Best Wooden Dog Crates

Best Wooden Dog Crates for Your Pets and a Nice End Table for Your Use

Furniture-style dog crates are great items to put in your home because they allow your dog to rest without any problem. The dog can learn to go to the dog crate furniture to sleep, and you can close them in the crate for their safety if you need to move them. Best wooden dog crates that look like living room furniture will add more to your home decoration. Not only does your house decor look more beautiful but also in terms of aesthetic sense it will make the surrounding more appealing.

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Choosing a Furniture Style Best Wooden Dog Crates

Picking out the right wooden dog crate is a function of choosing the crate that is the right size, shape, and portable for your pet. Your dog crate should have a handle you can use to move it around, and you need a dog crate that has the right size. The furniture-style crates need to be a certain size for the dog, and you want to give them some breathing room depending on how big they are.

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Why do You Use a Furniture Dog Crates?

You need a place to let your dog rest that is better for them than a standard bed. A Modern dog crates fashion meets function and is a comfortable place for your dog to rest where you can put all their pillows and friends. It works because it gives them a home away from home.

Dog Crate Furniture Handle

The handle of the dog crate furniture has to be soft enough for you to use, and it has to help you pick up your dog no matter how big the dog is. The handle will make the crate furniture portable, and you should see to it that you have picked one that is easy to carry. You want to let your dog know that you can take them to the vet, and that will help them avoid walking into the vet on a leash. Sometimes it is more comfortable for them to lie down to go on big trips.

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The Size

The size of the cage has to fit the dog when you buy it, and you should look at the rating for the crate to see which one will fit your dog. You want to get the one that fits your dog, and you need to check one for every dog in the family. if needed you may use a pet crate cover when you have guests around.

Every dog in the family will have a more comfortable place to rest when the furniture dog crate is their size, and you can get one that will fit two small dogs in the same place. The wooden dog crate is a room where they can relax with each other and will be large enough to hold them when they are traveling or sleeping.

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The Price

Dog crates that look like wooden furniture will help you make the right financial decision. You are trying to save money when you buy the crate, but you still need to work on it. Do not spend too little on it just because you think that that will save you money. You will get more out of the crate when you had spent less money on it, and you will feel as though your dogs are just part of the family instead of a drain on the resources that you have.

Top 4 Wooden Dog Crate End Table

ECOFLEX Homestead Sliding Barn Door Furniture Style Dog Crate

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This is a wooden crate table that you will enjoy because it combines the regular crate with a wooden frame that you will find easy to use. It will work as a wooden crate coffee table, and it will help you include it in a room where everyone is hanging out. The sidebars on the sides give good ventilation and also help the pup from separation anxiety as it has a good view all around.

Pet owners want their pets to get into the crate to have a place to rest, and they want them to fit in. It makes more sense for them to use these end table dog crates than others because they double as furniture. Wooden crates are very nice pieces of living room furniture that work just like everything else in the living room. They get to have something that will work for them on a lot of levels, and they will have something useful. Some people might not even know that it is a dog crate. Dogs weighing up to 80 lbs can easily fit in this crate.

The Zoovilla White Wood Dog Crate

zoovilla PTH0662020110 Triple Door Dog Crate, Medium, White

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The white wooden dog pet crate you use will give the dog a door to come in and out of, and it will be the perfect thing for you to use with the dogs when you know that you want them to be close by. This crate is good for medium-sized dogs weighing 45 lbs. An added advantage is the sliding removable tray which is easily washable with kitchen detergent. The dogs will walk into and out of this wooden pet crate easily, and they can rest with the family without putting them in a cage or regular crate that just does not look all that good. Tough for the escape artist too. For smaller dogs, there are smaller crates in case you have a small-sized pup.

The Richell in Dark Brown Dog Crate Side Table

Richell Wooden End Table Crate, Medium, Dark Brown

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This Richell wooden end-table crate is modern dog furniture that looks like a coffee table dog crate. You want to have something that works as a dog end table crate, and you should use it as an end table so that you can make the living rooms a better place. This medium-sized wood crate is better for pooches up to 45 lbs. The product also offers a nice plastic removable washable tray.

Having fun in the house is easier for your dog when they have a nice crate to rest in. The solid wood veneer end table is something you need to use when you want that nice dark brown color in the house, and you will get one that is the right size for your dogs. You are trying to outfit the house in a way that is much better than just using one crate. You want to give the dog a chance to rest in a place that is unassuming, and with a crate-trained puppy, it is more fun for you to see your dog resting in there.

The Crown Pet Coffee Table Crates

Crown Pet Products Pet Crate Wood Dog Crate Furniture End Table, Medium Size with Espresso Finish

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This solid wood veneer is an excellent crown pet coffee table crate that your dog will love because it has all the hints of luxury that you would want your dog to have. A dog that is resting in a place like this will have a home that is more than just some bars on a cage, and it will help them have a lovely time once inside. Crown Pet medium crates are fit for dogs weighing 45 lbs. and the large crates are for large dogs of about 80 lbs. can be easily tucked in. The removable plastic tray makes washing and cleaning easy.

You are trying to make your dog feel like they are right at home, and that is why this dog crates furniture 1-3 crate coffee table crates is a good choice. You will like the finish on the wooden dog crate, and it will fit in with the rest of the things that you have in the house. The house looks better when you fit the crate right in, and you should see that this one fits your pet, as long as you can fit it in your living space.

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Overall Pros and Cons of Furniture Style Dog Crates 


  • The furniture crate will work in any room where you want the dog to stay with you. Make sure you crate-train your puppy. The dog will sit with you, and you can get a smaller one that fits in a smaller room.
  • Pet owners can lock their dogs in the crate for their safety if they have to. These wooden dog crates are secure crates to use because they close the dog off when you want them to stay where they are.
  • The wood dog crates look just as good as all the other furniture in your home.
  • You can get a finish in the color that you like the most. The finish will match your home, and it will not let people know this is a dog crate.
  • The end table crate can be moved if you need it.


  • You might not want your dog out with the rest of the family where these crates are supposed to go.
  • You cannot use these wooden dog crates to head out of the house. You would need to remove the frame from one to use it just like a regular crate.
  • You might need more than one if you want to balance your room with these crates.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that you need a product that works for you and your dogs. You have dogs that are different sizes, and each of them will work for you on your level depending on the size of your dog. The dog will determine what you are going to use, and the dog lets you know what is possible when you are shopping. You can check to see what the crates offer, and you will come out with an option for your dog. Each of the solid wood dog crates is nice for your dog to sit in, and you should try them all out for yourself. The Crown Mahogany dog crate is the best wooden dog crate from our review.

You are trying to make your whole house a much better place for your dogs to be, and they need to know that they can come into any room and just sit and relax. They will be stuck in a place where they can be out of the way, and you can still use the crate like your normal furniture. You have a lot of chances to make your dog comfortable, and it will be a cute thing to use that all your guests will be impressed with.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) that people want to know:

What are the best wooden dog crates for everyday use?

Choosing the best wooden dog crate for everyday use can be a difficult task. There are many different options available on the market and it’s important to find one that is durable, nice looking, safe, and won’t break the bank.

What things to remember while using wooden dog crates?

Dogs are a part of the family. They are man’s best friends and are always there for you when you need them. It would be folly to overlook crate training to make the thing natural for your puppy.

With this in mind, we have to provide our dogs with a safe home that is comfortable for them. This includes giving your dog its own private space where it can rest, sleep, or just hang out without disturbing anything else in the house. Most wooden dog crates serve as excellent homes because they offer everything dogs need to be happy and feel secure, safe, comfortable, and private!

What are The Advantages of End Table Style Crates?

You can stack them on top of each other to save floor space in your living room or family room. You can use them as a side table next to your couch or chair. They provide extra storage without taking up any space on the floor.

A dog inside the solid construction wood crate

How to make a dog crate look like furniture?

a) For some pet owners, the only way to make their pet feel at home is to have a dog crate that looks like furniture. Here is how you can disguise your dog’s crate and make it look more like furniture in any room of your house!

Recently, I was in the market for a new dog crate. I didn’t want my pup to have an ugly metal contraption sitting in our living room so we decided to make it look like furniture. It’s not only functional but it looks good too! Here is how we did it:

First, we measured the space where the dog crate would be and then cut two pieces of wood to size. Next, screw four L-brackets onto each piece of wood with screws that match your wall color (we used black).

After following these steps you’ll have a beautiful sturdy dog crate that will blend right into your home decor.

b) These days with so many dog owners living in small apartments or homes, we’re constantly looking for ways to make our pup’s makeshift bedrooms more comfortable. One of the best and easiest hacks is to take a piece of furniture that looks similar to your home décor and turn it into a bed for your pup!

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