 Dog-Related Mementos That Brightens Your Home

Here are the top 7 dog-related mementos for your pet that will brighten your house.

Oregon Stoneware Dog Treat Jar

#1: Oregon Stoneware Dog Treat Jar

Dogs love treats. So why don’t you prepare a beautiful jar to store all of your dog’s favorite snacks? Oregon Stoneware Dog Treat Jars are great products you can refer to. The stoneware material makes the pot look beautiful in a minimalist style.

This memento is more unique than most commercial dog gifts on the market, as it is 100% handcrafted. The jar is very safe to store food, as it is lead-free and glazed inside and out.

The jar faceplate has the shape of a bone with the word “Good Dog” printed on it. This design shows that the jar stores food, which your pet can only get after doing good things.

Star Wars Dog Placemat for Dog Bowls

#2: Star Wars Dog Placemat for Dog Bowls

You may decorate your room with a Star Wars theme. But don’t forget to bring inspiration to your pet by giving it this Star Wars dog placemat for bowls.

What makes this memento special from other conventional bowl placemats? Of course, the picture of Star Wars on the mat is not randomly printed by an unauthorized shop but is licensed. In other words, this memento is one of the official Disney Consumer Products.

The mat is well designed with a non-slip bottom and a waterproof surface. It prevents bowls from moving or slipping while the dogs enjoy their meals. You will be able to avoid any mess caused by the pet.

The surface of the placemat is not sticky. After the dog meal, you can quickly swipe the mat to get rid of water and food.

Star Wars R2D2 Dog Collar

#3: Star Wars R2D2 Dog Collar

This Star Wars Dog Collar is another Disney Consumer Products licensed memento. The item is built to have the picture of an R2D2 droid.

With the same Star Wars theme, this memento seems to be more flexible than the previous product. While you can only keep the placemat inside your house, let your dog wear this collar and go outside. You will be able to show your Star Wars interests to other people!


This Star Wars dog toy is designed in 3 different sizes. Plus, the woven nylon strap is adjustable. Dogs of any size can wear the accessory with high comfort!

The collar also contains a D-ring, which allows you to attach it to another different licensed memento – the Star Wars dog leash. Combine the 2 items and you will form a beautiful costume for your dog.

Star Wars Cosplay Dog Harness Dogs

#4: Star Wars Cosplay Dog Harness Dogs

If you buy the R2D2 Dog Collar, don’t forget to get this licensed Star Wars dog harness. The 2 items match together perfectly. As your dog wears them, it will look like an actual character in your favorite Star Wars movie.

This Star Wars dog costume comes in multiple sizes. Therefore, you should not worry about the product not fitting the dog’s body. The fabric of this Star Wars dog shirt is soft and itchy-free. Your pet will feel comfortable during the entire time it wears the costume on.

SpongeBob Square Pants Dog Food Bowl

#5: SpongeBob Square Pants Dog Food Bowl

Are you interested in SpongeBob? If yes, this Spongebob Squarepants Dog Bowl may catch your eyes! You do not worry about fake products or copycats, as Universal Studios officially license this memento.

The picture of different SpongeBob characters is lovely and draws your pet’s attention. It keeps your dog happy while enjoying its delicious meal. The capacity of this bowl is enormous, as you can add up to 3.5 cups of food or water to it.

Your dog is free to kick or bite the bowl. The ceramic material makes the item durable for everyday use. Also, thanks to the ceramic, the cleaning is flawless. You can either wash the bowl by hand or put it on top of the dishwasher rack.

Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants Dog Toys

#6: Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants Dog Toys

A Spongebob Squarepants dog toy will keep your dog entertained when you are busy. Like the previous product, this toy is licensed by Nickelodeon so that you can rest assured of the high quality.

There are 9 options for characters, including the main ones like SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward. Each toy comes up in 4 sizes to suit small and big dogs.

The fabric of the toy is quite soft and cuddly. You don’t have to worry about your dog getting hurt when biting and crunching the figure. The material is also very durable and will last for many years.

What makes this toy different from conventional plush figures is the unique sound mechanism. When the dog bites the toy, a squeaky noise will appear to keep it happy.

DC Comics Superman and Batman Ceramic Dog Bowls

#7: DC Comics Superman and Batman Ceramic Dog Bowls

Dog lovers who are fans of DC Comics should not miss these dog-related mementos. Basically, they are the same licensed dog bowls as SpongeBob items, but the printed picture is about famous heroes, such as Superman and Batman. As a big fan of the DC Universe, you surely understand how worthy an official DC-Comics memento is, right?

There are 2 options: you can choose Superman and Batman Ceramic Dog Bowls. Both 2 items are made of durable ceramic. The beautiful Superman – Batman logos will retain no matter which food you put in the bowl (wet or dry food).

Like the SpongeBob bowl, this Superhero bowl can store up to 3.5 cups of dog supply. The capacity is enough to feed a big dog. Cleaning is also a piece of cake, as you can wash the item either by hand or in a dishwasher.

Last Words

We have reviewed the top 7 best dog-related mementos on the market. Each accessory contains a picture of famous characters in popular movies. With the memento, you can keep the best memory of your favorite figure and bring inspiration to your beloved pet.

Most mementos above are officially licensed. You have no worry about fake products that have bad quality. The license also makes the gift more worthy than any regular dog item.

If you look for mementos that have pictures of other movie characters, just get in touch with us! We will find the items and share the information with you.

We will also post new articles in the future to share useful dog products and tips. You should subscribe to our page to not miss any updates!

We hope that the mementos will make you and your lovely pet happy. Many thanks for reading!

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