What is the Best Material For Your Pet Dish

What is the Best Material For Your Pet Dish?

When it comes to pet bowls, you need to put extra thoughts into the bowl material you will be choosing for your dog. Sure, you serve the great quality food to your dogs and feed them at the right times. But, is that enough? Do you think that’s all they need to grow and stay healthy? Well, healthy pet food is an essential part of your pet’s growth. However, the bowl you use to serve the food and liquids to your dog also matters.

Dog Bowl

Ever thought what if the cheap and low-quality plastic bowl harms your dog’s health. If that happens, you will end up paying a fortune to the vet. Your pet is going to eat and drink from the dish for years. The pet dish comes in many shapes, sizes, and materials. You have plenty of options to choose from. But, the number one factor you must consider before selecting the elevated dog bowl is its material.

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The stronger the bowl material, the safer it is for your health. You might be wondering how a pet dish could affect your dog’s health. Well, there is a direct connection! Imagine you drop the pet dish and it gets a crack. You don’t pay much attention to the minor nick and use the same bowl to feed your pet. What if your pet swallows the broken piece of the bowl?

Even a small crack on a dish can make it a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and other such harmful contaminants that could harm your pet’s health. So, how do you choose the perfect pet feeding bowl? Most importantly, which material can make the best option?

Let’s find out:


Stoneware Dog Bowl


Ceramic Dog Bowl


Stoneware and Ceramic Bowls

The best qualities of the ceramic bowl are its easy-to-maintain nature and non-porous properties. Both ceramic and stoneware materials come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Depending on your preference, you could opt for any shape or size you want. If you are buying a stoneware dish for your pets, it is important to ensure that they are 100% lead-free.

Moreover, pet owners should immediately discard the stoneware or ceramic bowls if they are cracked. Ceramic bowls are especially known for their easy-to-clean properties. However, ceramic is a bit expensive. Once chipped, the bowl will be of no use. It can cause severe damage to your pet’s health.

Let’s move on to the next material.


Plastic Pet Food Dish

Most pet owners use plastic pet food dish as it is cheap and easily accessible. However, plastic is possibly the worst material for all sorts of dishes. Not only pets bowl, but plastic is the worst material for dishes that we use for snacks and daily meals. They are hard to clean and need regular replacement.

Plastic pet dish

Chipped plastic can trap a significant amount of germs, bacteria, and harmful contaminants that can result in irritation and infections if ingested. Even if you wash and maintain the plastic regularly, there is a good chance the clean plastic will host bacteria. Most pets, including cats and dogs, are allergic to plastic.

If research is to be believed, then plastic contains a harmful chemical that can leak into your dog’s food or liquid and contaminate it. And, that’s not all! Some pets end up chewing the chipped parts of plastic.

Overall, plastic is not advisable for pet dishes. Let’s have a look at the best alternative to plastic.


Stainless Steels

The safest and best material for the pet bowl is stainless steel. Due to its robust nature, stainless steel dish is highly likely to last for years without nicks and cracks. Even if you bang it hard, it will not break.

Stainless Steels dow bowl

What sets stainless steel apart from the standard dish materials is their sturdy nature and easy-to-maintain quality. The best part is that it doesn’t host bacteria. Even if it’s chipped or cracked, you can rest assured that it won’t host bacteria and contaminants. Homeowners can opt for a stainless steel pet dish that features a sturdy rubber coating on the bottom. It will keep the dish stable while your pet is eating.

Most vets recommend stainless steel as they are safe and lightweight, making it a perfect option for pet owners who often need to travel.

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Final Words

Stainless steel outperforms all possible pet dish materials. It is robust, easy-to-clean, and durable. Buy your pet a high-quality stainless steel dish and let him enjoy the best and most nutritious meals. There are many companies who are making such bowls to cater for the best use of your pets. As long as the pet is having its meal from a germ- free bowl your pet remains healthy are you have nothing to worry. You are happy, your pet is happy. There is no chance to rue. Have a try!





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