Best GPS Trackers for dogs

The Best GPS Trackers for Dogs You Can Buy

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The stray pet is no stranger to everyone. That not only scared the pet but also caused anxiety for the owner. In the worst-case scenario, you may lose your pet forever. Many methods have been devised and applied. Among them, the technique most owners are looking for is to use GPS Trackers for pets.

GPS Tracker is a device capable of positioning, a combination of GPS positioning technology and GPRS/3G data transmission technology. It locates, collects information of the object, then transmits data to the server and terminal device (computer, phone) of the user.

Is means that users can manage GPS Tracker via the Internet. Therefore, you can easily update the location, status of the device via an online data system. Just with the Internet, you can access device information anywhere. With GPS Tracker, you do not have to worry about your device and media anymore if you forget or lose them where it will help you find out quickly.

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Make your pick from the list-

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As such, the GPS Tracker is perfectly applicable to your pet. GPS Tracker for the pet is what many people have thought of. If you’re looking for a perfect fit for your dog, try Fi Smart Dog Collar – a famous dog GPS tracker in the USA. Many owners have chosen it because of the accurate 24/7 tracking. Any move within a specific range, this device will notify your phone or computer connected. To better understand the salient features of Fi Smart Dog Collar, please read on the article.

The next generation of dog collars is here- Get your Fi Smart dog collar 

At the same time, in the article below, I will point out a lot of things you need to keep in mind before you buy a suitable GPS Tracker for dogs.

Best GPS Trackers For Dogs

Here are some of the best GPS trackers for dog collar I would recommend.

Fi Smart Dog Collar

Fi Smart Dog Collar is a popular navigation device in the United States and many other countries. With a small, lightweight design, it is not annoying for your dog.

Fi Smart Dog Collar

Fi Smart Dog Collar

Fi Smart Dog Collar was born to keep your dog safe and to help find if your dog is lost. You just need to wear it on your dog’s neck and activate the connection to your device (smartphone, computer). It will track and locate your dog anytime, anywhere on the LTE-M network. For example, if your dog is in the backyard playing, Fi will show on your device screen, “X is at home.” If your dog is out of the safe zone, Fi will immediately alert you. Dog lost mode will inform you to live location, notify each change to every minute. Besides, as soon as you activate the dog lost mode, the red LED on Fi is also turned on. That makes it easy to spot your pet in dark or low visibility.

An exciting feature of Fi Dog Collar is the calculation and recording of the number of steps your dog gains daily, weekly. Not only that, it compares your dog’s results with other dogs in the area. That record is for your dog’s healthy motor goals.

Plus, your Fi account may have multiple owners to connect various devices. Alternatively, you can also give temporary access to pedestrians to keep your dog safe and protect your privacy.

The only dog collar you’ll ever need.


  • High battery life (up to 3 months)
  • Available 24/7
  • Water-resistant
  • Good reception
  • Instant messenger
  • Many owners


  • Good coverage only in the United States
  • The fabric used is easy to get dirty and scratched

Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker

Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker is a smart tracking device. It is one of many versions of Cube. It works by connecting Bluetooth to your mobile phone. Cube helps you search for anything, including your dog, of course. You just attach it to the object you want to track. Then connect it to your phone network and update it all through the Cube Tracker app.

Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker

Cube Ke​y Finder Smart Tracker

When you lose something, ping the Cube with your phone, and it will ring, helping you find the location of the lost item easily. Even if you lose your phone, through the Cube Tracker application, you can activate the Cube attached to your phone. If you’re worried that your phone will be in silent mode and won’t be able to locate it, forget about it. Cube can make your phone ring even if it is not working. Turn on Bluetooth and check the location near or far.

The Cube can operate within 100 feet of a ringer volume of 80dB. A pretty impressive number! You do not need to replace Cube every year. Instead, you only need to replace the battery yourself once a year.


  • Compact design (Size: L 38mm x W 38mm x H 9mm; Weight: 12g)
  • Use CUBE as a shutter button for a phone camera
  • Locate objects quickly and accurately
  • Waterproof
  • Meager temperature resistance
  • Convenient for dogs


  • An extra battery is required

Tractive 3G GPS Dog​​​​​​ Tracker

As the name implies, this is a tracker that uses GPS positioning. Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker is different from previous products because if you want to use it, you need to register the package. Just like you sign up for a monthly 3G / 4G network plan for your mobile phone. You need to have an integrated sim card, as an intermediary for you to make transactions. The fee starts at $ 4.99/ month, with the packages available for your choice.

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker works like many other location devices. When activated, it will identify the location of the target object and transmit information to your mobile phone. You can directly monitor your pet where it is, how it is moving. It updates instantly every 2 to 3 seconds and displays it on an online map.

The virtual fence feature of Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker identifies the safe area that you have outlined for your dog. So when your dog walks off the fence, you will be notified immediately. At the same time, the dog’s journey will be saved in history, and you can quickly review them. Through the free Tractor GPS app or in any browser, you can access your dog’s location anywhere. It does not limit the search range like many other Bluetooth GPS finders.

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker is recommended for dogs over 9 pounds (4.5 kg).


  • Locate fast, instant
  • Compact design easily attaches to any belt or collar
  • Support tracking around the world with more than 150 countries
  • Water-resistant feature
  • IPX7 shockproof feature


  • Only give 1 subscriber right
  • Short battery life (2-5 days)

Fin​​dster Duo + 

Findster Duo + is the first GPS pet tracker at no cost. It does not require you to register a sim card or mobile coverage thanks to MAZE technology. Therefore, Findster Duo + still works if you step out of network coverage. There are two small modules on the transmitter and receiver, which can communicate wirelessly within a radius of up to 3 miles (4.8 km).

Findster Duo +

Findster Duo +

Findster Duo + is a reliable solution when you want to control your dog while walking. Note that it is not intended for indoor use or remote viewing only. Simply when you walk the dog out of your walk, make sure the area is safe and once your dog walks out of the area, Findster Duo + will notify you immediately.

Besides, Findster Duo + also acts as a vet specifically for your dog. As an annual Findster member, it records your dog’s daily activities, thereby analyzing your pet’s behavior and making predictions about your dog’s health. With Findster Care, you can feel free to ask your questions about your dog’s encounter. The veterinarians will give you answers and advice. They are ready to help you.

Findster Duo + is recommended for pets over 3.5 kg.


  • No monthly fees
  • Update location even when there is no connection
  • Monitor multiple pets at once, from 1 device
  • Shock resistance
  • Water-resistant feature
  • Own doctor for your dogs


  • The connection speed and module accuracy depend significantly on external factors
  • Do not specify remote viewing
  • Battery performance is short, depending on the frequency of GPS connection

Loc8tor Pet Tracker

Like many other positioning devices, Loc8tor Pet Tracker was born with the goal of tracking lost pets, bringing them back safely. However, I entirely pay attention to this product by the technology it uses. Instead of using the standard GPS locator, Loc8tor Pet Tracker establishes an exclusive orientation based on RF. With this technology, the inventors Loc8tor Pet Tracker is more confident with the accuracy of the information that it brings than other devices of the same type using GPS positioning.

Loc8tor Pet Tracker

Loc8tor Pet Tracker

Besides, Loc8tor Pet Tracker does not require a monthly fee from you. You only need a single payment to buy the product. And then, you’re free to use it only with a handheld device. The tracking tag attaches or attaches to your dog’s harness. It will signal a light and sound every time you activate it to find lost pets. With this unique dual-orientation technology system, it’s easy to find where your dog is. Clear guideline with operating range up to 400 ft (122m). Loc8tor Pet Tracker works in all spaces: indoors and outdoors.

In addition, Loc8tor Pet Tracker also helps you train your pet. This feature is added on both your pet tracking card and your handheld device. It allows you to train your pet home safely. The first step is to identify this button on the handset. Then press that button and you have activated this feature on the card on your pet’s collar. Use this signal to guide your pet home on demand.


  • Pay only once and forever
  • The directions are clear and easy to understand
  • The unlimited scope of activities


  • Lightweight (about 5 grams)
  • Battery drains quickly (within 1-2 days)
  • There is no notification when the battery is dead

BARTUN GPS Pet Tracker

This device works based on GPS satellite networks, remote monitoring locations by SMS, APP, and the Internet. And before you can use it, you need a subscription. When you receive the sim card with the device, and you must activate it. There are two types of sim cards with two service packages for you to choose from:

Network service 1 – USA: its monthly fee is $ 4, including 50 minutes of talking, 40 SMS, 60 MB bytes.

Network Service 2 – International: the monthly fee of this service is $ 9, including 15 minutes of talk, 40 SMS, 60 MB bytes.

BARTUN GPS Pet Tracker

BARTUN GPS Pet Tracker

After you activate the sim card, the system will offer these two options. Selecting a network service is the first step for you to use this device.

BARTUN GPS Pet Tracker performs its task on objects anywhere. As a result, you can access your dog’s location no matter how far away. Not only that, the management of features and data files is not interrupted. You can completely do that via the free GPS application or in any browser.

BARTUN GPS Pet Tracker can be easily worn on your pet’s collar. However, not every collar fits this device. Its standard level only applies to pets under 28lb. The size of the collar you should choose is width <0.8 inches; Maximum 14 inches, minimum 9 inches.


  • Small and compact design
  • IP67 waterproof
  • High shock resistance
  • Notify when the battery is low
  • Worldwide tracker, support for over 150 countries


  • Only fits a thin collar
  • The battery needs recharging daily

Pet GPS T​​racker

Pet GPS Tracker is also one of many options for you about GPS tracking devices for dogs. The Pet GPS Tracker is easy to set up and use with available instructional videos and manual instruction sheets. Pet GPS Tracker is completely free every month because it is connected to Bluetooth and mobile wifi, combined with the handy GPS locator.

It can operate continuously and anywhere, including places with rugged terrain, remote. However, in areas where the network is weak, and there may be some minor errors in positioning results. That is because the wifi access point may be unstable, causing the transmission to be interrupted. If you’re concerned about that, you can turn off Google’s big data interface wifi support.

Pet GPS Tracker

Pet GPS Tracker

Pet GPS Tracker can track long distances with a certain length: 0.65 miles in a congested area and 3.5 miles in the stable and open space. Therefore, in a jungle environment, a lot of metals (which can cause interference) or similar backgrounds, the tracking ability of the Pet GPS Tracker may be reduced.

With Pet GPS Tracker, you can set alarms and voice commands. This voice command can be recorded and stored on a tracker to communicate with your pet remotely. Speakers on Petfon Tracker can reach up to 70 decibels. Besides, the glowing feature on the device makes it easy to find your pet in the dark or places with low visibility.

Note that the Pet GPS Tracker is only optimized to track your pet while walking instead of tracking indoors or remotely.


  • No monthly fees
  • Moisture resistant
  • Dust-proof


  • Do not specify indoor monitoring or remote monitoring
  •  The effectiveness of control depends on the surroundings

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are GPS trackers safe for dogs?

The answer is yes. GPS trackers are entirely safe and suitable for dogs. They do not bring entanglement or affect the health of dogs. In particular, GPS trackers for dog collar are compact, lightweight. They are like our dog fences when we are not always right next to them.


How do GPS dog trackers work?

GPS dog trackers use satellite systems through the Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate your dog. So they can identify your dog wherever it is. You just need to attach it somewhere on your dog’s body, for example, on its lap. You then activate them when connected to your phone or computer. They will transmit your dog’s location there.

With just one click to activate, you will know the exact position of your dog. As a remote control, you can also order GPS dog trackers to follow your requirements. This two-way interaction brings your dog’s absolute safety.

You can completely trust the work of a GPS dog tracker. However, some GPS dog tracker products work with the connection of mobile data or wifi. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the case of transmission line instability, resulting in positioning results, are not entirely accurate.


Is there a pet microchip with GPS?

Normal GPS trackers will have a chip in which your dog’s contact information and name are stored. Storing this information is a kind of permanent identification of your dog – radio frequency identification. That is, it doesn’t receive any satellite signals. Besides, this chip has no power to operate. Therefore, you cannot track your pet with just one chip.

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Do I need to download an app to use a GPS dog collar?

An app to use a GPS dog collar? That depends on the GPS tracker you are using. There are pet trackers that don’t necessarily need your mobile phone or computer. Besides, there are also GPS trackers just texting or emailing you to update with your dog’s location. The truth is, you only use the app with individual trackers. And if you don’t want to, you avoid choosing products that require you to download an app to use a GPS dog collar.


Do all GPS dog collars require a monthly fee?

Not all GPS dog collars require a monthly fee. As with some of the products I’ve introduced to you above, there are always products that are completely free for you for a single paid fee.

Why are you paying a monthly fee? That’s because you need to pay for the data and subscription fees your phone uses every month if that’s when you need to download an app to use a GPS dog collar. Or some trackers do not require you to download its associated app, but still, need to use mobile data to work. And you will have to pay for that. Comes with it, you will be provided with a customer service package with powerful incentives.


What is the best GPS tracker for dogs?

We cannot determine which product is the best GPS tracker for dogs. Because each product has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own advantages.

The best GPS tracker for dogs are devices that may have the following characteristics:

  • Compact design, durable, no discomfort for dogs
  • High battery life alerts when the battery is about to run out
  • Locate quickly and accurately
  • Transmission is not affected by the external environment
  • Features real tracking (live)
  • Notify when your dog is out of safety
  • There are signal lights when turning on stray dogs
  • Water and shock resistance.


Is Garmin coming out with a new dog tracking system?

The Garmin team is always interested and geared towards developing its products. GPS trackers for dogs are also one of their top concerns. Therefore, the product launch is not a surprise. And indeed, Garmin will launch a new dog tracking system soon.


What should be the minimum age for your dog to use the GPS tracking device?

I have not found any feedback on the influence of dog tracker products. Besides, when products are launched, they are often recommended for dogs that weigh less than a specific number. Instead of advice should be used for dogs over how old. Therefore, you should seek advice from experts as well as veterinarians.

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Are GPS tracking systems functional for aggressive dogs?

GPS tracker for dogs does not function to distinguish any kind of dog, gentle or aggressive. There is also no dog tracker that is aggressive.


Can I use the GPS tracker inside my car?

Are you using the GPS’s navigation function right where it’s within your sight? At such a close distance and in such a tight space, the GPS tracker can still work. However, there are still some GPS trackers that do not specify indoor tracking or remote tracking. So whether it is possible to use the GPS tracker inside your car or not depends on each tracker.


Are GPS collars can save my dog inside water?

Many products can do this with its superior features. It is waterproof and the indicator light emits when the stray dog mode is enabled. GPS collars are waterproof, so it will still work if your dog accidentally falls into a river, stream, lake, etc. Accessing the location of the dog, you will even know where they are and immediately recognize if Feeling the situation is not good. Then, you can easily save your dog. That way, GPS collars can keep your dog inside water indirectly like that.


How many dogs I can track by a single GPS tracker?

I won’t give you a specific number, but the answer is that you can track multiple dogs with just one GPS tracker. However, not all products have a function that allows you to do this.


Is it possible to carry the receiver in the open place?

Of course. An open place will make the device work more smoothly and accurately. Eliminating sound and weather elements of the impact environment, an open location is most appropriate.


Choosing a pet GPS tracker for your dog is not tricky. However, you also need to invest a certain amount of time in learning carefully about the products on the market. The best GPS trackers for dogs is a device that fits your dog, not a perfect accessory.

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