5 Best Indoor Outdoor Dog Kennels for Your Furry Pets

Many dog owners out there choose kennel or crates for their dogs. Some use of them indoor for potty training or behavior training; others use them for traveling. Some dog owners will use indoor dog pens for their dogs when they leave their home for a while.

Whatever the reason is, it is important to know you are getting best indoor/outdoor dog kennels for your dog. You want one that they can feel safe and comfortable in, but also one that works best for your needs as the owner. However, how do you know which is the best one for you and your four-legged friends? Keep reading and learn about all the features that make them the best and, hopefully; you will find the perfect one for that best suits your dog.

Think Cool and Buy from the Pool

5 Best Indoor/Outdoor Dog Kennels Review

Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

Dog Crate | MidWest Life Stages 36" Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate | Divider Panel, Floor Protecting Feet, Leak-Proof Dog Tray | 36L x 24W x 27H Inches, Intermediate Dog Breed

Who this product is for

  • Anyone who needs to kennel their dog.
  • A puppy owner who only wants one pen throughout the dog's life.
  • Someone in need of an easy to clean and hassle-free pen.


• Single Door or Double Door

You can either get home with one door at the end or with double doors. With the double doors, it gives you easy access to your dog.

• Two Plastic Handles for Mobility

With the adjustable handles, it makes this pet home even more mobile. Easily just grab and go with this feature. If you need to move house from outside to inside or vise versa, or even just want to move it from room to room, this will make it much easier to do so.

• Fold and Carry Design

There are no tools needed to fold and carry this crate. This means that it is easy to fold up and either, take it with you if you are traveling or put it away when you do not need to use it. It is also perfect for someone who plans on moving their kennel from time to time.

• Divider

If you want one kennel to last your dog the entire time you plan on kenneling them, this divider is a perfect feature for you. This allows you to use it for a puppy all the way to a full grown dog.

The Plastic pan that makes cleaning up easy

Especially if using with a puppy, it is very likely there will be some accidents while in their little home. With a plastic pan for the bottom, this home will be easy to clean. Easily slide the pan out of the cage and wipe or wash it out.

Some Pros  of this Dog Home

  •  This is a very safe indoor dog  fences for home.

With rounded edges to protect your dog, a slide bolt lock that even the sneakiest dogs cannot open, and a durable design, you can feel safe putting your dog in this home.

  • This indoor dog crates offers the most ventilation.

Being wire, your dog will get plenty of fresh air while in their home. This is especially beneficial if you live in a warmer climate area.

  • Very easy to clean this indoor/outdoor dog house.

The plastic pan makes cleaning a breeze.

Some possible Cons for this dog home

  • Your dog is more exposed.

The drawback to the wire is your dog being over exposed. This is particularly the case if you live in a colder climate area.

  • They can be noisy

This can happen when the dog moves around in the cage.

Video Review of The Metal Dog Crate

Some common questions about this product are

Q. What size should I get?

Ans: The different sized pens are created for different sized dogs. Because of the divider, get one based off your dog’s adult size. We have a detailed blog about dog crate size chart- check it out.

Dog Weight Crate Size :

11 - 25 lbs 24"L x 18"W x 21"H

26 - 40 lbs 30"L x 21"W x 24"H

41 - 70 lbs 36"L x 24"W x 27"H

71 - 90 lbs 42"L x 28"W x 31"H

91 - 110 lbs 48"L x 30"W x 33"H

Q. How many doors should I get?

Ans: Each size of the pen has the option for either a single or double door. 

Noz2Noz Soft Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets

Who this product is for

  • Any dog owner who wants to use kennels for their dog.
  • Someone who needs a portable pet home.
  • Someone who travels with their dog.


 Durable pet home for indoor or outdoor use

This heavy duty outdoor dog kennel is made of heavy-duty tight-weave mesh fabric, making it a durable home or outside the home for your dog. It also has a water-resistant base, making clean up easy. The soft fabric is machine washable for those times the carrier needs to be freshened up a little.

 Sets up in seconds anywhere you wish

This best indoor dog kennels can be set up and folded away easily by simply pushing the buttons in the steel frame tubes, which will raise or collapse the carrier. The carrier also has an accordion design, allowing it to fold flat.

• For pets up to seventy pounds

This large outdoor dog house comes in several different sizes, meaning most dog owners will be able to use this carrier for their dog. When measuring correctly to choose the correct carrier size, your dog will be able to stand up, turn around, and lay comfortably while inside.

• Rounded corners to protect home décor or auto interior

This carrier will not scratch up walls or furniture, and you can rest assured when in the car it will not tear up your car’s interior. Rounded corners also mean your dog, and anyone else in your home is safe from scratches.

• Perfect for traveling especially in cars

This dog travel crate for car is lightweight, portable design, perfect for traveling whether it is on vacation or just to the vet.

Some Pros for this carrier

  • Easy cleanup

The water-resistant bottom and removable, washable, fabric make it easy to clean.

  • Portable

This carrier can be moved and folded easily.

Some possible Cons for this carrier

  • The dog carrier for car is not meant to protect your dog while in the car.

It is only to keep them isolated to one spot while traveling.

  • This dog carrier bags does not have the kind of ventilation a wire cage would have

If in a warmer climate area the dog could possibly overheat.

Some common questions about this product are

Q. Is the fabric machine washable?

Ans: Yes, it is.

Q.Is there a carrying strap?

 Ans: Yes, however, it is not meant to be used while the dog is in the carrier. The straps should only be used when the carrier is folded.

Mr. Peanut's Airline Approved Soft-Sided Outdoor Dog Cages

Mr. Peanut's Double Expandable Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier, Luxury Travel Tote with Premium Self Locking Zippers, Plush Faux Fleece Bedding with a Sturdy Plywood Base, 18LX10.4WX11 H

Who this product is for

  • Someone who needs this for Travel /Flight rules with a pet dog.
  • Someone with a small dog around 10 pounds and under.


• Sturdy and light weight

The material this outdoor dog cages  is made with make, it not only durable but lightweight as well. The shoulder strap and hand carry handle are both padded for your comfort when carrying your dog.

• Made with Oxford two-toned fabric

This out door dog kennels material is a stain free and water resistant material. You can easily wipe off any dirt or liquids that get onto the carrier. Also, the fleece bedding on the inside of the carrier can be removed and washed as well.

• Airline approved dog carrier

This airline approved dog carrier is the right dimensions to be taken onto an airplane and stored under the seat during the flight. There is also a safety seat buckle for the dog carrier to be restrained with a seat belt.

• Multiple pockets

Multiple pockets mean having plenty of places to store dog treats, or anything else you’d like, during your travels.

• Open air mesh windows on all sides and top of the carrier.

Your dog will get plenty of ventilation while in the carrier with multiple mesh windows.

Some Pros for this carrier

  • Meets the Travel /Flight rules with pet a dog

You can rest assured knowing you can use this carrier for your dog when traveling via airplane.

  • This is a very durable and portable carrier

Using the straps to carry the carrier while your pet inside makes it easy to take your dog with you wherever you want to go.

Some possible Cons for this carrier

If your dog is too big to fit in a carrier with the dimensions of 19 x 12 x 13 inches, then this carrier cannot be used for your dog.

  • Some had reported issues with the carrier buckling when their pet was inside.

Some common questions about this product are

Q. Is the carrier machine washable?

Ans: Although it is, you should not ever need to because the material is water resistant and can simply be wiped off.

Q. Is there a leash strap inside?

Ans: Yes, there is a ring for you to attach a leash to on the inside of the carrier.

Below are the 4 more most Popular Airline Approved Dog Carriers which will give you a comprehensive comparison before you decide to buy one for yourself.

Traveling with a Dog on a Plane

5 Best Indoor Outdoor Dog Kennels for Your Furry Pets

If you plan on flying with your dog domestically, there are some necessary regulations to follow.

Check Here Some Of The Airline’s Pet Policy

US AirwaysYesNo

First, when booking your flight directly call the airline to inform them of your dog to make a reservation for them.

The airline can still refuse to allow you to bring your dog onto the plane. One of those reasons can be an improper carrier. No matter the size of your dog, there is a certain carrier needed for taking your dog onto a plane.

No part of your dog can be protruding from the cage. No wire cages are allowed, soft-sided carriers are only permitted in the cabin. For bigger dogs, the hard plastic cages with holes for ventilation are good to use.

The dog must be able to stand up and turn around comfortably in their carrier. The dog carrier must leak proof bottom with something, like a towel, to absorb any accidents that might happen. If your dog is checked, the carrier must have handles for workers to use, the majority of ventilation on the top of the carrier, and dry food and water bowls inside.

Carriers can only hold one dog in them.

Your dog will not be allowed to fly if they are under eight weeks and do not have a rabies vaccination and valid health certificate.

For international travel, each country has their set of rules for entering and leaving with a pet dog. For the United States, when you leave the US, your dog is subject to the same regulations of pets entering for the first time.

You must check with the airlines and look into the regulations of the state you will be entering to know if a health certificate is required. All dogs must, however, have had a recent rabies vaccination. The carrier rules are the same as the ones for domestic flights.

Midwest Exercise Large Outdoor Dog  Pen

MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen/Pet Playpen, 24"W x 30"H

Who this product is for

  • Someone who wishes to use dog pens for their dog.
  • Someone with available yard space or living space.


• Easy setup

No tools are needed to set up these large outdoor dog  pens. Simply clip the panels together with the provided clips into either a round or square configuration.

• Step-thru door

Just slide open the two secure slide-bolt latches to have easy access to the pen. Use it either for your dog or yourself to enter the large outdoor dog pen to tend to your pets needs.

• Optional tops available

You have the option to add either a wire mesh top or a sunscreen top to your portable dog pens. This means added protection and security for your dog while they are in their pen. These are sold separately.

• Easy to store or transport

This collapsible dog pen can be folded flat to store or move around easily. There are no tools needed to fold the pen either.

• Available in five different sizes

Although the diameter does not change, you have the option of getting either a 24”H, 30”H, 36”H, 42”H or 48”H pen.

Some Pros for this pen

  • All sized dogs can use this dog pen flooring.

With the different height options, dogs of all sizes can use this pen.

  • Your dog will be able to run around and get some exercise.

Get all the benefits of using a dog pen, while still allowing your dog to run and play.

Some possible Cons for this pen

  • You will need plenty of space for this pen.

While you can use it indoors or outdoors, either way, you’ll need space for it to fit.

Being wire, your dog is not sheltered from the elements in this large outdoor dog pen.

  • Your dog is more exposed to the elements.

Some common questions about this product are

Q. Can you put two pens together to create one larger pen?

Ans: Yes you can.

Q.What is the diameter of the pen when all setup?

Ans: It is approximately five ft.

Suncast Deluxe Out Door Dog House

Who this Product is for

  • Someone who plans on leaving their dog outdoors for several hours a day.
  • Someone with yard space to put in.


 Easy to assemble

No tools are needed to assemble this best outdoor dog house. Just snap together all the pieces together, and the house is complete.

 For dogs up to one hundred pounds

Even big dogs can call this large outdoor dog house .

• Vinyl Floors

It has vinyl floors to keep your dog off the ground to help make them feel more comfortable and cozy when relaxing inside.

• Durable resin coating

This large outdoor dog house  strong and durable. The outside is waterproof and won’t be affected by the constant sun exposure.

• Roomy interior

The inside of this outdoor dog house  is roomy enough for your dog to move around and feel comfortable.

Some Pros for this house

  • The dog has shelter.

If the dog is going to stay outdoors for many hours, they will be protected from the elements.

  • The dog has the freedom to come and go.

They are not locked in the dog home so they can run around whenever they please.

Some possible Cons for this house

  • Some complain their dog houses were too “flimsy.”
  • The door opening is a little short for bigger dogs.

Bigger dogs have to lower their heads to enter the house.

  • Less ventilation.

With the door being the only opening, the dog could overheat easier while in the house.

Some common questions about this product are

Q. Will this dog home protect the dog from rain?

Ans: Yes, this dog home is waterproof and, if assembled correctly, it will protect the dog from rain.

Q. Is there a door on this dog home?

Ans: There are plastic flaps that screw onto the top of the doorway.

Bottom Line 

Whatever your needs may be when it comes to a pen for your dog, one of these can be the one that meets those needs. If you want to travel with your dog, there are some great options for just that. If you want a pen to train your dog in, we have that too. If you just want a place they can relax in, then we have just what you need. Moreover, if you just need a place for them to have to play and get some energy out in, we have got that too. When it comes to safety, durability, portability, and comfort, we have thought of it all. We want the best for you and your furry friend, just like we know you want too.


Please do note that this page contains affiliate links, and Hellowdog gets little commissions on every purchase made through any of such links. This has no additional effect on the final price you would be required to pay, and we are highly grateful for your support.

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