How do you take care of a ShihPoo puppies

Tips to Take Care of a ShihPoo Puppies

How do you take care of a ShihPoo Puppies? That’s a question that weighs down every new Shih-Poo puppy owner.

We hope this guide will help you come to terms with how to take care of your Shih-Poo puppy so you can focus on living a fulfilling life alongside your pet instead of worrying about them!

Shihpoo Puppies

Why Is It Important To Care For A ShihPoo Puppies?

A Shih-Poo is a mix of a Shih-Tzu and a Poodle. Once you get a Shih-Poo puppy home, the questions come flowing in. The most important of them all is, are Shih Poos easy to take care of?

While all dog breeds require a significant amount of care to thrive, a toy breed like Shih-Tzu puts your patience to the test, especially when it comes to housebreaking them.

Shih-Poo or Shi-Tzu breeds require lots of attention, care, and love. They tend to become destructive and depressed when left to their own devices. But what Shih-Poo puppies lack in controlled temperaments, they make up for it through their cute features, and loving, playful nature. These cute four-legged toys come in various colors such as black shih poo, white shih poo, brown shih poo, brindle, and in many color variations and combinations that make your household sparkle.

Are Shih Poos a good dog? 

Yes, of course, they are. Shih-Poos make for great companion animals, especially for people that have plenty of time to give them all their love and attention. The best thing? They’re not selective about where they live. You could live in the rural areas, the urban, or the suburban, and your canine will adapt just fine.

Here’s a Shih-Poo guide that can help you become a more informed and responsible caretaker for your furry friend:

ShipooDog is relaxing in his bed

Tips to Care for Your ShihPoo Puppies

When you get a Shih-Poo home, it’s natural to wonder: How do you take care of a Shih-Poo dog?

As pet parents, we strive to give our canines the best life can offer. Whether it comes to food or toys, we look for the things they’d love the most – especially when it comes to their health and well-being.

One of the most important parts of being a Shih-Poo parent is ensuring your pup gets the best shot at living a long, healthy life. Here’s what can help.

Brush Its Coat Daily

How often does a Shih Poo need to be groomed? As they’re quite furry, take the time to brush through your Shih-Poos coat daily. If that’s not a possibility, you should consider brushing their coats at least once a week.

If there’s a lot of dirt, consider brushing with a pin brush. These come with stiff metal pins to loosen dirt and tangled patches of fur. Follow this up with a slicker brush to remove any leftover dirt and debris, and your dog’s coat should be in superb condition.

Brushing regularly will keep their coats in the best shape and will keep your puppy looking their absolute best all while avoiding the development of unsightly and painful clumps of matted fur.

Bathe Every Two Weeks

Your Shih-Poo puppy does not require daily baths. If you brush their coat regularly, there will be no dust or dirt accumulation. And if there’s no dirt and dust accumulation, you don’t need to indulge them in a bath.

Frequent baths tend to dry out their skin and cause irritation so steer clear of bathing them more often than necessary. As a general rule, Shih-Poos need to take a bath every 2-3 weeks to keep infections at bay and avoid bad odors from developing.

If they do get in a muddy mess, perhaps then would be a good time for an impromptu shower.

cute beige shihpoo dog walking wooden deck

Housebreak Your Shih-Poo ASAP

Housebreaking your Shih-Poo can be challenging. Shih-Poos have small bladders, which means they can’t control their urine and feces for a long period.

So, right from the moment you get them home, you should teach your Shih-Poo where they should go to the bathroom so you don’t have to deal with soiled furniture and pee all over the house. This requires a fair bit of patience, so give them time and keep encouraging them with supportive phrases and treats when they do their business in the right spot.

When housebreaking, stick to positive reinforcement and treats. Shih-Poo puppies are very intelligent and while they’re strong-willed and stubborn, they will give in to training if you stay cheerful and enthusiastic.

It might take them a while to come around to your line of thought, but when they do, it can be quite an enriching experience – and will also give you some peace of mind.

Socialize on a Regular Basis

If you want to take your Shih-Poo along with you on treks, hikes, and walks in the dog park, you first have to ensure they won’t act out of character and be a cause of concern for others around them.

Socialization is key to a stable lifestyle for most dogs. Start your Shih-Poo puppy off right by teaching them how to be around other dogs and humans as soon as you complete their vaccinations.

A little Girl Play with his Shih Poo Puppy Dog

A puppy who is not socialized adequately gives in to fear and may react accordingly. So make sure you expose your Shih-Poo puppy to new sounds, sights, and people so it can grow into a confident, well-rounded dog.

It’s important that you make sure all these experiences are positive. You don’t want to start your puppy’s socialization with fear as a motivator. So if your dog is meeting new people, have them give your dog treats so they don’t see them as a threat.

Taking your dog to a dog park is also a great way to socialize. But before you do, find out how to teach your dog to behave in a park.

Plan Out the Diet

A stable diet keeps your puppy in prime health. It’s important to pay attention to what you feed them, though. What’s good for a Labrador may not be the same for a Shih-Poo.

Shih-Poos are tiny. They should be given a diet accordingly. Feed your Shih-Poo thrice a day and give them plenty of water to drink. Don’t give them human food or scraps off your table – even if they give you the puppy-dog stare.

While most dogs can handle a few bits of vet-approved human food, Shih-Poos are very sensitive to dietary changes. If you’re not careful with what you feed your Shih-Poo puppy, they can gain weight very easily. This could lead to obesity.

Obesity can put your Shih-Poo puppy in a vulnerable position, opening them up to lifelong medical health issues – from various cancers to diabetes, hypertension, bone issues, and other dangerous conditions.

If you’re uncertain about what and how much to feed your Shih-Poo puppy, you can always consult your vet.

Shih Poo Puppy Dog Sleep on Hammock

Take Them to the Vet At Least Once a Year

Don’t put a stop to your vet visits, even when your Shih-Poo has taken all the necessary vaccinations to lead a long, healthy life.

Do Shih Poos have health problems? Shih-Poo dogs are vulnerable to a host of diseases as they get older. Taking your Shih-Poo puppy to the Vet at least once a year can help you detect health concerns early on and provide the required treatment for the same. You should also schedule a deworming treatment every year.

Trim Nails As and When Needed

Clipping nails is not hard. It is part of a grooming routine, one you can do yourself instead of taking your pet to a professional. With time, they will learn to trust you more through the process – as long as you’re careful to not hurt them.

As a general rule of thumb, you should trim your Shih-Poo puppy’s nails once every 3 weeks. Do it in the daylight to ensure you keep the quick in sight to avoid injuries. If you’re afraid of cutting too deep, you can use a grinder to grind down the nail to the desired length.

The nail length depends on your Shih-Poo’s diet so if their nails grow quickly, it’s best to clip them or trim them off accordingly. However, if you’re too nervous, it’s best to let a professional handle it as dogs can get squirmy during their grooming routine.

Get Them Used to a Leash

As with any dog, the sooner your puppy gets used to walking on a leash, the sooner they can enjoy the outdoors.

Shih-Poos are curious by nature. This intelligent dog breed has a love of adventure so if you don’t give them the exercise they need and feed their curiosity, chances are they’ll take off at the first chance they get.

To avoid the heartbreak associated with your dog running away and potentially getting lost or hurt, get them used to a leash as soon as you get them home. A good practice will be to walk your Shih-Poo puppy on a leash for at least 30 minutes a day.

Shippo puppy walking alone

Is it Easy to Care for ShihPoo Puppies?

ShihPoo Puppies are like designer puppies. That begs the question, are Shih Poos high maintenance?

While Shih-Poos are not exactly high-maintenance, they’re not low-maintenance either. They don’t do well on their own so you’ll have to ensure you give them ample attention and love required to grow into well-behaved and confident adults.

Caring for your Shih-Poo puppy doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you schedule regular grooming in their weekly routines, you’ll get along well.

A Shih-Poo puppy’s coat consists of fine hair, which is prone to matting and tangling so make sure you brush it regularly, trim their nails, and play with them. They’re naturally curious so make sure you take them for short, brisk walks whenever possible.

Cute Shipoo Puppy


There’s nothing pet parents want more than living their best life alongside their four-legged furry friend. How do you take care of a Shih-Poo dog? If that’s a question you’ve lost sleep over, we hope this article helped.

When properly cared for, a Shih-Poo dog can live up to 17 years! Ensure you give your Shih-Poo puppy all the love, attention, grooming, and training it needs to live a beautiful and contented life.

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