How Much You Know About Hollywood Star’s Pets

How Much You Know About Hollywood Star’s Pets?

Let’s be honest. There are many reasons why one should raise a pet, including having a companion, someone to love, or simply because they’re soft and cuddly.

There’s no doubt that raising a pet is an excellent way to keep us happy, which is why many people put in the effort to have pets, or maybe even multiple. Not only do pets increase positivity and activity in our everyday lives, but they also can keep you healthy. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cute and adorable friend to have around all the time?

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Selena Gomez with her dog

And that includes all types of people, even Hollywood stars. Just because they appear on television and star in films, it doesn’t mean they’re any different from us.

If you want to learn and see how much you know about the pets of Hollywood stars, then continue reading this article to find out!

Hollywood Stars and Their Pet

When not on movie sets, touring around the world, or singing concerts, celebrities also lead a healthy life that includes cooking, running errands, and raising pets. Whether the pet is considered a best friend or a loyal companion to the red carpet, here are a few pictures to prove that celebrities and we adore pets equally.

Oscar the Maltese Yorkie

Justin posting Oscar on his Instagram story

Justin posting Oscar on his Instagram story

Just as we thought the couple couldn’t get any more romantic, Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin have decided to expand their family just after three months of getting married.

The lovely couple was seen proudly showing off their new tiny Maltese dog called Oscar. Like a pet that the lovely couple adopted during late December 2018, you can find the adorable Maltese Yorkie all of Hailey and Justin’s Instagram posts and stories.

Choupette the Birman Cat

Choupette and Karl Lagerfeld

Choupette and Karl Lagerfeld

Although the fashion world mourns the loss of Karl Lagerfeld, a world-famous fashion designer, we can’t forget about his beloved Birman cat. Titled as one of the world’s richest cats, it’s because she inherited a sum of money that Karl left for her! Hollywood stars pets can be so lucky. Have you ever imagined!

Being a very extra and fabulous cat, Choupette not only gets her own set of maids but also has her own Instagram page where she posts photos of herself. Now, the whole world can see how fierce and charming Karl Lagerfeld’s blue-cream tortie Birman cat is.

Nugget the Teacup Poodle

Katy Perry cuddling with the beloved Nugget

Katy Perry cuddling with the beloved Nugget

Nugget is no stranger when it comes to taking the spotlight. Apart from accompanying the famous popstar to performances and high profile events, the singer of “Teenage Dream” and “Roar” is often seen wandering about on the streets with her micro teacup poodle, Nugget.

As the caring and proud mom of a poodle, Katy and Nugget are always wearing cute matching outfits, such as when little Nugget joined Katy at the polls in 2018. Additionally, when Katy debuted her “Small Talk” music video, you can see her cute furry friend wearing matching outfits in various scenes!

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Tinkerbell the Chihuahua

Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell

Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell

Paris Hilton is recognized as one of the most fashionable figures around, walking around Beverly Hills with her designer shoes and handbags. However, one thing that Paris is never seen without is her best friend, her pet Chihuahua called Tinkerbell.

Whether it’s for a casual stroll or accompanying her to an award show, Tinkerbell is always either in Paris’ arms or in an expensive handbag.

After sharing fourteen amazing years together, Tinkerbell passed away due to old age. But just like Paris Hilton, we like to believe that Tinkerbell has lived a wonderful, luxurious, and fashionable lifestyle.

Norman the Italian Greyhound

Kylie and her new adopted pet

Kylie and her new adopted pet

Although she may be busy staring in a reality television series and owning a cosmetic company, even Kylie Jenner still has time to fulfill her love for dogs. Joining the Kardashian family in late 2014, Kylie got an Italian greyhound which she named Norman.

As an owner of multiple greyhounds, Norman was the first one to be adopted and also has his own social media account. Kylie Jenner often takes pictures of Norman on her stories or shares posts featuring her dog as well as others such as Bambi and Sophia, who she adopted a few years later.

Toulouse the Beagle-Chihuahua mix

Ariana Grande and her famous dog Toulouse

Ariana Grande and her famous dog Toulouse

As an owner of multiple pets, Ariana Grande is always seen showering her puppy Toulouse with extreme love and care. Toulouse was adopted from an animal shelter in September 2013 and now has her own twitter account with over 25k followers.

When looking at Ariana’s social media, you will always spot a picture of her cuddling up or posing with Toulouse. Or you can simply check out Vogue’s August issue that features the 26-year-old pop singer and her adorable dog!

Olivia the Scottish Fold cat

Taylor Swift and her cat

Taylor Swift and her cat

Around June 2014, Taylor Swift introduced to her fans her new cat called Olivia Benson, named after a character in one of Taylor’s favorite television shows. Since then, we’ve been seeing Olivia all over Taylor’s social media, whether it’s her sitting in a weird position, chewing weird things, or making a funny facial expression.

As a semi-famous Scottish fold cat, Olivia was featured in Taylor’s 2019 music video and has been nominated for multiple awards, including the Cutest Musician’s met, UK Favourite Famous Cat, and Australia’s Favorite Animal.

Solomon and Sophie the Cocker Spaniel

Oprah Winfrey's dog

Oprah Winfrey’s dog

As a famous talk-show host, Oprah is known for being a huge dog lover, raising over twenty dogs. However, some have sadly passed away due to old age. If you’re a fan of Oprah then you can’t forget her adorable cocker spaniels, Solomon and Sophie.

Although she has never physically taken them to a show, she always opens up to the audience about her dogs and how silly, soulful, and deeply sweet they are. How adorable!

You can tell she loves her pets as she has always been spotted walking her many dogs in the park and taking adorable pictures to post on her social media.

Gino the German Shepherd

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's dog

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s dog

As a gift from his wife Priyanka for their first wedding anniversary, Nick Jonas received a little German Shepherd named Gino. As the newest family member to the Chopra-Jonas household, the adorable couple has been seen walking Gino around on the streets and all over their Instagram!

Although Gino is known to be a very playful and active dog that likes to wreck things around the house, Gino also has his angelic moments, for example, when he cuddles with Nick.

Finn the Australian Shepherd

Amanda Seyfried and her dog Finn

Amanda Seyfried and her dog Finn

As a dog that Amanda says changed her life, the sweet journey all started when she rescued Finn when she was eighteen and he has helped her through her filming career ever since. Not only is Finn a trusty companion that stole Amanda’s heart, but he’s also stolen the hearts of their entire family.

It’s obvious that Amanda loves Finn, which is why she allows him to set in all of her work contracts and makes sure that Finn knows he’s family. Apart from that, you can find pictures of Finn all over her Instagram and Twitter!

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Baxter the Golden Retriever

Ryan on a stroll with his dog

Ryan on a stroll with his dog

As a dog that Ryan Reynolds claims is his best friend, Baxter and Ryan have been inseparable ever since he joined the family. When first seeing Baxter at the Houston animal shelter, although he was two years old and a bit too big, Ryan claims that he fell in love right away and picked him home immediately.

From the way that Ryan talks about Baxter in interviews and pictures that the paparazzi capture of them on walks together, it’s no doubt a man’s best friend is a dog.

Apart from going on romantic dates with his wife Blake Lively, Ryan also takes her on romantic walks in the park accompanied by Baxter!

Bubba Sue the Pig

Miley Cyrus and Bubba Sue

Miley Cyrus and Bubba Sue

Growing up on a big farm in Tennessee, it was no doubt that one day Miley would settle for an unexpected pet. Although most celebrities opt for the classic cat or dog, Miley Cyrus has decided to turn the tables as she adopts a small piglet called Bubba Sue. Although she isn’t as little as before, she’s still just as adorable!

Apart from caring for Bubba Sue, they’ve also gone on many fun rendezvous such as the time Miley dressed her pig up as a piece of bacon for Halloween. As a proud mom of many other pets such as dogs, birds, and fishes, Miley doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon and has said the happiest mommy ever.

Final Words

Now that we’ve had a roundup about celebrities and their pets, it’s safe to say that just because they live a high-profile life doesn’t mean they aren’t the same as us. With many celebrities loving to show off their pets on social media, it’s no surprise that their furry friends are becoming celebrities as well!

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