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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Telemedicine For Dogs?

Telemedicine is a unique service of pet care. When using telemedicine for dogs, your pet will be examined, diagnosed and treated remotely. It is easier and quicker to find and solve the health problems of your dogs, as you can use the service right at your place.

Nowadays, with the growth of the Internet and smart devices, more and more people use telemedicine vet services. However, there are many benefits and limitations that pet owners must consider. In this article, we will explain both sides of telemedicine. You will then know whether you should use the service or not.

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Pros of Telemedicine

Telemedicine for Pets gives you and your beloved dog tons of benefits. Here are the most popular reasons why you should use this service.

Quick Access to Pet Care

There are a lot of things a person needs to do before his dog reaches a care service. The first thing is that he has to search “vet telemedicine near me,” set up an appointment, and wait for the date. However, the issue of the dog is too severe that needs to be treated right away.

With online vets, dogs can have the service at any time. The pet parents just need to hang up their smartphones and make a connection to the vet online. The pet doctor will show up and then provide the service on time. Say goodbye to driving time, check-in, check out, document filling, etc.

Simple to Have the Dog Corporation

Many types of dogs are so ferocious that they don’t allow anyone other than their owners to touch their bodies. But as you use the service, the telemedicine vet will tell you what to do. And the real person who takes the examination on your dog is you. Surely your dog will not be afraid of its owner.

Reach Vets Who Are Really Good and Professional

Not all vets are good at giving the best solution for your dogs. However, the professionals who you can rely on life outside of your region. Luckily, with telemedicine, you can still expect online vet help from these experts.

Budget Saving

As mentioned, you don’t need to start a long journey to meet a professional vet outside of your town. That’s why you can save up a lot of money on transportation.

When you meet a vet directly, you may need to hire a bed for your dog to rest, pay for tools that the vet needs, and handle some annoying fees. On the other hand, while taking care of your dog at home, you can use all the tools that exist. There is no extra cost you need to pay.

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Cons of Telemedicine

Telemedicine for dogs is not entirely perfect. You can see some limitations of this service below.

Not Suitable For Emergency Situations

You cannot rely on telemedicine at all times. Direct dog care is essential in emergency situations. For example, your dog is injured and bleeding. You will need professionals who can work to save your pet’s life.

On the other hand, you have no experience in dog surgery. If your dog needs to be on the operating table, only experts can provide hands-on medical attention directly.

Not Secure Privacy

As you use the telemedicine service, the conversation between you and the virtual vet is through an Internet connection or phone calls. It is possible that the talk is being recorded or a lousy person hacks and listens to all the private information that you give to the vet.

This issue is not common. But the chance of it happening is still there. You will need to consider carefully choosing a reliable telemedicine service.

Not 100% Correct Diagnosis

There are millions of pet diseases. Several among them provide the same symptoms. The virtual vets need tools and deep examination to detect the correct problem. Otherwise, they can only give general diagnoses and solutions, which probably are not 100% accurate.

For example, your dog has issues with its heart, brain, or any part inside its body. The doctor can only see the symptoms that the dog shows. At a far distance, the vet cannot use its professional tools to look inside your pet’s physical body.

Also, new diseases may appear that the pet doctor is not able to diagnose remotely. The vet will need to meet your dog directly, taking a little bit of its ADN, urine, or blood for analysis, then he may give the right advice.

Device and Connection Problems

Most online vets are equipped with high-quality cameras and strong internet connections. The problem is, can your devices provide essential features that meet the requirement of the vet to do the examination?

If you have a terrible internet connection or low-quality cameras, the online veterinarian cannot have a good view, thereby giving incorrect dog problem detection. In different cases, the vet may require to turn on the flash so that he can clearly see specific dog parts. But what can you do if your camera does not feature flashing lights?

If you meet the pet doctor directly, there is no worry about tools and devices. The vet should prepare all the professional pieces of equipment.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Below are some common questions you may have while learning about telemedicine for dogs.

Can I Get A Prescription For My Dog Online?

It is good to get a prescription for your dog online. The vet can always send you an online prescription, which is also called E-Prescriptions, via email or any digital delivery service. You can print the note out and go to the drugstore to get medicine. There is no need to go to the vet’s office.

Can You Talk To A Vet Online For Free?

It depends on the policy of the doctor’s office. Some vets offer free digital services, while some services require a fee before you can talk to the vets online. In some exceptional cases, you may receive an offer of free online dog care service in a trial period (usually 7 or 30 days).

Is There An App To Take Care Of Pets?

There are a lot of applications that you can download to your smart device. They will help you keep track and take care of your beloved dogs.

We recommend the most Popular Telehealth Apps for Pets recently:

  1. Fuzzy
  2. Petly Com
  3. Vet Hero
  4. PetPro Connect
  5. PetDesk
  6. TeleVet
  7. Airvet
  8. AskVet
  9. Virtuwoof
Which Pet App Is Best?

According to a survey we have made, most pet owners use the following pet applications:

  • TeleVet
  • Petly Com
  • Goodpup
  • PetCube
  • Pet First Aid
  • Whistle
  • Dog Scanner

How Do You Use Televet?

TeleVet is a digital platform where you can find and use telemedicine services for your dogs. It has an application for smart devices that you can download and use easily.

Here is how you use the TeleVet:

  1. Install and open the application.
  2. Make registration for your dog, fill in all the information
  3. Add the contact information
  4. Complete the profile of your dog
  5. Choose a vet clinic
  6. Set up an appointment.

Does Petly Com Have An App?

Petly does have an application for quick and easy accessibility to online medical care. But you will need to sign in to the Petly Page before finding the link to download the app onto your smartphone.

Last Words

Telemedicine has pros and cons. You will have all benefits if you use the service in the right situation. Better prepare everything you can so that you can give your dog the best remote care.

Keep in mind that we don’t advise you to rely 100% on telemedicine. If you have time and your budget allows, don’t be lazy! Set up an appointment and bring your dog to a vet’s office. With professional tools and experience, the natural vet will provide high-quality service to keep good dog health.

We answer several common questions about telemedicine. In case there are several odd things you need to ask about this service, just email us! We will help you with everything we know about this remote dog care.

Many thanks for reading!

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